Why Hamsters Constantly Squeak

These cute animals, usually silently sitting, poking around in a cage or running in a wheel, make some sounds almost always in the case, that is, if there are any reasons that excite or frighten them. For example, if a hamster constantly squeaks, then the owner should certainly pay attention to this and try to determine the causes of such behavior, the main of which will be discussed later.

What sounds does the hamster make

In a “regular situation” hamsters, as a rule, are not noisy and noisy, behaving quietly and not annoyingly. But this does not mean at all that they cannot arrange a whole cacophony from:

Why Hamsters Constantly Squeak

The hamster makes strange noises: why squeaks, what to do

Except in quite rare cases when the hamster squeaks briefly as a sign of greeting, all other reasons for the persistent squeak require reflection and often response.

Most often, a hamster squeak is provoked:

  • stressful situation;
  • thirst;
  • Dreams
  • illness
  • protective behavior.
Why Hamsters Constantly Squeak

In a dream

In a dream, a hamster squeaks not so rarely, which is mainly its reaction to events developing in dreams. At the same time, animals often bite their paws and demonstrate active facial expressions on their faces.

However, sometimes a squeak in a dream can be a signal indicating an incipient disease.


Most often, the hamster is in a stressful situation when changing residence. Once in a new environment with unfamiliar surroundings and other people’s smells, the animal is shocked and begins to squeak. To adapt to a new home, a hamster usually needs about a week, during which it is advisable not to disturb him.

Protective behavior

Sometimes a hamster squeals desperately, as if trying to defend itself against an enemy who imagines it as a stranger or animal near its cage.

Why Hamsters Constantly Squeak

In such a situation, the animal may even behave aggressively towards the new owner.

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The hamster is thirsty

In a drinker, which must be present in the hamster’s cage, due to an oversight of the owners, water may end. And then the animal has nothing left to do but to excite the owners with the excited squeak to the problem that has arisen. And the faster the owners of the animal determine the cause of the squeak, the faster it will stop.

Got sick

The most serious reason for the constant squeak of an animal is any disease. This happens against the background of the languid movements of the animal, apathy, loss of appetite and apparent drowsiness.

Why Hamsters Constantly Squeak

The hamster ceases to monitor its appearance, while its fur looks untidy. In this situation, the intervention of a veterinarian is required.

Rules for caring for a hamster at home

Since hamsters are very susceptible to stress, from the very beginning, special attention should be paid to transporting the animal home and arranging its home there. For this, there are certain rules developed over many decades:

  1. The purchased hamster is best transported home using a plastic carry or in a three-liter jar. Upon arrival home, you should not immediately transfer the animal to his house, but you need to give him the opportunity to get comfortable in the new environment.
  2. Experts advise keeping these animals in a cage or aquarium, while giving preference to the cage. But to keep the animals in cardboard boxes or plastic containers, as well as in glass jars, it is categorically impossible.
  3. The hamster’s dwelling should be at least 60 cm long and 40 cm wide. The cage should be selected exclusively with a horizontal arrangement of rods for the convenience of moving the hamster along it.
  4. Litter in cages is best done from sawdust, toilet paper, special corn filler for rodents or, in extreme cases, from old newspapers. It is not recommended to use rags and cotton wool for these purposes.
  5. The hamster cage must be equipped with an automatic drinker, in which the dispenser in a container with water gives out its portions only after pressing the hamster with a tongue on a special ball.
  6. In addition to the drinking bowl, two feeders should be attached to the rods in the cage – for dry feed from grain and for vegetables and fruits.
  7. It is useful to acquire a mineral stone, which helps the animal grind and brush its teeth, at the same time supplying it with vitamins.
  8. Hamsters choose their place of departure for their natural needs in one of the corners of the cage. You need to clean the cage more often, because hamsters do not like pollution and will look for a new place if the old one is dirty.
  9. Active animals must put a running wheel in a cage. Best if it is made of plastic.
  10. It is recommended to place the cage in the most peaceful place of the home, out of the reach of ultraviolet rays, as well as children and pets in the form of dogs and cats.
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How to care for hamsters: video