Why Does The Hamster Bite

Situations when hamsters bite often arise. The owners are perplexed about this: the hamster has already been tamed, they took it in his hands more than once, but now he picked it up and bit it. There may be several reasons why a hamster bites. Sometimes the fact that the animal shows its teeth does not indicate its aggressiveness.


Hamsters are rodents. They gnaw not only what is intended for them to eat. They try everything for a tooth. for them, this is a kind of knowledge of reality. In order to appreciate a certain item, you must definitely taste it. Otherwise, the picture will be incomplete. So they are trying. You took it in your hands for the first time – naturally, he was scared and bit. He does not know about your intentions and tries to defend himself in this way. One more reason. receiving the information. Hearing and smelling are not enough for him, having bitten, he fills in the missing gap – now he knows everything about you.

But it happens that hamsters bite already tamed by the owners. Why does the hamster bite in this case?

YOUR HANDS Smell FOOD, unfamiliar to your pet. Suppose you ate something, like chicken. The chicken smell coming from your hands is not noticeable to you. But you picked up the hamster in a rush of tenderness, and for him this smell is very noticeable, new, and now he also needs to taste it – and he bites. Personally, he has nothing against you. To protect yourself from such incidents, make sure that your hands do not smell, better wash them, eliminating excess odors.

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IT DOESN’T LIKE HOW YOU TAKE IT. You need to know how to take a hamster from a cage. Never take it from above – it gets scared and starts to bite. The best option is to take it from the side or bottom. Put your hand on the filler and wait until the curious baby hamster comes closer, sniffs and sits himself in your palm.

YOU MAKE SHARP MOVES, than scare him. If the hamster is in your hands, do not make sudden movements – this is stress for the hamster. You shouldn’t also talk loudly, scream – it scares him greatly. Be calm. the hamster will feel safe and will not bite.

HIS TEETH NEEDS GRINDING, and you do not give him mineral stone, twigs of fruit trees, dry dandelion roots. This is a serious violation of the rules for caring for a hamster. Rodents need to grind their teeth, otherwise they themselves will look for any way to knead the incisors. So it’s your turn. Therefore, give him twigs and roots, buy a mineral stone – and he will not bite.

Why Does The Hamster Bite

YOUR PET – CAMBELL HAMSTER, which it’s almost impossible to tame. Outwardly, they are very similar to the Dzungarian hamsters. So there is a chance that you are not a friendly jungler, but a Campbell hamster that does not perceive a person.

IF YOU BIT A HAMSTER, in no case do not shout at him, do not wave, do not threaten. The hamster will remember this for life and will be offended. Better think about what the matter is, why the hamster bites. We have listed the reasons, and for sure among them there is one that will explain his behavior. Everything is predictable for them. not like humans.