Why Does The Hamster Bite And What To Do If The Animal Has Bitten

Usually, pets are bought for children to instill in them a love for sentient beings and a desire to take care of them. And often a small, fluffy animal, a hamster, becomes such an animal. He evokes sympathy with his appearance, habits, it is interesting to watch him. But how safe is it, especially for children? And what if the animal "has a habit" of biting?

Why do hamsters bite?

Frequent inhabitants of our homes are Syrian or Dzungarian hamsters. They have a beautiful color, fluffy, calmly walk into their arms. It seems that the animal got used to the owner, but unexpectedly picked it up and bit it. But this does not mean that he is aggressive, usually it is a fairly good-natured creature. The reasons why a hamster bites can be very different:

  1. The female, in anticipation of offspring or already with cubs, is able to show aggression. She can bite, protecting offspring. This is the instinct of self-preservation, nothing more. It’s better not to pick her up until the little hamsters are older.
  2. When the hands smell of food, if you haven’t washed your hands and took the animal. He smells a new smell and wants to taste it. Then it bites by the hand or finger.
  3. The Dzungarian hamster bites if it is taken by the back from above. Frightened, he tries to save himself or defend himself. This can also happen because of the pain that is inflicted on him when he is improperly pulled out of the cell. It is best to take a furry pet on the side or bottom. He can climb onto his hand out of curiosity.
  4. When making sudden movements, when you take a rodent. Loud screams during the game or active actions also cause aggression. If Dzungarian hamsters get scared, they will defend themselves. With the calm behavior of the owner, they will not bite.
  5. If teeth need grinding. The front teeth of rodents are sharp and long and they grow throughout the life of the animal. Therefore, they need to be given mineral stones, branches of fruit trees, plant roots or crackers for grinding. If the hamster bites, he kneads the incisors at the expense of the owner.
  6. When you were mistakenly sold the Cambell breed, which cannot be tamed and does not perceive a person as its owner. Syrian and Dzungarian hamsters are more friendly, but not knowing the breed, you can make a mistake when buying.
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Since hamsters belong to rodents, they all "try on the tooth." Their hearing and sense of smell are poorly developed, therefore, in order to study the subject, the hamster bites it. If you take the pet for the first time in your hands, the predictable reaction of the animal is a bite. It is not only a reaction to the new owner, it is also a protective reaction.

When a hamster bites, you do not need to shout at it or threaten it. He will remember this episode for a long time, and then it is more difficult to tame it. Find out why the hamster bites. Indeed, unlike a person, his behavior is quite predictable. The appearance of the rodent is shown in the photo.

How to treat a wound after a bite?

What to do if bitten by a domestic hamster? The rodent should be put back into the cage and do the processing of the wound. A hamster bite can be very painful. This is due to the structure of the teeth: they are not just long, at the time of a bite they are able to diverge in different directions, so the pain will be severe. It is possible that the wound will be lacerated (not just a bite). If the hamster has bitten to blood, then you need to make a wound treatment:

  1. The bite site is washed with warm water and soap. We use laundry or antibacterial soap.
  2. We treat the wound with an antiseptic. It can be iodine, hydrogen peroxide, green, alcohol.
  3. We glue the adhesive plaster on top so that microbes do not fall. If the hamster has bitten a finger to the blood, then put on a rubber fingertip.
  4. The place where the animal has bitten is painful, so it is advisable to take an anesthetic.
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Often the wound is not treated at all and does not think about the consequences. If the bite is not deep and the immunity is strong, then the wound gradually heals and heals.

What to do if a pet does not have a rabies vaccine? We treat the wound in the same way, but we find out what it is sick with. After testing, it will become clear whether or not to be vaccinated. You can protect yourself immediately by putting the vaccine against rabies, although it is also quite painful.

Dzungarian hamsters (and other breeds) can be carriers of not only rabies, but also meningitis, salmonellosis and many other unpleasant diseases, up to parasitic diseases. If he is aggressive, agitated, sleeps little, it is advisable to check it for infection. When a fluffy pet is lethargic or dies after a few days (which does not happen often), it is worth vaccinating so that it does not become a source of infection.

How to wean a hamster to bite?

What to do if a baby hamster has bitten? Most often, pets bite small children. Children do not understand how to take a hamster in their hands, stick their fingers into a cage, make noise or scream. All this animal perceives as aggression directed against him. A rodent, especially a Dzungarian hamster, in a short time will not get used to a small child, so their communication can be dangerous.

If the child was bitten by a hamster before the blood, then first aid measures should be provided the same as for adults. But it is better to tell your daughter or son in advance how to handle the animal properly so that it does not bite. Then no unpleasant situations should arise.

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There are no rules on how to wean a hamster to bite; it is difficult to train. But it is advisable to follow simple tips to avoid being bitten:

  • you can’t take it during sleep, because it can be frightened,
  • it’s undesirable to disturb him when the guests arrived: someone else’s smell may seem dangerous,
  • do not touch the rodent while eating, especially – to take food from him;
  • the animal must get used to the habitat, so you do not need to immediately pick it up.
Why Does The Hamster Bite And What To Do If The Animal Has Bitten

To prevent the hamster from biting, offer him a treat with your hand for several days, then the owner’s smell will become familiar to him. And if he does not show interest in a person, do not catch him: he will defend himself.

The question arises: which hamsters do not bite? It is generally accepted that the larger the rodent, the more dangerous it is. Syrian hamsters reach a weight of 100g or more, but they are not aggressive and will never bite. They are often preferred to buy as pets.

Do Dzungarian hamsters bite? Yes, these rodents, in spite of their funny disposition and beautiful coloring, are not very prone to communicate with humans. Why a Dzungarian hamster can be aggressive has been said before. But in many families this breed is the most beloved.

Hamsters are easy to keep at home. They are unpretentious in food, fluffy, cute and do not create big problems for the owners. Therefore, they are willingly bought by children who want to have a pet. If you communicate with the small creature carefully, it will not attack you and will not bite you. The main thing is to show attention and friendliness, because it is a living creature.