Which Hamster Is Better To Choose

Thinking about what to get a hamster in the house? If, however, you have not decided exactly yet, we recommend that you decide at the beginning whether it is needed so that no one would have to regret later, neither you, nor the animal. And if the decision has already been made in a positive way, we want to congratulate you on a good idea, because these animals are able to give a lot of positive emotions every day, and we hurry to give advice on which hamster to choose.

When choosing a hamster, you need to consider several things: the breed of the future friend and the state of health. The nature, manners and even the conditions of their maintenance depend on the breed – all this is very important. Longevity and the ability to evoke positive emotions depend on the state of health. All this in more detail.

Which breed to choose a hamster?

Immediately it is worth noting that all of the following species require daily attention, otherwise, the hamster will not recognize you, and in return it will defend itself – a natural reaction to strangers.

Features of Syrian Hamsters

This is the largest breed. It has various colors. Of course, Syrian hamsters have conquered the world with their manner of dragging everything they can into their cheek pouches, which are much more spacious. Such a sight looks very funny. By choosing the Syrian hamster, positive is guaranteed.

But, do not forget about proper attention to the animal and it is worth considering that most of the cages and drums for hamsters are designed for dwarf ones. Syriac requires a much larger cage with a drum in the diameter of 18-20 cm, which you need to look for, or as an alternative, create your own terrarium. They live alone, and the sharing of roommates can turn into a noisy fight.

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Dzungarian hamsters

Relate to dwarf. At times less than the Syrians, on average, their weight is 40 grams. Also, sociable and demanding in attention, like the Syrians. However, they have their own attractiveness and charm. Having a small size, it is not difficult for a Dzungarian hamster to pick up a cage and a wheel.


Very charming breed of hamsters. It’s worth looking at them once rather than trying to tell. But, these hamsters are not simple, they have their own distinctive character trait! The Campbell breed is the most aggressive of the species in question. Sometimes they are tamed quite quickly, sometimes they are not tamed at all. They value independence and persistently fight for it. However, such a character trait does not prevent the conquest of the army of fans. Look at the photo, how can you resist such a charming face?

The breed is suitable as an excellent choice for busy people who have little free time to care for a pet.

Roborovsky Hamster

A rarer breed, but also special. These dwarf hamsters are distinguished by their way of life! When all other species are territorial and are ready to bravely fight against encroaches on their territory, including the owner, Roborovsky hamsters prefer sociality. They are not single, but live in groups. But, do not rejoice, a person also needs to tame them from the beginning, and pay enough daily attention.

These are the main breeds that are common in our country. Which one to choose is up to you. Take a closer look at everyone and take the “that looks at you”. Whichever breed you choose, you won’t be mistaken. Next, talk a little about health.

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How to choose a healthy hamster

It is very important not only to determine the breed, but also to choose a healthy pet. This will directly affect his life expectancy and activity. Only a healthy pet can present a truly positive attitude. Do not buy a sick hamster out of pity, as a rule, an already fragile organism quickly goes to paradise – do not worry.

Which Hamster Is Better To Choose

And so, before choosing, pay attention to the condition of the coat. It should shine, be smooth not disheveled and, in any case, wet. Wet hair usually indicates an infectious disease and diarrhea.

Look at the eyes of the animal, they should be clean, there should be no souring, both in the eyes and around.

Rate the activity of the animal. This is difficult to do during the day, because hamsters are nocturnal animals. In the daytime, they usually sleep or eat half asleep, can run around a bit and go to bed again. In the evening, a healthy hamster activates and starts to run in the wheel, climb the cage.

We hope these simple tips will help you choose a healthy and beloved hamster!

Share in the comments what breed your hamster is?

Which Hamster Is Better To Choose