Where Hamsters Live In Nature

Sooner or later, each rodent owner has a question, where do hamsters live in nature? Sitting in a cage is such a sweet creature, awkward and funny. Always knows how to cheer up. We feed and care for him, clean the cage and play with him. But before the animal lived in the wild, where there are many dangers. He himself sought food, hunted and dug holes. Do you know that a wild hamster pulls holes for many meters? This is a dangerous animal that is not afraid of the opponent and does not look at its size.

Hamster in the wild

Different species of rodents live in different places. We will talk about some of them today in this article. They mainly live in the foothills, meadows and steppes.
Where do dzungarian hamsters live? They live in central Asia, southern Siberia, and northeastern Kazakhstan. This animal lives in the mountains on rocky plains. Its dimensions are small, about 10 centimeters. He arranges burrows in the voids among the stones. In winter, his weight increases, as the rodent stores fat, which heats it in cold weather and provides a supply of energy. Also in the winter, he fills his pantry with food. Plunging into hibernation, can wake up in order to eat. And hibernation in hamsters occurs when the temperature drops below 10 degrees.
When frost sets in, they understand it. Before falling asleep, block the entrance to their mink from the inside. But at first they do not sleep, they just become less active in anticipation of the winter.
The life expectancy of a hamster in the wild is less than in captivity, about 1.5 years. There, various dangers await him: hunger, enemies, illnesses, severe weather, etc. Everything is simpler in the cage; there is an opportunity to live to old age.

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Where Hamsters Live In Nature

With Dzungarian hamsters it’s clear, but what about other species? Where do hamsters live in nature? If we talk about those who live near people, then this is a wild hamster. It is significantly larger in size from all household ones; its weight reaches a kilogram. They make their way closer to rural lands and suburban areas. Unfortunately, they do a lot of troubles there and people are more worried about how to catch a wild hamster and how to deal with it. The rodent digs a hole about two meters deep and about ten exits. There he makes a large warehouse of food, which mainly steals from people’s gardens. In his opinion, there are most products there, and this cannot be ignored. For a day he breaks a tunnel up to 70 meters and can destroy a lot of crops. They differ in their cunning and fearlessness. The size of the enemy is not important for him, the rodent will attack until he expels him from his territory.

As you can see, hamsters in the wild are very different. Some practically do not affect people, others do not give a quiet life. In any case, it will be interesting to every loving owner where hamsters live in the wild.

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