What You Need For A Hamster List

To keep individuals from the hamster squad at home, you need to prepare a certain inventory. Those who first encounter the content of their representatives will find it difficult to acquire all the essentials at a time. For this reason, it is worth making a list of things vital to the hamster in advance.


The list of what is needed for the pet can be divided into two parts. In one of them basic necessities will be indicated, in the other – additional accessories, devices designed for organizing the leisure of animals. First of all, for hamsters it is worth purchasing the following things:

Additional accessories purchased for the hamster are:

  • ball of a walking character;
  • terrarium (assembled);
  • branching tunneling units;
  • exterior houses suitable for tunnels;
  • carrying;
  • aviary;
  • decorative feeder;
  • restroom.

Basic rules for cell selection

The hamster will have to buy a cage anyway. Few people agree that the pet walks freely in an unsecured arena, for example, and can get out of it with a great desire. When choosing it, it is worth paying attention to such moments as:

  • size – the larger the better;
  • the presence of already installed drinking bowls, feeders, wheels;
  • metal used to make rods;
  • the presence of a strong latch on the door;
  • the presence of a solid bottom in the cage or a removable tray;
  • the presence of paint on metal rods.

Drum selection (wheels)

What a pet needs right after the cage is a drum or wheel, as it is also called. Its presence in the cage will allow the animal to actively spend time free from procurement of reserves and sleep. In addition, this is what is necessary for the development of the physical endurance of the hamster. For this reason, you should carefully consider the choice of drum. First of all, pay attention to:

  • diameter – depends on the size to which an adult can grow. It is advisable to first get what the little hamster needs, then replacing the accessory with a more suitable one;
  • training surface – it is better if it is laid out with a fine mesh. So an individual is insured against the possibility of various injuries of the limbs when running;
  • the presence of safe mounts – if the drum is attached between the bars of a cage for a hamster, this is what you need. No need to worry about pet safety.
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Are walking balls and terrariums mandatory?

When wondering what hamsters really need, people often face a dilemma: a cage or a terrarium. In the terrarium version of the dwelling for the animal has its advantages. In their quality are:

  • sound insulation;
  • ease in feeding, cleaning;
  • lack of garbage around the pet’s home.

However, with a detailed comparison, it can be revealed that there are several more disadvantages in such cell variants. These include:

  • the inability to tame the animal to his hands;
  • the need for special feeders and drinkers;
  • the need to look for a way to secure additional accessories for organizing a hamka’s leisure.
What You Need For A Hamster List

Naturally, everyone is free to make a choice on their own, however, deciding to start an individual from a detachment of hamsters, one should think first of all about its convenience, and not about its own. As for walking balls, they give pets a lot more freedom. Kids can move around the apartment, explore the available space.

However, it is worth considering that running in such a wheel will be somewhat more difficult for them than in a drum. Therefore, leaving animals in such units for leisure for a long time is not worth it. The best option would be half an hour, which the individual will spend "free".

Thinking about acquiring such a seemingly unpretentious pet to care for, it is worth weighing the pros and cons. As the great Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote, "we are responsible for those we tamed." For hamsters, attention and care of the owners are just as important as for cats and dogs.