What You Need For A Hamster In A Cage

For a hamster, as for any living creature, a comfortable home is needed. These little animals live in captivity and need special treatment. If you choose the right cage and accessories, then watching the life of a pet will be a pleasure.

To create a hamster comfortable living conditions, you need to know their needs. How to choose a cell? Subject to simple rules, choose the right housing is not difficult.

Size matters

Good cage for a hamster

Large cages for hamsters not only give room for movement, but also provide psychological comfort for the animal. When the animal does not feel in captivity and crowding, it behaves more naturally.

The distance between the rods

And two-story cages with stairs, all kinds of pipes and tunnels will be interesting even to the owner. It is very interesting to watch the hamster warm up and frolic. Cells with many stairs and tunnels have only one drawback – their inconvenient to disassemble in order to wash.

When selecting cells on distance between rods pay special attention. It should not exceed 2 cm. After all, despite the fact that the hamsters are externally voluminous, they can crawl into the smallest slots. Be sure to check that there are no bent and damaged rods.

The bottom in the cells can be static and retractable. The second option is more convenient in terms of cleaning. It is enough to extend and clean it without removing the animal from the cage. But periodically it is necessary to wash the cell completely. Otherwise, a specific unpleasant odor may appear.

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If the cell is not too small, then it’s very convenient the presence of two doors. So during assembly of the cage, it can be very difficult to install all the accessories with one hand. And two doors allow full access to the inside of the cage. This is especially true for large cells with many tunnels, ladders, etc.

Additional sections and floors

For an animal, the presence of additional floors does not matter. This is even more interesting to the owner. When choosing a multi-story cage, it is worth paying special attention to the fact that between the floors the distance should be no more than 30 cm and not less than 18 cm.

Second floor of the cell

Preference should be given to the cell in which you can set floor levels yourself. And the shelves should not be made of rods, but of solid plastic. Slatted floors can cause personal injury. And the fact that food and material for the nest will fall through it will upset the animal and cause him a lot of inconvenience.

Cell equipment

Equipping a good cell is just as important as its size. Let’s find out what should be in the cage of the hamster.

Sawdust as a litter

Hamster house

The next required attribute for a hamster cage is wheel. It can be metal or plastic. The first is more durable because the plastic hamster can nibble. But the plastic wheel is less noisy. In addition, in the steel wheel there is often a large distance between the rods, which sometimes leads to injury to the rodent’s legs (fractures are not uncommon). Therefore, we recommend a high-quality solid plastic wheel (cheap options are not durable).

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Hamster wheel

Instead of a wheel, you can purchase plastic ball, in which the hamster will run on the floor.

For feed two plates should be present in the cell. One for dry food, the other for wet. But you can do one.

It’s convenient for hamsters to use drinking bowl with pacifier or nipple.

If you put a bowl of water in a cage, then the animal can overturn it or throw it in the litter.

What else is needed for the complete happiness of the hamster

Hamsters are very fond of when they put in a cage twigs various trees edible for them, for example, an apple tree. This is a source of vitamins for the pet and the ability to sharpen your teeth.

Hamsters love to gnaw branches

A great gift for your pet will be a special hamster treat. As a rule, this is a stick sticky with various goodies: grains, dried fruits, grass, etc. But there are goodies of a different shape, for example, in the form of a pipe. Treats are hung with special fasteners that come with it, either to the ceiling or to the wall of the cage.

Hamster treat on cage wall

Where to put the cage

An equally important question is where to put the cage for the hamster. You can not put a cell:

  • in a draft;
  • near heating appliances;
  • next to a TV or radio;
  • near the curtains (if the hamster reaches them, it will nibble and make a nest).

A convenient cage for a hamster is the key to a healthy and cheerful pet. And watching such a beast will bring nothing but pleasure.

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Photo cages for hamsters

What You Need For A Hamster In A Cage
What You Need For A Hamster In A Cage
What You Need For A Hamster In A Cage
What You Need For A Hamster In A Cage
What You Need For A Hamster In A Cage
What You Need For A Hamster In A Cage
What You Need For A Hamster In A Cage

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