What To Do If A Hamster Sneezes

Not everything is always smooth with pets. Possible injuries, illnesses, bouts of aggression and, oddly enough, sneezing. If it is single, then you can not worry. But why does the hamster sneeze? What if it is not once?

Sneezing is the body’s response to an external stimulus. Perhaps due to an allergic reaction to food, bedding, colds, pneumonia, and other illnesses. It is necessary to quickly solve this situation, so as not to aggravate.

Looking for a reason for sneezing

A serious problem can be a draft. It can cause a hamster sneezing, as well as colds and pneumonia, often fatal.

Sneezing can be caused by the ingress of an external stimulus into the nose of the animal. Perhaps it is sand, sawdust or other small objects. If so, then the pet sneezes 1-2 times and that’s it. No need to worry, God created his body so that he is able to cope with such situations without problems. The sneezing has stopped? So the pet is healthy.

It is advisable to inspect the animal to make sure that there is nothing serious. We check the external state of the animal. The disease can be expressed in the behavior of the hamster, he will become weak, less well-groomed, passive. Possible discharge from the nose and unkempt hair. Has the pet changed his behavior and looks as good as before? Congratulations, he is healthy.

Hamster sneezes constantly

Another thing is if the hamster is constantly sneezing. Perhaps at some intervals. It may be an allergic reaction. You need to find the irritant that causes it. To do this, remember that recently you have changed in a cell or room where it is located. Perhaps the point is new fillers or air fresheners. Remember, the hamster cage was cleaned with detergents or not? If so, it is quite real that the point is them. Chemistry is strictly forbidden to pets. Was a napkin or newspaper added to the cage? This is also the real reason for sneezing.
What to do if a hamster sneezes? If you have changed any of the above, you need to return everything to its place. Most likely, the reason why the hamster sneezes is hiding there.

What To Do If A Hamster Sneezes

The reason is nutrition

What did you give the animal to eat that day? Was there something new? Shopping for fruit at the supermarket can lead to allergies, unless of course you cook them before you feed them. These fruits are processed there for chemistry for long-term storage. Often, processing is palpable even for people when the throat and cheeks are baking during consumption.
It is recommended to temporarily transport the animal to a dry feed diet and water. This will help identify the irritant, provided that it is in the diet. What to do if a hamster sneezes on? So it’s not about food, but about bacteria. The hamster is sick and needs to be treated as quickly as possible.

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First aid

It is necessary to increase the temperature in the room to 25-28 degrees. Drink a lot, add vitamin C to the water, eliminate the irritant. If no reason is found, before going to the veterinarian, you need to remove the fluff from the old cage, change food, preferably dry food. It is less likely to detect irritants, although it happens.

We resort to the services of a veterinarian

You can’t do without his help if the hamster sneezes and sniffs or wheezes. Wet nose, watery eyes, a sharp change in behavior to aggressive or passive, unkempt hair. All this may indicate pneumonia. There is no way to do without help. With other symptoms, the veterinarian will help you understand why the hamster sneezes and tells you what to do next. Perhaps the cause is a cold, which is a serious problem in rodents.
Are there any other rodents in the cage? Quarantine the patient, that is, separate them from others. Diseases are often contagious, especially the common cold.

Proper nutrition and care of the hamster and he will always be healthy. Protect puffy from drafts and temperature differences, comfortable for him 20-22 degrees Celsius. Well, now all readers know what to do if the hamster sneezes.

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What To Do If A Hamster Sneezes