What To Do If A Hamster Escapes

What To Do If A Hamster Escapes

Hamsters belong to the rodent family. For keeping at home, people usually choose hamsters of the following breeds:

  • Syrian hamster;
  • Dzungarian hamster;
  • Campbell Hamster;
  • Roborovsky hamster.

If you have decided on the breed and bought a hamster, then you must definitely buy a cage or put the hamster in any container, otherwise with its small size it will not be possible to find it soon if it succeeds in escaping.

If, in spite of all your fears and warnings, the hamster still escapes, then he needs to be found as soon as possible, because such a small pet is in danger of many dangers when he is outside his living quarters. So what to do?

  1. Ask everyone to be silent and, if possible, not turn on the TV and other objects that may make sounds. Walk around the rooms, listen for rustling in corners or places where there is paper or cardboard. You may also hear scratches. If in some place you heard rustling, go as quiet as possible and take the hamster in your arms.
  2. Scatter grains or pieces of his favorite dish throughout the apartment. Just do not forget that hamsters are very thrifty, so scatter the smallest amount of food. The next day (if the hamster is still in the apartment) you will see in which room there are more goodies eaten, which means that the hamster is in that room. Before you find a hamster, it is recommended that you close all doors and windows in this room so that it does not move to another room.
  3. During the day you can search in hidden places, corners, cabinets. Because it is during the day they prefer to sleep and for this they are looking for a place warmer and softer.
  4. You can glue small rolls of cardboard and arrange them around the apartment or in the room where it is supposed to be. On the same day, you will surely find him sleeping in one of the rolls.
  5. Place a three-liter glass jar in the middle of the room and pour jars of grain on the bottom. Next to the bank, make a special lift so that the hamster can get into the bank for a treat. If he gets in there, he will not be able to get back.
  6. Well, the last thing, do not worry if all your attempts were unsuccessful. Usually, after a few days, hamsters themselves leave their secret place.
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“Escape” Prevention

No matter how absurd it may sound, the cage is not always the best option for protecting the hamster from escaping. In addition to acquiring the cage, you need to be careful: check whether the cage door is closed, try not to open it again, and if there are children in the house, explain to them that the hamster is better off living in the cage, so opening it too often is not worth it.

But also do not forget that you can provoke a hamster escape. It is important to know how to, and how not to handle the hamster. To find out, look at the table.

What To Do If A Hamster Escapes