What To Do If A Hamster Escapes

What To Do If A Hamster Escapes

First, take a deep breath and don’t panic. This may look like a terrible situation, especially the first time. Yes, hamsters. these are great escape masters, but if you know what to do, you will manage the situation and understand that it’s not necessary to imagine a catastrophe.

  • If you know which room the hamster is in, then you have an advantage. Close all doors to the outside and warn everyone else in the house that your hamster has run away. Remove all pets and children from the room.
  • Otherwise, if you do not know which room the hamster is in, then you need to close absolutely all the doors. Do not underestimate your hamster, it can run and climb stairs equally fast.
  • After all the rooms are closed and reliably protected from escaping, leave a certain number of sunflower seeds in them and control them. Unfortunately, due to the hamster’s nocturnal lifestyle, this can stretch out overnight or until morning, but in any case, you will find out where the hamster can be and where it is definitely not, which will greatly facilitate the search.
  • Now that the room where your hamster is hiding is defined, you can proceed to the final step. Place the hamster cage in the room with the door open, leave food in it and wait. Periodically, silently, check the room.

If you are lucky, and this happens very often, the hamster will voluntarily climb back into its convenient cage, and everything will be fine. However, if this is not the case, then you need a backup plan.

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How to make a trap for a hamster

Take one bucket and a thick towel, tilt the bucket so that the hamster cannot get out of it, and securely lock it. It should be a kind of ramp. Place a towel at the bottom of the bucket to make the landing softer. Now, at the base of the ramp, scatter a small amount of goodies for the hamster, which he can easily smell, and also put some food on the bottom of the bucket. The hamster, of course, will follow the path from the goodies, and when he gets into the bucket, he will not be able to get out, so the ramp should be quite steep. If you are not sure about the safety of the bucket, you can spread a little butter on its sides, which will make the escape even more difficult. However, if this does not work, then you can proceed to the third stage of this “game”.

Stage Three

  • Throw fine flour around a small amount of goodies. Make sure there is no other food in the room that can distract him. Leave a free circle around the food with a radius of approximately 20 centimeters so that it does not violate its own steps. With the help of flour, in the wake, you can see where your hamster came from and in which direction he left.
  • Tie the peanuts securely with something like wool, so that your hamster can safely drag him into his shelter, and you can follow him. You can also attach a small bell to it, similar to what is on the cat’s collar, and when the hamster reaches the food, you can determine this by the noise.
  • Be prepared to sleep in the room, so you can watch any activity of the hamster.
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Sometimes a runaway hamster is located and returns to its cage for several hours. Sometimes it takes a little longer. There are times when a hamster runs away for two or three days without any harm to him. There are even hamsters that make regular shoots, so that it becomes quite common for the whole family. The main thing is to remain calm, in no case to give up, and to know the most likely place where the hamster could take refuge.