What To Choose Toys For Hamsters

What To Choose Toys For Hamsters

Hamsters are extremely mobile, active rodents that have a good appetite. They must burn maximum calories in order not to earn serious health problems. Having bought or made toys for hamsters with your own hands, you will diversify his leisure time and provide a long, happy life.

What To Choose Toys For Hamsters

Special ball for moving the hamster

With a stretch, a wheel can also be called a useful toy – it can be made, but this is a more complex process that requires the use of special parts. This is generally an indispensable thing if you cannot get a ball for some reason. Installed in a cage, it will allow the hamster to run all day (and sometimes all night), burning extra calories and maintaining excellent physical shape.

That’s probably all. All other toys can be made on their own using items that are usually sent without hesitation to the bin. The main thing is to show imagination and work a little with your hands.

DIY hamster toys

Of particular interest this craft will be for children. Well, if the parents support them in this endeavor, then this will further strengthen the family, allow everyone to get unforgettable feelings and just a maximum of positive. So, how to make a toy for a hamster with your own hands? The choice here is simply huge – you can transform a variety of objects beyond recognition. So, let’s get started!

Walnut shell

Many do not even know, but using a shell from nuts, you can make a toy that will bring a lot of pleasure to both the hamster and its owners.

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To do this, you will need:

  • 3 walnuts;
  • thick, strong thread;
  • drill with a thin drill.

All work takes minutes:

  1. Carefully divide the nuts in half – the easiest way to insert a knife or screwdriver into the gap between the shells and turn. Remove the insides and partitions.
  2. Carefully drill a small hole in the middle of the nut.
  3. Pass the thread through the holes in the shells to get a kind of beads.

That’s all – the toys are ready. Now put some treat in each half of the nut and hang the “beads” in the hamster’s cage so that it can easily reach the lower shell. You will see how much pleasure the rodent climbs on his new toy, pulling his favorite food out of it.

From a toilet paper roll

What To Choose Toys For Hamsters

DIY hamster toy

What does most people with a cardboard sleeve do when toilet paper runs out? That’s right, throws it away. But you can make wonderful toys for hamsters with your own hands from it. True, for a long time they will occupy only representatives of not too large breeds – for example, Dzungarian. The Syrians will tear the cardboard too quickly.

In addition to the video itself, you will need only scissors.

  1. Cut the sleeve into rings 2-2.5 centimeters thick.
  2. Insert one ring into another, the resulting design in the third and so on – just use five rings to form a dense ball with small slots.
  3. Insert a piece of carrot, apple, or other favorite hamster treat inside and give the toy to him.
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Most rodents with great pleasure bother with a new toy, trying to get food and enthralling young spectators.

Minks and diggers

In nature, hamsters live in holes, so they love to delve into the ground. Alas, such a possibility cannot be provided in a cell. But you can make a good replacement.

For example, pouring a thick layer of sawdust on the floor, bury in them a small box of food – cookies or waffles – making a small hole in the cover. Hamsters like to hide in such an impromptu hole even more than in an ordinary house.

Want to give your pet the opportunity to delve into the ground? Take ordinary river sand – fine and clean. Rinse it several times from dust and allow to dry completely, sometimes stirring. Pour it into a bowl with high edges and put in a cage. The hamster will delight in delving into dry, clean sand. And if you dig a few grains of peanuts into it, then this action will take him for many hours.

Master the stairs

Many hamsters are very fond of various ladders, which you can climb up and down. Please your pet and craft for him such an element of decor from wooden ice cream sticks. In addition, this will combine the pleasant with the useful – after all, ice cream can not be thrown away, it will have to be eaten.

To work you will need:

  • Sticks from popsicle – take an arbitrary amount, the length of the future bridge depends on it.
  • Glue. The main thing is to ensure that it is not toxic – suddenly the hamster decides to gnaw the ladder and swallow a piece of glue.
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After that, you can get to work.

What To Choose Toys For Hamsters

Option homemade ladder for a hamster

  1. Spread one side of the stick with glue.
  2. Attach other sticks to it, leaving a gap of 2-3 mm between them.
  3. When the “carrier” stick runs out, glue a new one to the transverse “steps” and continue to work until you get a ladder of the desired length.

Now let the glue dry completely and install a new toy in a cage, resting on some object – for example, a house. You will be surprised how much pleasure homemade toys for hamsters will bring to your pet.


Do you want to equip a whole site for a hamster? Great solution! In a cage, this will be problematic, but an empty table is quite suitable. You can also arrange it in the corner of the room, where the platform will not bother anyone.

What To Choose Toys For Hamsters

Carton Hamster Playground

It remains only to install wheels, sand bowls, ladders and many other toys on the site. Show some imagination and think up what toys can be made in addition to already existing. Now you can even let your beloved rodent go to the hamster’s amusement park for a whole day – he’ll surely like it here, he will have fun all day, which will positively affect his health and life expectancy.