What Kind Of Fruit Can Hamsters

What Kind Of Fruit Can Hamsters

The hamster’s diet plays an important role in his later life. You need to know what you can feed before buying a pet. Today we will find out what vegetables and fruits can be given to hamsters.


Vegetables are very healthy by nature, have many vitamins and fiber. But not all are suitable for the diet. Some can cause negative reactions in the body or even provoke an allergic reaction. Therefore, when compiling the menu, be extremely careful.

Every day you can give:

  1. Carrots and peppers. They contain trace elements that will help with the prevention of age-related diseases. A high acid content will help weakened immunity.
  2. Peas and beans. The hamster will be given huge reserves of protein with vitamin B. They improve metabolism. Many other vitamins and minerals.
  3. Squash and cucumbers. They will restore the amount of fluid in the body, the peel will give vitamins and minerals.

Other vegetables should be on the menu, but there is no need to overdo it so as not to harm the pet. Pumpkin foods can be given very rarely due to more sugar.

What is strictly forbidden to feed?

Ordinary cabbage or its stalk can provoke diarrhea. Because of horseradish will consume a lot of water. If you include the heads of garlic and onions in the menu, the chance of an allergy will increase. Ordinary potatoes cause stomach problems, but can be cooked. When feeding, you need to cut everything very finely. Store in a cage for a maximum of six hours.

Fruits and berries

What Kind Of Fruit Can Hamsters

Pets love this delicacy. Some believe that feeding them is dangerous, but this is not so, if everything is dosed!

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For feeding, first of all, we take into account the breed of the hamster. Nutrition also depends on a genetic predisposition. Syrian hamsters should be included in the menu of the berry. Dzungarian hamsters often suffer from diabetes. Fruits and dried fruits are possible only in rare cases and in small pieces.

It is strictly forbidden to feed citrus and exotic fruits. They cause anaphylactic shock. It is quite possible death. Never give fruits and berries with pits or twigs.

Pear and apple fruits are allowed. They contain vitamins and fiber. Plums, peaches and mangoes can be given previously peeled and chopped. Overripe foods should not be offered. Bananas are given only as a reward. Give watermelon and melon no more than once every two weeks without pits and peels.

Of the berries can be noted grapes, raspberries, cherries, strawberries. In the diet include even dry, but without stones. A Syrian hamster can eat up to three berries in seven days, but there is only one jungarik. There are many substances in berries that will make the coat beautiful, smooth and shiny. Replenish vitamins and slow down age-related changes.

The list of prohibited fruits and berries will include: kiwi, oranges, avocados.

Dried fruits

What Kind Of Fruit Can Hamsters

Contain a huge amount of sugar. Feed in small quantities and very rare! Syrian pets are given 2-3 times a week a slice of prunes and dried apricots.

But the jungers are recommended dried pieces of less sweet fruits.

Grapes, raisins and corn can be fed only if dried grapes are not overfed, and corn is not canned.

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How to cook products?

Everything should be the first freshness. Boil foods for up to ten minutes. Salting is prohibited; hamsters cannot be spiced. Everything should be fresh. If the provisions are stale, in no case should not be given. In such supplies, tissues begin to rot and bacteria multiply. You can poison your hamsters yourself without suspecting it. And even more so, do not cut off part of the moldy fetus and give the rest to the animal. In the best cases, the pet will get rid of diarrhea. Only washed products can be offered.

Syrian breed

What Kind Of Fruit Can Hamsters

The most common and no less intriguing view. Easy to train. Leaving is not difficult. He has four fingers on his front fingers and 5 on his back. The largest of all types of domestic hamsters. Mainly has a golden color. An adult reaches a length of twelve centimeters. The body is chubby like everyone else. In everyday life, animals often reach twenty centimeters. Males weigh one hundred and twenty grams, and females one hundred and forty. Individuals twenty centimeters in length reach a weight of two hundred grams.

When leaving, the main factor is calm. In no case do not get the pet out of the cage when there are a lot of people in the room. The noise scares him, he starts to get nervous, can bite or get sick.

Dzungarian hamster

What Kind Of Fruit Can Hamsters

This breed of dwarf pets. Their length is not more than ten centimeters. Weight up to 50 grams. The coat is very short and thick. The area of ​​the spine is gray-brown, in the middle there is a black stripe from head to tail. The eyes are the same bulging. The limbs are white in color with the belly. Caring for it is much simpler, but there is one rule. Each Dzhungarian hamster has his own home. You can not settle two individuals in one cage. Movement is vital for them; equip the cage with a running wheel.

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Feeding is carried out with a special feed mixture. Special mineral stones are bought for teeth.