What Hamsters Love

What Hamsters Love

The most important question that worries the owner of the hamster is the issue of nutrition. What hamsters love and how to feed a hamster, what should be its diet so that the hamster develops normally and is healthy and strong, while keeping up with the development.

Hamster Diet Basics

Since domestic hamsters are descended from wild hamsters, inhabitants of the steppes, the basis of their diet is cereals and legumes. This, for example, wheat, oats, buckwheat, corn, sunflower seeds. In addition, hamsters feed on nuts, dry herbal food, berries, vegetables and fruits. It is absolutely necessary to feed the hamster and green grass. This can be the stems of any grass that needs to be collected on the street, be sure to away from the roadway. In winter, fresh grass can be replaced with dry grass.

Favorite Hamster Treat

Hamsters’ favorite treat is a mixture of vegetables, fruits, cereals and even meat in various combinations. Here are some examples of goodies you can make for a hamster.

Salad. Take clover leaves, lettuce leaves and walnut kernels. Chop the clover and nuts, mix, wrap the resulting mixture in a leaf of salad, and you should end up with something like cabbage.

What Hamsters Love

A sandwich. Spread a little low-fat cottage cheese on a slice of brown bread and sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

Balloons. Combine the chopped raisins and oatmeal, form balls and sprinkle with herbs.

Yogurt mixture. Mix a teaspoon of warm water and a teaspoon of baby food; then you need to add some yogurt and vitamins for hamsters.

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Barbecue. At the toothpick, remove the sharp tips. String on it pieces of wet meat cat food, sweet pepper and carrots. After the hamster eats, be sure to remove the toothpick from the cage.

What Hamsters Love

Game. Place chopped chicken or turkey meat (raw or boiled) and sliced ​​boiled potatoes on a lettuce leaf. You can decorate with cheese if desired.

Hamburger. On a small piece of white bread, put a piece of salad, on it – a teaspoon of wet cat food and a circle of carrots. Top with another piece of bread. You can also make a cheeseburger if you use a piece of cheese instead of meat.

Grain balls. Take a hamster grain mix, milk, oatmeal, and a teaspoon of semolina. All components must be mixed, from the resulting dough to make balls and bake them over low heat in the oven. The finished product can be stored for up to two weeks in a cool place.

Stuffed potatoes. Cook the potatoes. Make a recess in it. Make stuffing from slices of rye bread, grated apple and chopped nuts. Put the resulting mixture in potatoes. Stuffed Potatoes Ready!

What Hamsters Love

Stuffed zucchini. Take a zucchini, cut out seeds from it, put moist cat food inside, sprinkle with greens on top.

Thus, if you regularly feed the hamster with the aforementioned dishes, he will receive all the vitamins and minerals he needs and will delight you with excellent health and appearance.