What Color Are Hamsters Of Different Breeds

What Color Are Hamsters Of Different Breeds

Many pet lovers, before you get such a cute hamster, will definitely find out what color hamsters are in order to choose the most suitable option. However, to answer this question clearly is simply impossible. Indeed, today there are dozens of breeds of rodents, each of which has a certain size, length of coat and, of course, color. Let’s talk about the most common ones, so that each reader decides which breed suits him.

Dzungarian hamsters

One of the most common, well-known and well-studied breeds. Therefore, many breeders are interested in the colors of Dzungarian hamsters. The range of its natural habitat is Western Siberia, Northeast of Kazakhstan, Central and Central Asia. Most often inhabits the steppes and semi-deserts.

What Color Are Hamsters Of Different Breeds

In order to reliably hide from dangerous predators, it has a camouflage color – this is the only protection of the hamster in an open area that does not have bushes and other natural shelters. The back is ocher gray or brownish gray. On the sides a little darker. But the abdomen is usually light – the border between the dark sides and the light gray belly is clearly visible. On the ridge you can see a narrow black strip, the snakes are also blackish, although from the inside they are almost white.

Unlike many other breeds living in a milder climate, Dzungarian hamsters change color depending on the time of year. So, in winter it is almost white, only a silver-gray strip remains on the back. In the summer, gray wool merges well with dry ground.

Syrian hamsters

Perhaps, only Syrian hamsters are more popular among rodent lovers than Dzungarian hamsters. There are several reasons for this:

  • friendliness
  • large sizes
  • large selection of colors.
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Yes, indeed, the color of Syrian hamsters can be very different: golden (this is due to his second name), peach, gray, beige, even black.

What Color Are Hamsters Of Different Breeds

They were imported from afar – for the first time the Syrians were discovered about a century and a half ago in the Arabian desert. They were considered extinct for a long time – scientists who tried to catch at least a couple of specimens suffered continuous failures for many years. But today, these hamsters are definitely not threatened with extinction – millions of individuals live perfectly in the apartments of loving hosts.

They are tamed very easily, happily go hand in hand and have a very soft, flexible character, for which they have gained such popularity. So, if you need a peach-colored hamster, choose a Syrian – you definitely won’t regret this decision.

Hamsters cambella

Some newcomers who decide to acquire hamsters, having acquired a Dzungarian hamster, quickly make sure that they are squabulous and often bite the owner, as well as other rodents. Alas, in most cases there is a common mistake – an inexperienced breeder purchased a Cambell hamster.

What Color Are Hamsters Of Different Breeds

Outwardly, he really looks very much like a Dzungarian hamster – both in color and in size. But it is given out by two features about which experts are well aware. These are the bare hind legs, as well as the characteristic stripes running along the sides.

And they really do not have the best character – of the small breeds of hamsters they are considered the most aggressive, which is why a beginner should not start acquaintance with the world of rodents with them.

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Hamsters of Roborovsky

If you want to get the smallest hamster, then pay attention to this breed. Her size is tiny – the largest individuals are no more than 5 centimeters long. The color is not the most sophisticated – a grayish back, sometimes with a slight peach tint and a white abdomen. But due to the wonderful nature, miniature and friendliness, this breed is very popular.

What Color Are Hamsters Of Different Breeds

However, it is not suitable for solitary confinement. It is better to have two or three rodents at once. Alone, the hamster feels bad, loses his appetite, does not want to play.


The smallest hamster tribe living in America. Their belly is light gray, but the back is dark, gray-brown. There are even black hamsters. Size is not large – almost no individuals longer than 8 centimeters are found.

What Color Are Hamsters Of Different Breeds

It lives in the southern states of the USA, as well as in Mexico, Nicaragua and other countries of Central America.

It’s nice that Taylor’s hamsters almost never bite. They can sit on their hands for a long time, lap, rub against the fingers of the owner. Aggression is usually provoked – for example, if the child inadvertently squeezed the rodent too much.

Radde (Ciscaucasia, Dagestan)

Outwardly, it is quite similar to the Syrian, but the size of Radde is really impressive – there are individuals up to 28 centimeters in length! This makes this variety of hamsters one of the largest.

The color of hamsters is very interesting – brown with large light and dark spots.

What Color Are Hamsters Of Different Breeds

At home, it is quite rare. First of all, because of the size – a cell of serious dimensions is needed for comfortable maintenance. In addition, the breed leads an exclusively nocturnal lifestyle – most attempts to retrain a pet on a new schedule end in failure – the hamster starts to hurt, loses his appetite, becomes more aggressive.

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Therefore, think carefully before you place such a rodent in the room of your children.


What Color Are Hamsters Of Different Breeds

Some newcomers believe that white hamsters represent a separate breed – albinos. In fact, this is just a slight genetic deviation and such individuals can be found in any breed.

A common hallmark is perfectly white coat and red eyes. The length of the coat, physique and size will correspond to the breed to which the hamster belongs.

Well that’s all. Now you know what color hamsters are and you can easily decide which breed will live in your apartment.