What Can You Do For A Hamster With Your Own Hands?

Necessary tools and materials for creating a house and a platform for a hamster:

– sticks for ice cream;

– gum stationery or tape;

First stage. The process of creating a house for a hamster

First, you need to make the frame of the future hamster house out of ice cream sticks. In terms of the width of the floor and the height of the walls, the house should fit your pet well so that the animal does not get stuck in it. To create floor ceilings, other sticks will need to be glued to parallel ice cream sticks, and they must be placed perpendicularly.

In exactly the same way, you will need to glue the walls of the house. Then it will be necessary to assemble all the components in a single design. In this case, the house for the hamster can be both one-story and two-story. In order to create the roof of the house, you must first glue sticks in the form of support rafters. Then they will need to stick the rest of the sticks, which will need to be placed transversely. It is necessary to fix the longitudinal beam. If desired, you can decorate the created roof of the house with chopsticks in the shape of a chimney. Clerical gum will be necessary in order to fasten the parts together. It will be necessary to remove the stationery gum only after the glue has thoroughly dried.

Then from the sticks for ice cream you will need to make a ladder, which will also need to be glued to the house.

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Second phase. The process of creating a platform for a hamster

What Can You Do For A Hamster With Your Own Hands?

In addition to the house, for the hamster, you also need to create a platform. The box can act as the basis for the platform. Glue it as well as the frame for the house. On the sides of the box, that is, where there are holes, it is necessary to glue structures in the shape of the letter "X", which should be limited to two parallel sticks.

In order to make it easy for the hamster to climb onto the platform, you can glue ladders from ice cream sticks on both sides of it.

Third stage . Hamster ladder

The hamster ladder will be two-sided. To do this, create two absolutely identical blanks. For this purpose, you need to put two sticks of ice cream on the desktop, while the sticks must be placed in parallel. Then, perpendicular to these sticks, at a small distance from each other, you will need to stick the sticks directly to the ladder itself. Then you need to turn the resulting workpiece and already from the back side, glue two more parallel sticks. After that, you will need to connect the workpieces to each other and install them as a house. In order for the staircase not to part, it will be necessary to strengthen it with chopsticks from below. Ultimately, the side sticks of the stairs should create a triangle.

It must be remembered that before launching the hamster into the created house and onto the stairs, it is necessary to wait until the glue has completely dried!

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Everything, the house and the platform for the hamster are completely ready!