What Can And Cannot Be Eaten By Dzungarian Hamsters

What did you feed your Dzungarian hamster today? Leftovers from the table? Cookies to make him crunch funny and fill his cheeks? Stop mocking the animal immediately. And immediately proceed to reading the article on the proper nutrition of Dzhungar hamsters, so as not to change them every year.

What Can And Cannot Be Eaten By Dzungarian Hamsters

How to feed a Dzungarian hamster: list

Let’s get right to the point. Below is the table in which it is painted:

  • What can be given to a Dzungarian hamster
  • What not
  • What can, but carefully

Be sure to read to the end and understand why something is allowed to feed the Dzungarian hamster, and something is strictly prohibited. And how does this affect the health and life expectancy of a Dzungarian pet.

In the column “you can, but carefully” are the products that should be given to eat dzhungarik no more than 1-2 times a week.

Do you want to give your hamster a true culinary delight? 🙂 Then read on what the Dzungarian hamsters willingly eat.

Possible problems in the nutrition of the Dzungarian hamster

The Dzhungar hamster is a tiny animal (the weight of an adult is about 50 g on average). This somewhat shortens the list of what you can feed your pet: what is good for other rodents, jungariku – death. For example, almonds contain hydrocyanic acid, which is harmless to a larger pet, but it can easily poison your hamster.

The second important point is that Dzungarian hamsters are prone to obesity and diabetes. They can not be overfed, give sweets, feed flour and very sweet fruits. Despite the fact that they are very fond of feasting, we put on a strict diet.

What Can And Cannot Be Eaten By Dzungarian Hamsters

Nutrition Fundamentals of the Dzungarian Hamster

In nature, the diet of the Dzungarian hamster consists mainly of seeds and cereals. Therefore, it is reasonable to feed the Dzungarian hamster at home according to the same principle.

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The ideal option is to feed with ready-made food for Dzhungar hamsters. All necessary cereals, seeds, dried herbs are already mixed there. Often, the manufacturer enriches the feed with minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Such a mixture can be given to eat dzhungarika constantly, periodically adding fresh vegetables, fruits and berries (in season), plus protein (about it a little lower). But if for some reason you can’t feed with the finished food, here’s a detailed video on the topic “How to cook the food yourself”.

What else can you eat Dzungarian hamsters

  • Fruits (not exotic, but "local") – eat no more than a couple of times a week, better than 1.
  • If there is no greens in your dry food, you can add it to the diet (in dried form).
  • Non-starchy vegetables (cabbage, cucumber, bell pepper) – you can eat almost every day, alternating.
  • Low-starchy vegetables (zucchini, carrots, pumpkin) – it is enough to feed them a Dzungarian hamster 2 times a week.
  • Protein – 1-2 times a week.
  • Nuts, seeds – try to eat less often, as a treat (high fat content of the product).

What kind of fruits and berries can hamsters

Fruits for a Dzungarian hamster should not be too sweet (remember diabetes!). It is for this reason that it is worth not feeding exotic Dzungarian hamster at all. Occasionally, you can give dried banana, but not more than once a week (formally a banana is a berry, but we are used to it).

Be sure to remove large seeds and seeds from fruits. Many of them can be poisonous to the Dzungarian hamster. The possibility that such a crumb is simply choked with seeds cannot be ruled out either.

Follow the same recommendations when choosing berries.

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Life hack. Use the glycemic index tables of products. Those with a high rate, never eat a Dzungarian hamster.

A few words about dried fruits. These are the same fruits, only water was removed from them. The composition practically does not change, we feed according to the same principles as fresh fruits.

What Can And Cannot Be Eaten By Dzungarian Hamsters

What kind of vegetables can dzhungariku

The same problem with vegetables – they increase the risk of diabetes. Here we are no longer talking about sweet (fructose), but about starch, which "works" just like fructose or sugar – increases the level of glucose in the blood.

Therefore, try to feed your hamster vegetables that are low in starch and high in fiber (the ideal example is cabbage).

What Can And Cannot Be Eaten By Dzungarian Hamsters

What hamsters prefer from greens

From greens, let’s eat dzhungarik salad, parsley and dill familiar to you (1-2 times a week). Of the "henchmen" (more precisely, pasture) plants can be fed plantains and dandelions. Greens – a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for the Dzungarian rodent, do not neglect it.

Avoid greens with a pungent smell and taste. Those. any plants that have an imbalance in composition (too many essential oils or acids). That is why it is strictly forbidden to feed the Dzungarian hamster with onion sprouts, garlic and sorrel.

What Can And Cannot Be Eaten By Dzungarian Hamsters

Animal squirrel for a predatory Dzungarian hamster

In the natural environment, the dzhungarik is by no means a vegetarian, and sometimes he doesn’t mind what runs past. These are mainly insects. Therefore, for good nutrition, you need to add protein products to the hamster’s menu.

  • Boiled egg white
  • Skim cheese
  • Boiled white fish
  • Low-fat boiled meat of other animals (beef, chicken, turkey)

You can feed with protein once a week (pregnant and lactating females of the Dzungarian hamster, babies – more often, but we have a separate conversation about this).

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What Can And Cannot Be Eaten By Dzungarian Hamsters

How to feed a Dzungarian hamster

How many times a day to feed the animal? Dzungarian hamsters have a nocturnal lifestyle (like other hamsters), so the main meal should be in the evening. You can pour food only 1 time per day, but it will not be a mistake to feed 2 times (in this case, let’s eat 70% of the daily amount in the evening, 30 in the morning). This is done not to gobble up at bedtime, but so that during the day when the animal wakes up periodically, he has what he has – the Dzungarian hamster has a very fast metabolism (the eternally hungry hamster).

An adult Dzungarian hamster needs only a tablespoon of food per day (with a small slide). Even if the food quickly disappears from the bowl, this is not a reason to feed more: most likely, your favorite has dragged everything that he hasn’t eaten into the pantry, with the goal of “hampering” later. To stockpile in his instincts.

What Can And Cannot Be Eaten By Dzungarian Hamsters

Do not forget to quickly remove the remnants of perishable products, otherwise they will begin to rot in the pantry.

Place the bowl itself in the house as far as possible from the toilet (where the hamster will have a toilet, he will determine the hamster himself, therefore, he will not be able to assign places of nutrition and relief in advance).

How to grind a hamster’s teeth

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