What Cage Is Needed For A Syrian Hamster

The cage size for one golden hamster should be at least 50x50x15 cm, the floor should be solid. Do not use cages with a mesh bottom, as hamsters are often injured. There are three types of cages that are produced for hamsters: wire, glass and plastic.

In a wire cage, Syrian hamsters can climb walls, which helps keep the muscles of the animal in good shape. The best wire cages are equipped with a pallet that collects various hamster debris and feces.
Glass aquariums are easy to clean, but they have very poor ventilation.
Plastic cages are equipped with various levels, tunnels and toys, but their hamsters can nibble.

Golden hamsters love to dig holes, so the litter layer should be deep enough. Recycled paper filler (in the form of balls) or wood shavings (not cedar!) Are best suited for these purposes. Every week the litter is changed. Most golden hamsters use the corner of the cage as a toilet, so this area of ​​the cage needs to be cleaned as often as possible.

Syrian hamsters (unlike other types of hamsters) hibernate if the ambient temperature drops sharply below 15.5’C. If the temperature drops below 15.5’C, your hamster will become lethargic and his breathing will slow.
To remove a hamster from hibernation, it is necessary to gradually raise the temperature by 4-5’C every 6-8 hours, until the temperature rises to 21.1-23.8’C.
Hamsters are exposed to high temperatures, so keep your hamsters in the cool part of the house in the summer.

In the cage, golden hamsters must have a nest in which they sleep during the day. As a material for the nest, you can use fabric, soft paper towels or other soft materials. Every 4-6 weeks, the nesting material is replaced with a new one. Since golden hamsters often hide food in the nest, you will have to constantly clean the nest of hidden food.

What Cage Is Needed For A Syrian Hamster

Hamsters love to bite and dig holes, so there should be a lot of toys and objects for chewing in the cage. For chewing on hamsters, you can offer pieces of raw wood (size 4×4 cm). In the cage, you can place hollow branches along which hamsters will run. They also love to chew cardboard tubes from toilet paper and toilet towels. Large cardboard boxes can be good toys, but they will have to be changed quite often, as hamsters bite them very quickly.

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Almost all Syrian hamsters love to run in special wheels. Wheel size must be at least 13 cm in diameter. Unfortunately, very often hamsters run in the wheel at night, so some owners do not like the creaking sounds that the wheel makes. To prevent the wheel from creaking too much, lubricate the wheel axle with a little mineral oil. As pipes for the construction of tunnels, you can use polyvinyl chloride pipes.

What Cage Is Needed For A Syrian Hamster