What A Hamster Eats At Home

What A Hamster Eats At Home

Empirically, it is impossible to determine what hamsters eat at home. Hungry animals will start to grab everything, including products unsuitable for them. Before you get an animal, find out what you can and what you can’t eat it.

What does a rodent eat in nature

The animal’s natural food depends on its habitat, and what hamsters eat depends on it. They prefer to settle in the fields, so their main diet is crops. If there is a village nearby, animals must visit it. There they deal with stored vegetables and fruits. Fresh herbs are part of the diet. The hamster eats grass and field plants. Beetles, spiders and caterpillars are the favorite prey of rodents. The nature of the animals is far from angelic, if they come across a wounded animal, the rodent will not disdain fresh meat.

What a hamster eats at home

The closer the home ration to the natural one, the better for the animal. In the wild, no one cooks fried potatoes and dumplings for him. Therefore, home-fried, salted, smoked and sweet food will quickly destroy the baby.

Hamsters should not eat fatty, spicy foods and canned foods.

What A Hamster Eats At Home

Willingly eats a small animal and fruits at home. This is important if there is no drinker in the cage. Fruits and vegetables are given to animals in finely chopped form or in a large piece so that you can grind your teeth.

Perishable foods should be removed from the cage, after 6-8 hours, so as not to poison the kids.

Do not give animals:

With pleasure, hamsters eat boiled chicken breast, eggs and insects, low-fat cottage cheese, seeds and nuts. No need to stuff animals with meat 3 times a day. Such food should appear “on the table” 2-3 times a week.

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The protein component must be present on the menu of pregnant and lactating females almost every day.

Earthworms – very nutritious food, the hamster eats them with great appetite, but you can’t dig for worms in the garden. Pets can become infected with something. Necessarily there must be a mineral or chalk stone in the cage for grinding the incisors.

How much do hamsters eat

Animals are nocturnal, so their main meal is evening. The amount of food to be given to the baby depends on the size of the animal. When feeding twice, the Syrian should be given 1 tbsp. spoon mixture in the morning and evening, and dzhungariku 1 teaspoon. In the evening, put juicy fruits and vegetables to the animal, and in the morning, carefully remove their uneaten remains from the cage.

What A Hamster Eats At Home

For a hamster, food is not only a daily diet, but also supplies. The animal will hide uneaten foods on a rainy day. In addition to removing perishable products, during cleaning, look at and throw away stocks so that kids are not able to eat spoiled products. To prevent the rodent from being too upset, put a few seeds in a clean pantry.

How do rodents drink

Inhabitants of the steppe do not need baths with water for drinking, and they clean the skin in sand containers. However, a special drinker should be in a cage with an animal. It can be hanging or in the form of a small bowl. If you have a bowl of water, you need to change it daily, even if the water does not seem dirty. Water must be boiled. In extreme cases, hamsters eat juicy fruits and vegetables instead of water, such as cucumbers. But the lack of a drinking bowl requires the owner to carefully monitor that the animal does not suffer from thirst.

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What you can give hamsters from home-made food

If you want to treat your pets to homemade dishes, remember that animals should not be given sweet and fatty foods. You can cook cereals for kids in the water. Buckwheat, hercules, millet, wheat, lentils – diversify your pet’s table. From homemade food, animals can be given low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs and chicken breast. Canned food is allowed only from mixtures for infants: mashed potatoes, mashed vegetables and fruits, which lack salt, preservatives and sugar.

Delicacies or what hamsters can eat

In addition to the main diet, there are not too well-known delicacies for family favorites. These products can be offered to animals in addition to food:

  • Chumiza
  • flax seeds in small quantities;
  • milk thistle;
  • dried fruits, home-dried, not marketed;
  • moth and its home breeding larvae.

This list can be supplemented with personal preferences of the animal. If you are giving a new food for the first time, give one small bite.

What kind of fruits can pets eat

There are certain rules that should be followed when feeding animals with fruits. They should be adhered to so that the food does not harm:

  • feed the animals seasonal fruits of local cultivation;
  • fruits should be ripe enough, but not rotten;
  • sour fruits are dangerous for animals;
  • rodents should not eat fruits with seeds, take them out before feeding;
  • do not give fruits more often than 1-2 times a week;
  • Do not give animals exotic tropical fruits.

Remember that the diet of Dzungarian hamsters is slightly different from the food of the Syrians. Dzungarian hamsters are prone to diabetes, so they can get fruits much less often than Syrians.

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What do little hamsters eat?

What A Hamster Eats At Home

Usually, the mother herself feeds the babies if normal conditions are created for her. She even delivers complementary foods to the house on her own. Climb to the animal is not necessary. But it happens that the children remain orphans or the hamster runs away. We have to gather courage and feed the children.

  • baby mixes Agusha and Gerber;
  • cereals without sugar and milk;
  • fresh clean greens grown at home.

Pumpkin or meat puree from baby food will go well, mashed cottage cheese, you can stretch the yolk of the egg.

A three-week-old animal can be given chopped "adult" food. Continue feeding with mixtures until one month of age. Rub the kids with cucumber, carrots. Put a drinker in a cage with water. Hamsters eat on their own.

A pregnant and lactating female must be given chicken breast, insects and boiled eggs. A sufficient amount of succulent feed and water should always be in the cage.

What can hamsters eat and what not

Favorite food for hamsters is selected empirically from the list of allowed products. You must understand that your pet may prefer one kind of food, but the food should be balanced. Try to choose from each category what the animal likes to eat.