The Secrets Of Determining Sex In Hamsters

Before you get a pet, you need to weigh the pros and cons, determine the type of pet. One of the important aspects is also the determination of sex, since males and females of hamsters have a number of differences in appearance and character. A certain complexity is the small size of rodents, because of which it is not so easy to detect sexual characteristics.

Why do I need to determine the sex of rodents

This rodent attracts the attention of many animal lovers because of its small size and unpretentiousness in content.

If you are interested in how to distinguish the gender of a hamster, you should familiarize yourself with the features of this procedure so as not to make a mistake and not harm your pet.

To find out the gender of the hamster family is worth it, because:

  • otherwise breeding animals is not possible;
  • same-sex animals often get along badly with each other.

It often happens that mutual understanding between a pair of males or a pair of females does not occur for a very long time, and rodents fight each other, winning the right to the territory. The issue of determining the sex of the pet is not so relevant if you decide to have only one individual and do not plan to buy him a pair.

How to inspect the body of a hamster

Hamsters are not always enthusiastic about being picked up, therefore it is necessary to act carefully to avoid animal bites. If you want to know how to determine the gender of a hamster, you should proceed with caution. First of all, it is worth petting the animal and treating it with something tasty. You can start studying at the moment when the rodent relaxes and becomes a little sleepy.

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Keep your pet above a towel or something soft, as the animal can get scared, slip out of its hands and fall. You need to keep it carefully, but also make sure that the animal does not run away. Further it is necessary:

  1. Place your palm over the back of your pet so that your fingers are exactly above the shoulder blades.
  2. With two fingers (thumb and forefinger), you should gently grasp the fold of skin above the rodent’s shoulders.
  3. Supporting the animal under the tummy, put it on its back on the second palm.

If you gently hold the pet by the fold of skin while it is lying on its back, you can control the position of its head. It will also help to avoid bites. The most important thing is not to pull on the skin on the hamster’s neck and not try to lift it in this way. This will cause the animal great discomfort, and the option of injuring the animals is not ruled out.

How to Find the Sexual Character of a Pet

Sexual maturity in representatives of the hamster family occurs at 35 days. If your pet has already reached this age and are interested in how to distinguish a boy’s hamster from a girl, you should pay special attention to:

  • genitals;
  • the presence of nipples on the abdomen;
  • the presence of an odorous gland.

In males, when they reach puberty, large testicles become very noticeable. As a rule, they are oval and very convex. In females such bulges will not be found.

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It is also worth knowing that males do not have nipples. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully examine the rodent’s stomach. In the female you can find three pairs of nipples. If you did not see anything, then there are two options: either the animal is still too small, or the male is in front of you.

If the first two options do not allow you to decide, then you should look for the odorous gland on the abdomen of the pet. As a rule, it is yellowish in color and is located exactly in the center of the abdomen. In appearance, it resembles a navel. Its presence indicates that in front of you is a male.

The Secrets Of Determining Sex In Hamsters

If you have several rodents whose gender is unknown to you, you can look at the size of the body. As a rule, males are significantly larger. This, of course, does not give a one hundred percent guarantee, but, often, it helps to decide. This method cannot be used if there is only one pet, and there is no one to compare it with.

If at the end of all the procedures you still have not found the answer to your question, and you are still interested in how to identify a hamster, a boy or a girl, then you should just examine the pet again after a while. Often the owners try to find out the sex of the animal, which has not yet reached puberty.

How to determine the sex of a hamster who has not reached puberty

It is worth knowing that you won’t be able to be one hundred percent sure, since it is often impossible to distinguish between a male and a female at a young age. If you are interested in knowing a hamster. boy or girl, but the animal is even younger than 35 days, then you can turn your attention to some features of the body. These include:

The Secrets Of Determining Sex In Hamsters
  1. The gap between the holes in the lower abdomen.
  2. The presence of small swelling under the tail of the rodent.
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The anus and urogenital opening at the bottom of the abdomen can help determine the gender. More precisely, the gap between these two holes. In females, it is very short, unlike males. In some cases, it seems that the hole is one. You can also examine the genitals of the animal for the presence of edema. Often they are developing testicles.

If all of the above tips did not help you and you still do not know how to find out the gender of a hamster, it is best to consult a veterinarian. The specialist will be able to accurately say whether you have a female or a male. This will help you determine the distribution of pets in the cells and avoid, for example, an unplanned pregnancy of a hamster. A responsible approach to determining the sex of the animal and taking into account the characteristics in the behavior of individuals will help you create optimal conditions.