The Hamster Ran Away. What To Do, How To Catch The Fugitive

It often happens that your favorite hamsters run away from the cage and disappear in an unknown direction, and the owners puzzle over where he is and how to catch him. Such situations are not surprising and happen due to the fault of inattentive hamsters.

How to hunt down and catch a fugitive

Once you find that the hamster is gone. First of all, you need to clean all the traps for unwanted rodents, etc., if available. Also, if there is a cat, you need to isolate it during the search, suddenly he will find it will be the best detective.

When there are no dangers in the apartment, you can proceed.

From the beginning, you can just listen, maybe he heard rustles somewhere, characteristically scrubs, etc., look under the furniture and in various crevices. Sometimes, one may wonder in what places a hamster can crawl. Its fluffiness does not prevent to climb through such narrow openings that I would never have thought.

If elementary searches have not yielded results, it is time to start espionage tricks.

When searches take place in an apartment where there is no access under the floor, directly to the street, the chances of finding a lot more. If we deal in a private house, cottage, etc., there is a high probability of getting out onto the street, where the chances of finding it will be almost zero. For example, a real case from practice: after 3 days of unsuccessful search (private house), the hamster was accidentally discovered in the garden in the beds eating cucumbers. He had diarrhea for several days.

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A method for finding a fugitive and his secret shelter.

We will catch on live bait – on sunflower seeds (for example, or another favorite treat, but it should smell). In each room we put a small bunch of seeds, and around we pour flour or starch, and you can also pour paths between the doorways between the rooms. Thus, it is possible to determine by flour traces where the hamster with seeds ran.

Method how to catch a nimble hamster

The easiest, but not very effective way is to put a cage with an ajar door where there is a treat, so that he runs in there out of habit to pick up a treat or run in the wheel, and you closed the door. This approach rarely works, since you have to monitor the cell all the time, such a trap will only stand in one place. And given that hamsters are nocturnal animals, and can run out with shelter only in the dark – the plan is almost doomed to failure.

A much more efficient way. 24 hour trap.

In the middle of the room we put a box of sufficient height so that the hamster could not get out of it (25-30 cm), on all 4 sides we make steps (for example, from books), put a sheet of paper on top of the box, and put it on it a bunch of seeds. A piece of paper should not fall under the weight of the bait, but with a hamster should fall down. You can use a thin cardboard.

The Hamster Ran Away. What To Do, How To Catch The Fugitive

From the box, in 4 directions, we make bulk paths from the seeds, one seed per step and every 5-10 cm per seed.

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When the runaway hamster leaves his shelter, he will not be able to ignore his favorite treats and begin to collect seeds for his cheeks, he will go to the box, along the steps, because there are seeds too, and as soon as he takes a step to meet the hamster’s happiness, he will fall to the bottom of the box , from where it will not be able to get out on its own.

The Hamster Ran Away. What To Do, How To Catch The Fugitive

Such traps can be put in each room and they do not need to be constantly monitored. The main thing to note is that for the Syrian hamster you will need a box deeper than for the Dzungarian.

The most common cell escape methods

You can get out of the cell in the following ways:

  • crawl through a wide gap between the rods of the cell;
  • open a weakly fixed door (Syrian hamsters especially like to do this, they have more strength);
  • in some cages, the roof is fixed on latches – it can be poorly fixed and the hamster can climb up the bars and squeeze through the crack;
  • if the cage is not metal, it happens that the rodent somewhere nibbles something and leaves in English.

Have you come across a search for your fugitive? Did you catch it?