Syrian Hamster Cage

It should be understood that the cage for the Syrian hamster must be selected in advance, before the fluffy pet appears in the house. After all, the animal needs a cozy and comfortable housing. When choosing a cell for a Syrian, it is necessary to take into account the size of the animal and its lifestyle.

Cage for a Syrian: features

The main feature of the Syrian hamster is its relatively large size. Compared, for example, with the Dzungarian brothers. Often, not knowing which cage is needed for a Syrian hamster, compact cages with a semicircular top acquire for animals. The dimensions of such a product are 350 x 200 mm. Such "housing" does not fit the Syrian hamster. He needs a cell much more spacious. The only advantage of such a product is a semicircular top. The beast arranges on such a horizontal bar a real acrobatic performance. On this, unfortunately, all the advantages end.

Syrian Hamster Cage

There are even smaller cages on sale, but they can only be used as vehicles for transporting a rodent. Sometimes owners of hamsters remake bird cages for them, equipping the second "floor". But this option has a considerable disadvantage: the safety of the rodent is at risk. It is not a fact that the second "floor" is normally fixed, and the hamster is not injured by the acquisition of the floor.

A suitable option is a large cage for a Syrian hamster in the shape of a parallelepiped, dimensions 3701 x 270 x 360 mm in two floors, equipped with:

  • house
  • special ladders
  • climbing pipes
  • and of course the wheel.

It is desirable that the second floor spread over the entire space of the cell. The first and second floors should be connected by a ladder. To move from one level to another, the hamster crawls through a special hole. There are many models on sale, where the second floor occupies only half the space. This is convenient in its own way, but there is a risk that the pet will be injured if accidentally dropped. Although, as practice shows, such cases are rare.

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Optimal cell

The best option for a Syrian is a rectangular cage with a minimum height of 250 mm, with a base of 500×300 mm and, of course, with the ability to equip it according to your own taste preferences. A good option is to combine 2 cages, connect a regular cage with a terrarium or an aquarium, build a maze between hamster "houses". If you have two Syrian hamsters in one cage, then you need more space.

Syrian Hamster Cage

The large size of the cage for the Syrian hamster is quite logical. Their natural habitat is steppe or semi-desert regions, animal minks are at a considerable distance.

What to look for

When buying a hamster cage, keep these tips in mind.

  • The cage size for a Syrian hamster is very important. The dimensions of the foundation of housing for an animal are more important than the number of floors.
  • According to European experts-ratologists, the optimal dimensions of the bottom of the product are 500×300 mm.
  • Excessive housing can harm the health of the pet. He is facing obesity and lack of exercise. The hamster has a normal lifespan of about 2 years, and in a cramped room the animal will not reach the age of one and a half years.
  • The optimal distance between floors is 300 mm.
  • The door of the cage should be wide enough so that the pet can be removed without hindrance.
  • It is advisable that the pallet be solid. The mesh pan may cause injury. In addition, the monolithic plastic tray is easy to clean.
  • Pay attention to the spacing between the rods. The most preferred distance is 5-10 mm.
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Syrian Hamster Cage

If you get a cage for breeding hamsters, keep in mind that young growth freely creeps into the gap 7 mm between the rods. Therefore, the distance between adjacent bars of the cage should be 5 mm.

Pay attention to the fact that the cage for the Syrian hamster must be kept in constant cleanliness. Therefore, a small cage or carrying will also be needed to put the pet away during the general cleaning of the house. That there was no foreign smell, cleaning needs to be made twice a week, not less often. If you buy housing, following the advice given, your favorite Syrian fluffy will be happy and playful for years to come.