Signs Of Pregnancy In A Female Hamster

If two different-sex hamsters live in your cage, then the females cannot be avoided. A hamster’s pregnancy does not last so long, from 16 to 22 days, depending on the breed of hamsters.

Signs Of Pregnancy In A Female Hamster

How to determine if a hamster is pregnant?

Notice pregnancy is not easy. The female’s tummy grows only in the middle of pregnancy, and if the coat is also long, then you may not even notice how it grows to the very end. Try to gently feel the tummy. It should be uneven and "swim" on the sides.

  • It is worth paying attention to the behavior of the female. If she was always tame and affectionate, then during pregnancy aggression may wake up. She becomes touchy and can even bite.
  • Perhaps the hamster’s pregnancy is accompanied by drowsiness and increased appetite. just like people. But often things can be the other way around.
  • Most likely, your girl will begin to hide in secluded corners and make a nest for herself. This is the surest sign of pregnancy.
  • If you still find out that the female is pregnant, then it is worth dropping her from the male. Even if they had a great friendship, you still need to jail. This will help eliminate conflict between them.
  • Shortly before birth, the female’s nipples darken and bulge their sides. A pregnant female moves slowly in the last stages, does not make sudden movements.

Caring for a pregnant hamster

In order for the pregnancy to proceed well, it is necessary to take care of the proper nutrition of the future mother. Food should be varied with an increased proportion of protein.

  • Every day, give the girl a low-fat cottage cheese, boiled chicken and boiled egg, cheese and wheat sprouts, milk and meat products. In addition to grain in the diet of the animal, there should be vegetables and fruits, but not all at once, but one thing. Seasonings and salt should be excluded. In the second half of pregnancy, the amount of food increases by two. Fresh water is what should always be in the cage. Change it at least three times a day.
  • The first days the female can be picked up and touched, but after 12 days it is better not to disturb her.
  • Presumably 5 days before the birth, it is worth doing a general cleaning of the cell. Change the litter to a new one, but put a little old so that the familiar smell remains.
  • It is better to remove a deep drinker; cubs may drown in it. Feed put fresh, perishable foods are best avoided.
  • To equip the nest, put the female napkins or odorless toilet paper and dyes.
  • Never give birth to a female before giving birth. Do not tidy the cage, do not touch the nest. She can perceive all this as aggression and an attempt to turn the nest. She should feel safe. Let mommy do the cleaning herself and calmly prepare for childbirth.
  • You can help her by arranging a house or nest in a cage. It can be a cardboard box with hay. But do not stop the hamster herself from making a nest, it makes her nervous, and she will build it all the time again.
  • Your girl will cope with childbirth herself, especially since they usually begin at night, when she feels as comfortable and safe as possible.
  • The first days the hamster will feed the offspring with milk, then the food brought in the cheeks, and after 2.5 weeks they will be able to eat themselves.
  • In no case do not touch the babies, their litter, or the drinker and cage. All this will lead to the fact that your smell will push mom away from the children, and she will destroy them.
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Be careful with pregnant females, and then the offspring and their mother will be happy and healthy.

Signs Of Pregnancy In A Female Hamster