Menu Hamsters What Products To Give Pussies And How Many Times A Day To Feed

When we get some kind of pet at home, we should think about how to properly care for it. And especially this applies to nutrition. Therefore, now we will talk about how to feed a hamster at home. After all, it will depend on how much he lives, whether he will be sick. Are you sure you know how vitamins and nutrition can affect a hamster? If not, you will find the answer below.

Hamster ration: characteristic

Oddly enough, but hamsters are almost omnivorous, and they will gladly eat everything that you give them, but this does not mean that you can do this. After all, a number of prohibited foods that a hamster eats include fatty, sweet, fried and smoked foods. Because it can badly affect his health and become practically deadly for the animal. Hamster nutrition should be properly designed, and consist only of fresh, natural products, and all because of the weak stomach of animals. Such cereals as oats, wheat and buckwheat can be added to the main food.

You can also give your pet boiled semolina, oatmeal in milk or water, but only without sugar and butter. Such nutrition is especially useful for young hamsters who have not yet turned even a month and a half. Because they have not only weak stomachs, but also young teeth that are not able to gnaw solid foods. In addition, do not forget about fresh herbs and vegetables, because the rodent loves them so much. Although such products should always be washed and dried.

Menu Hamsters What Products To Give Pussies And How Many Times A Day To Feed

Also, special attention should be paid to what hamsters eat in the winter season. Because during this period, the animal may suffer from vitamin deficiency. And so that this does not happen, it is recommended to germinate oats and wheat, as often as possible. So it will be right for them, and for your peace of mind at the expense of their food.

What foods to give?

Undoubtedly, each owner of such an animal will be faced with the question of how to feed a hamster, that is, which products can be useful for him and which ones are not. As mentioned earlier, you can give almost all plant foods in a natural state. Be sure to daily give your hamster a little cereal in its natural form or cooked without additives and spices.

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The next mandatory item in the diet are vegetables and fruits, especially apples, watermelon, beets, parsley and carrots. After all, it is with these products that the necessary moisture comes into the body of a rodent.

Menu Hamsters What Products To Give Pussies And How Many Times A Day To Feed

Also, many veterinarians recommend giving the animal dairy products in the form of cottage cheese, milk, yogurt and low-fat cheese. Although it is important to monitor the naturalness of these products.
It is important to pay attention to the nutrition of a pregnant hamster, and give it food for feeding in the form of a shell from chicken eggs, from which it consumes all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
Many owners of these babies buy specialized combined feeds that contain not only healthy products, but also additional vitamins. Thus, you can save money, and the question of how to feed a hamster disappears by itself.

What vitamins are needed?

In addition to the standard diet of the hamster, you also need to take care of the presence of additional vitamins in it, because they do not always enter the body through food, but which he loves so much. And when you consider that an animal can easily pick up a viral or infectious disease, such additives are simply necessary. Sometimes food for hamsters has such microelements, but sometimes you need to give them additionally, and what every day.

The main groups of vitamins are A, E and D, but if they are based on oils, then you need to add them to water or dry food no more than once a week and only one drop, and not as much as you want. If we talk about fish oil, then it is also good to add it to food, but you can do this every day for 0.2 g.

Menu Hamsters What Products To Give Pussies And How Many Times A Day To Feed

You need to think about buying mineral tablets for your pet, which will not only benefit, but also grind your teeth. And then there will be no need to gnaw a cage or pieces of wood. You can also give the rodent a mineralized mixture or a complex of vitamins, but this should only be done in a clearly designed dose. Although this is very difficult to find, and here it all depends on the time of year, the needs of the hamster. After all, so far few of the owners know how to feed a hamster, and that he especially likes to eat every day. Not to mention the required amount of water.

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Do not forget that the complexes of vitamins that are designed for people do not need to give the hamster, because it is contraindicated and can cause irreparable damage to his body. Indeed, in this case, you may encounter an overdose, which also often happens.

Menu Hamsters What Products To Give Pussies And How Many Times A Day To Feed

Water is a must in the hamster’s menu

In addition, in order to be interested in the question of how to feed a hamster, you need to think about the fact that a plentiful drink should be included in his diet. In addition to absorbing moisture from natural products, it is possible to meet the needs of the animal through ordinary water, and constantly. It is necessary to change the water once a day with washing the drinker. And all because the animal eats mainly dry food. Therefore, it is possible to facilitate the work of the stomach with the help of water.

If you wish, you can add there vitamin C purchased at a pharmacy. It is important that the water is constantly in the diet, the plate or bottle for its storage is thoroughly cleaned, but without the use of chemical detergents. It is advisable that the water you give your pet is the same as what you yourself drink. Although it is better that it was not from the tap, but was cleaned of heavy metals and bleach. Hamsters like to drink often, so do not deny them their desires.

Menu Hamsters What Products To Give Pussies And How Many Times A Day To Feed

Hamster Feeding

Due to the fact that this animal loves to sleep, especially in the daytime, the diet and regimen are adapted precisely to such a biorhythm. And feeding can be done once or twice a day. In this case, you yourself can decide how the regime will be drawn up. For example, in the morning you can give him cereals, and heavier food, and in the evening give greens and vegetables. In the evening, prepare for him also some goodies, but only from the list of recommended products.

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A separate topic can be considered that eat hamsters that carry offspring. Because for them a separate diet is drawn up, including a lot of water. Most often, their feeding occurs more than three times a day, but is evenly distributed over the load. They should also receive more vitamins and nutrients, drink more water than in a normal situation.

Remember that a hamster can quickly gain weight and this is considered a bad sign. In this situation, you need to not only exclude a large amount of feed in the form of cereals from the diet, but also add more water per day, as well as physical activity, which is undoubtedly correct. It is difficult to say how long this will last, but this often happens. It’s good to put different ladders or a wheel in a cage.

Menu Hamsters What Products To Give Pussies And How Many Times A Day To Feed

If we turn to the opinion of foreign experts, they believe that the diet, regimen and water supply should be designed so that the animal ate about five times a day, but in small portions. So that the hamster could eat everything at once and did not leave anything behind. And that’s exactly what is considered correct.

It is necessary to take into account all the most important elements of animal feeding, which include: diet, water, vitamins and basic food. Only by paying attention to each of these points, you can make the life of the animal full, happy and healthy.

Video “Care and maintenance of hamsters”

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