Male Or Female – Distinguish A Hamster By Gender

Male Or Female - Distinguish A Hamster By Gender

Determining the gender of a hamster is a rather difficult task, even for those involved in their breeding. It is known that these rodents are quite wayward and often show their character. So before you start exploring pets, be patient.

Why is it necessary to determine the gender of a hamster?

If you decide to get yourself a Dzungarian or dwarf hamster in a single copy, then its gender as a whole may not interest you. But as soon as the second individual appears in the cage, as a result of such “cohabitation” through time you will be able to accept offspring. Of course, if the pets live in each cage separately, then their gender may not be recognized. But if you want or need to breed these rodents, you just need to know how to determine the gender of the hamster (it is impossible to do this from the photo).

Male Or Female - Distinguish A Hamster By Gender

When can a boy be distinguished from a girl?

Immediately after the birth of babies to distinguish their gender is an impossible task. In the first month of life, the brood is located next to the mother, after 35 days of cohabitation of the grown children, it is necessary to settle them in cells. Then you can already try to determine how many boys and girls you have. The first attempts can be made at four weeks of age.

How to determine the gender?

If you do not know how to determine the gender of a hamster, then we can give you some recommendations on this matter. Several methods can be used to distinguish a boy from a girl. Careful observation and inspection will help you in this matter.

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When you pick up a dzungarian or dwarf hamster, try to do this carefully. In order not to frighten the baby, take it with the two fingers on the base of the head and gently hold it. At the same time, put it on your other hand with the tummy up. You can also inspect the rodent in limbo, so to speak "by the scruff of the neck." But these animals do not tolerate such treatment and often behave aggressively when holding them by the skin above the shoulder blades.

Male Or Female - Distinguish A Hamster By Gender

You can try to take a sleepy pet and examine it or pre-caress the baby. But this is not at all a guarantee that you will be able to distinguish between a male or a female, as the hamster will kick and try to bite you. Your task is to look him between the hind legs and feel the tummy.

Male signs

On examination, the male can find testicles under the tail. These two convex hemispheres are difficult to confuse with something else. Another sure sign that the boy in front of you is the distance from the urogenital opening to the anus. For males, this distance can be up to one and a half centimeters.

Male Or Female - Distinguish A Hamster By Gender

The amygdala can be observed only in sexually mature males. If the baby has not yet formed, then his sexual characteristics will be invisible. In mature dwarf hamsters of males, the sexual odorous gland actively functions, and therefore it is still possible to distinguish a boy by a wet tummy in the area near the upper (genitourinary) opening. Another option for determining sex is by the shape of the blades. In males, they seem more pointed, if viewed from above.

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Female signs

If you look at the area under the tail of the girl, you can notice two holes located close to each other. A sign of the female sex is the distance between the anus and the genitourinary opening of a maximum of a few millimeters. In this case, no bulges and odorous glands on the surface are observed. But girls can feel three pairs of nipples on the stomach. This is a sure sign that in front of you is a female.

Male Or Female - Distinguish A Hamster By Gender

As for the shape of the shoulder blades, in girls they seem more rounded than in boys. If upon examination of the anal and genital openings it seems that they merged into one, then in front of you, most likely, it is a female individual. In case of uncertainty as a result, it is better to examine the pet another time. Perhaps he still needs to grow a little in order to be distinguished from the rest.

Additional methods

There are several additional ways to distinguish between males and females. This is possible to learn from the behavior of adults: the female sex is considered more aggressive. You can also simply estimate the size of the pets: girls are often larger in size than boys (this can be seen even in the photo). Dzungarian hamsters of males have longer hair than their girlfriends. A growing belly and clearly increasing volumes of the rodent indicate pregnancy, and, therefore, female gender 🙂