Life Expectancy Of Hamsters Dzungarian, Syrian, Dwarf, Siberian

Favorite and funny pet animals are hamsters. It is very interesting to watch these rodents. Before starting this animal at home, it would be wise to find out: “How many hamsters live?”

Life Expectancy Of Hamsters Dzungarian, Syrian, Dwarf, Siberian

Well, how can you not love them?

It must be remembered that the hamster is not just a fluffy and funny toy in the cage, he is a living creature that constantly requires daily care and careful care. The living conditions of these cute animals largely depend on the conditions of detention.

In our country, a huge selection of species of hamsters, which are bred at home. The most common are Dzungarian (they are also lovingly called Dzungarian hamsters), Syrian, as well as Siberian and dwarf hamsters. Each of these breeds has its own characteristics of character, habits and habits.

The lifespan of some breeds of hamsters

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question “How many years do hamsters live?” The lifespan of these domestic rodents depends on many factors: living conditions, diet, care and, of course, on the breed. The most popular types of hamsters in our country:


The size of such an animal is about 10 cm long; it is slightly larger than a large mouse. This breed captivates with the cute appearance of good-natured fluffy ouval. Small ears on a pointed muzzle, thick fur on the legs hides the finger tubercles on the soles of these animals. The brownish gray color changes to silver gray in winter.

Dzungarian hamster is very sociable and breed well in captivity. On average, such animals live about two years, but there are cases when their age was more than three years.


This breed is noticeably larger than the Dzungarian hamsters. They are often confused with guinea pigs. A feature of this species is a fairly stable immunity to various diseases and unpretentiousness. The fur on the back of these animals is tan or golden yellow.

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Life Expectancy Of Hamsters Dzungarian, Syrian, Dwarf, Siberian

Judging by the expression on his face, the Syrian hamster is extremely surprised by something.

Such animals differ in the length of their hair on long-haired (Angora), short-haired, and semi-Angora (obtained by crossing the previous species). The Syrian breed of hamsters lives on average about four years, but there have been cases when they survived to the age of seven.

To create a comfortable living environment, hamsters need a spacious cage. During the night, the hamster is able to "run" up to 7 km. To Syrian hamsters you can’t settle neighbors. They are inherently owners and can aggressively guard their territory.


These are the smallest representatives of the genus of hamsters. The body weight of adults does not exceed 8 grams. Miniature dimensions, a grayish-brown back and a short tail are their hallmark. For this species, a properly selected cell and an appropriate diet are very important. For their rather modest sizes (in length they reach a maximum of 7 cm) such hamsters are very voracious. Because of this, you need to ensure that they do not overeat.

Also important in the care of dwarf hamsters is the prevention of diseases of this animal. This species takes root very well in captivity, its representatives almost do not bite and immediately become tame. The life span of a dwarf hamster is about 2 years.


This species is one of the most popular among hamsters. They are very similar to Dzhungar relatives, but have a lighter color, and in winter they become almost white. They are very simple to maintain, they can live both in cages and in glass aquariums. So that the animal does not get bored – it is better if he has a couple.

This view is very mobile and does not need additional wheels and other entertainments. The average length of stay at home Siberian hamsters is almost 3 years.

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How to ensure the long life of hamsters?

In a natural habitat, the lifespan of hamsters does not exceed 1.5 years. They are susceptible to disease, difficult to tolerate a lack of feed, and are also often victims of attacks by predators. At home, the life of these animals is more comfortable, calm and well-fed. A life span of about three years is becoming the norm for most of them.

All hamsters require careful care and care. In order to extend the life of the hamster, it is necessary to strictly observe the diet throughout the year. It is better to study to select food for this animal, depending on its preferences. To keep the pet healthy and live longer, you should not overfeed it. These animals need high-quality and balanced food.

Life Expectancy Of Hamsters Dzungarian, Syrian, Dwarf, Siberian

Give your pet care, and in return you will receive a good mood, which this cute animal contributes to.

In order for hamsters to live longer, it is necessary to avoid frequent loud noise, and also do not smoke in the premises where they are located. Be sure to monitor the cleanliness of the cell and regularly clean it from debris.

Minerals and vitamins are necessary for a home rodent. Modern feed produced by the industry, for the most part, provides an optimal set of these beneficial substances and trace elements. Solid food is also useful for the teeth of these animals; hamsters are very fond of nibbling young tree branches. Do not forget to add vegetables, berries and fruits to the diet, as well as fresh grass and leaves.

Life expectancy also depends on hamster diseases.

When choosing a hamster, you should pay attention to his condition. The animal should be playful, agile and curious, with sparkling and clear eyes. The coat of healthy individuals is distinguished by its special luster and softness. Otherwise, you can get a sick animal that can only live for a short time.

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Determining that an animal is sick is very simple. His motor activity decreases, the sick animal is constantly sleeping, lethargic and breathing heavily. Hamsters may grow dull and even fall out, they stop caring for themselves, do not brush their fur and do not wash themselves after eating.

Attention should be paid to such symptoms, since some diseases of these rodents can be dangerous for people. Sick hamsters must be shown to a veterinarian. Only a specialist will be able to assess the condition of the animal and prescribe adequate treatment. Timely treatment measures will help save the hamster, and he will be happy for a long time with his funny behavior.

Responsibility for Pets

During their short life, domestic hamsters manage to fall in love with their owners. Particularly painful for the loss of pets are small children. Before buying such an animal, one should remember how many hamsters live and try to explain to the child in advance that their life span is laid down by nature, and they will not be able to please their presence longer.

In most cases, the request to obtain a domestic rodent in children is spontaneous and thoughtless. It should be determined whether the child can be responsible for the animal and look after this living creature. As a result of rapid cooling of feelings and cooling interest – some animals live in a cage somewhere near the bathroom, where they can die from insufficient care and even loneliness.

Only daily care and proper care will help the pet stay healthy, active and friendly for longer. Even in the few years that he spends in the family, the hamster will give its owners a sea of ​​pleasant emotions and good mood.