Life Expectancy Of Dzungarian Hamsters

Dzungarian hamsters are small funny animals. Hamsters are cute and funny animals that can touch anyone with their appearance.

The only thing that can upset the owner of a rodent is its life expectancy.

What is a normal lifespan

In a natural environment, the lifespan of hamsters directly depends on the dangers that surround it. Every day, getting out of the mink, the animal is faced with external factors that threaten its existence.

Getting food, he is always in a state of tension and readiness to escape from predators. Such conditions make the baby daily experience stress and anxiety.

Dzungarian hamsters in nature are in danger of dying during hunting, getting sick or injured. Returning with food, the hamster is even on his guard at home. Constant nervous tension is the reason that furry babies rarely live up to two years.

And how many years live Dzungarian hamsters at home? Living in a cage with all amenities, a well-groomed rodent will feel protected. Under comfortable conditions, proper nutrition, Dzungarian hamsters live at home for at least two years. There have been cases when the animal has reached the age of 4 years.

Extending Life: Factors Affecting Duration

Cell placement

Large, bright and comfortable apartment – hamsters dream about it. Nature is so arranged that hamsters are predominantly nocturnal.

Therefore, it is very important to place the cage so that direct sunlight does not fall on it. Otherwise, the animal will not be able to fully relax.

Lack of sleep can cause stress in rodents, which adversely affects the overall physical health of the beast.

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Temperature conditions

Also, nightlife should be considered when observing the temperature regime. It is necessary to ensure that the thermometer readings are between marks from 21 to 25 ° C. If the thermometer drops below 10 ° C, the baby will hibernate, thinking that winter has come.

Cage cleaning

Cleaning the pet’s home should be done at least twice a week. This will help protect the hamster from various diseases and food poisoning. Timely cleaning of the latrine will provide the rodent with fresh air and necessary hygiene conditions.


Provide your pet with complete nutrition. The life expectancy of Dzungarian hamsters directly depends on the quality of the products they eat.

In natural habitats, the hamster is unlikely to find a banana or mandarin, therefore you need to carefully monitor what gets into the pet feeder.

Fruits, as a treat in small doses, can only bring benefit to the hamster, and uncontrolled eating of such products will adversely affect his health.

The main components of the rodent’s menu should be different types of cereals and legumes:

It’s best to buy ready-made mixes. They are able to provide the hamster with the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it should be remembered that in order to maintain immunity, it is important for the animal to get meat and protein. In the wild, these seemingly cute rodents often make their own meats.

Physical exercise

Without the necessary physical activity, Dzungarian hamsters are unlikely to live long, happy life. An important criterion is the presence of various simulators that will allow the animal to lead an active lifestyle.

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Buy a wheel for your pet. Besides, Be sure to let your pet out for a walk around the apartment. This is best done with a walking ball. So the animal will not get lost and will not bite everything around.

Running in a wheel or walking step improves the functioning of internal organs and strengthens the general physical form.

Bathing and cleaning a fur coat

Tidy Jungar hamsters wash several times a day, constantly monitor cleanliness in their own home. To help the pet in such painstaking and difficult work, you need to arrange sand baths for him. This procedure is recommended at least once a week.

Bathing should be avoided. And with severe contamination of the fur, you can gently wipe the animal with a damp cloth, and then comb it with a frequent comb. Dry the wet skin with a dry towel.

Life Expectancy Of Dzungarian Hamsters


In nature, hamsters accumulate large stocks of food. Domestic rodents are no exception; they also hide food debris in various places of their home.

Do not think that the animal carries excess food into the pantry and reduces the amount of feed. So their nature is arranged, which must be postponed until the "rainy day". Throw away all supplies when cleaning the cage is also not worth it. Finding an empty pantry, the animal may become depressed.

Despite the fact that Dzungarian hamsters are considered quite unpretentious animals, when caring for them, it is important to adhere to certain rules. A long and happy life of a pet depends on the quality of the conditions in which it is located. Having decided to purchase a rodent, think about whether you can provide him with proper care, as well as protect him from stress.