Is It Possible To Bathe Hamsters Or How To Wash A Hamster

Hamsters themselves are very clean. Wash 3-5 times every day. Perhaps you noticed how this is done. But for one reason or another, the owners still want to wash them. There are several ways: water procedures, sand and wet wipes. All methods are used for swimming, but the best is sand. After reading the article, you will no longer have the question "is it possible to bathe hamsters."

What you need to know before swimming

Despite everything, the desire to bathe a pet in some remains. If it remains with you, then let’s figure out how to do this with minimal damage to the rodent. A few rules on how to bathe a hamster:

  • Water should be warm, but not hot.
  • In any case, do not wet your head, especially for the eyes and ears.
  • Choose the right shampoo, ideally you need to purchase a specifically designed for rodents.
  • Do not use your own shampoo to bathe the animal.
  • After washing, the hamster needs to be dried.

If you need to wash a Syrian hamster, then you need to do this very carefully. Make sure the long coat is completely dry. A desert inhabitant can easily catch a cold in contact with water.

Dry your coat well after bathing. This can be done with a towel and hairdryer. So you reduce the chance of catching the disease. Protect it from drafts, now its immunity is weakened because the outer protective membrane (fat layer) is broken.

Is It Possible To Bathe Hamsters Or How To Wash A Hamster

How to wash a hamster at home in the water

Bathing a hamster is acceptable only if fleas or other parasites are wound up. In this case, special means are used to remove them. Make sure the water is warm, but not too much.

The washing process is not complicated, but the future life and health of the pet depends on its observance. Therefore, we present a small instruction on how to wash a hamster.

  • We put it on some surface to begin water procedures. We will pour over it, so it’s better to do it in the bathroom on some kind of plank. Warm water is gradually poured over the body without touching the head.
  • We use a special shampoo, in a pinch we take a baby.
  • The whole process is done by hand without the use of extra tools.
  • Do not lose sight of him during the whole swimming process.
  • Talk to him, your tone should be gentle so that the rodent understands that you do not want him to be evil.
  • After washing, you need to wash all the shampoo from the body. And absolutely everything. It is impossible that at least something remains, because there will be irritation and itching.
  • Dry the coat well until dry. It is necessary to carry it in a cage in a towel so that it does not get under the draft of the road.
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Hamster bathes in the sand: photos

What is the danger of washing in water

Hamsters can be bathed only in extreme cases, when there is no alternative and the pet itself cannot clean itself for one reason or another. Before you start washing your hamster, you need to know that it is dangerous for his life. Of course, everything depends on the pet itself. He likes it or drives into such stress from which he may not get out. In any case, do not wash under running water, for example from a tap. You can get serious resistance that will lead to injuries of a small organism. Add to this a great chance that the pet will slip out of hands, as it is slippery. In this condition, it can even bite. If it is possible to avoid injuries, the protective fatty membrane will be broken. Thus, due to the bathing of the hamster, it is possible to violate his immunity, as a result of which his health will suffer. A common cold can lead to serious consequences. And after bathing, diseases can be more fatal.

A popular option is to bathe a hamster in a plate. Water is poured into it and they are bathed. More precisely, they give them a swim. That is, the animal would never go swimming in life in nature of its own free will, now it is forced to fight for its life while staying on the water. And the owners rejoice in this grief, take pictures and show photos to friends or upload them to the Internet. Often these tortures are filmed.

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If your rodent swims voluntarily, then either something is wrong with it, or you have accustomed it to this despite all the risks. By the way, if a pet likes to swim does not mean that it is not harmful. The hamster eats almost everything that they give him, but at the same time, some foods are strictly forbidden to him, because they can lead to the death of a pet.

Bad example of bathing a hamster: video

We see in the video that in order to teach a hamster to swim, just put it in water. Apparently, it begins to swim and fast enough. So what can swim? Let’s check this information out in public. If a person who does not know how to swim gently lower into the water, it turns out that he will hold out on the surface for a little time. Like the animal, it will not be long. Why will this person swim? Does he like it or save his life?

We made such a comparison since these animals in the wild do not swim at all. They wash themselves in the sand. Swimming is a lot of stress for them and they do it only for survival. People who make their hamsters swim never make pets again, you are slowly killing them.

Swimming representatives of the Dzungarian breed

Through weak immunity, it is very rare to bathe a hamster of the Dzungarian hamster. But for him, a similar procedure is more natural than for the Syrian. In the wild, it inhabits the steppe, where contact with water is not uncommon. We bathe according to the instructions above and make sure that the coat is completely dry. The slightest draft can bring complications. For rodents, only sand is recommended when swimming.

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Video: proper washing

Is it possible to wash a hamster in the sand

The most natural for a rodent is swimming in the sand. In nature, hamsters do just that. The Syrian hamster in its natural environment has no contact with water at all. Everywhere there is only sand, and it is quite enough. Therefore, it is recommended to use only sand for washing.

Swimming in the sand

We put a bath with sand in a cage, or just watch the process. The pet will dive there, swarming and cleaning. When he finishes, the container is taken away, because it often turns into a toilet. Cleaning hamsters with sand is the easiest and safest way.. The rodent will do everything himself, you only need to give him such an opportunity and wait until he finishes the wash.

Now all residual debris needs to be removed from the wool. You can use a toothbrush. With its help, we remove all residues and release the animal into the cage.

Video: Case Study

Cotton sponges and wet wipes

If the Syrian hamster or jungarik is very dirty and despite all the efforts to correct the situation on their own, it’s not possible to help, you can help a little. To do this, we wet the sponge in warm water at a temperature of 40 °, or we take ordinary wet wipes.

Best for baby or wipes for delicate skin. They have the least amount of chemical additives, and they cope perfectly with their function.

After washing, you need to dry the rodent well so that it does not get sick. For the Syrian hamster, the above mentioned sand baths are best suited, but the napkin method is also acceptable.

The smell of a hamster in 90% of cases appears through a dirty cell or disease. Therefore, before bathing a hamster, try corny cleaning his house.

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