Is It Possible To Bathe Hamsters In The Water

Inexperienced owners ask a lot of questions about the maintenance of their pets. They are especially worried about whether it is possible to bathe hamsters if they smell bad or their coat is dirty? To understand this topic, you need to know not only the characteristics of domestic animals, but also the attitude of wild hamsters to water procedures. We will tell you if hamsters (including Dzhungars) can swim and whether fluffies like water procedures.

Are rodents willing to bathe?

Representatives of the rodent squad do not like to swim in the water. The exception is animals for which shallow rivers and ponds are a place for hunting. Wild hamsters generally try to stay away from water. Their limbs are not suitable for rowing, and the high frequency of respiratory movements does not allow for a long time to hold their breath under water. That is, wild pussies will climb into the water only under the condition of a threat to life, for example, during forest fires or at the sight of a predator.

But is it possible to bathe hamsters in the water if these are homemade crumbs? Should an animal be washed if it suddenly began to smell unpleasant? Since all known domesticated breeds are quite similar in habit to wild relatives, they also strongly dislike water. Moreover, the kids are terribly afraid of her. Of course, there are exceptions when these funny animals bathe with pleasure, but frequent contact with water can damage their health.

What is the harm and benefit of swimming in the water?

Before deciding whether to bathe a Dzungarian hamster or a Syrian hamster, figure out if it will be harmful or useful for the animal.

The benefits of water treatments for pussies bring little. The only positive thing is the cleansing of the wool from strong impurities. We are not talking about those rare animals that enjoy swimming, but consider the problem as a whole.

But the bathing day can do a lot of harm. Water for tiny creatures carries the following dangers:

  1. A hamster, frightened by a collision with an unexpected element, will break out. As a result, the homa may be choked with water and die.
  2. Water flushes away the protective fat layer, which protects the skin from the development of bacterial diseases.
  3. If the water gets into your ears, shaking it out of there will not be easy. After bathing the hamster, the fluid in the ear canal cools, penetrates the middle ear, which leads to otitis media.
  4. After bathing procedures, it is very difficult to dry the thick coat of the animal. If you don’t completely dry the homa, a small body becomes supercooling. As a result, the crystal can get very cold. In addition, immunity from hypothermia decreases, the risk of catching a viral or bacterial disease increases.

Do you still doubt whether it is possible to wash the Dzungarian hamsters and Syrians? Then think more about the mental state of the pet.

Water for tiny animals is also dangerous because it causes serious stress. Hamsters are very afraid of water, so forcibly pushing a furry friend under a stream or in the bath causes the animal to have a strong heartbeat, rapid breathing. And if the water is also cold, then the cramps.

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Of course, water procedures for rodents are more harmful than useful. But there are times when you need to bathe a Dzungarian and Syrian hamster.

Is It Possible To Bathe Hamsters In The Water

Indications for water procedures

Before bathing a hamster of the Dzungarian hamster, it is better to consult a veterinarian. The fact is that there are situations when a hamster in the water is simply necessary to bathe. The doctor will conduct an examination and make a decision whether to wash your pet. Also, a professional will give recommendations on the duration of the water procedure, will prescribe special tools, if necessary.

So, in what cases is the swimming of the Syrians and Dzungarian hamsters shown in water?

  1. Heavy contamination of the coat. If during the game or walk your pet got into the dirt and cannot clean it on its own, you will have to bathe it. By the way, contamination from soil or foliage is not dangerous for a hamster, but if it gets dirty in some chemical substance, you will have to wash it. But you need to know how to redeem a hamster and what means to use.
  2. Parasites. Various ticks and fleas rarely attack domestic hamsters, but this also happens. Especially if other animals live in the house and run around for a walk on the street. Is it possible to wash hamsters if he picked up parasites? Veterinarians argue that this is even necessary, only you need to know how to wash hamsters correctly.

Thus, washing a Syrian hamster or a Dzungarian hamster in water is sometimes not only possible, but also necessary. This will help the baby to get rid of severe contamination of the coat and annoying parasites. But in order not to harm the pet with water procedures, one must understand how to wash a hamster at home correctly. We will talk about this further.

How to wash hamsters correctly?

In order to wash the fluffy miracle, in no case should you water it completely. Many owners are afraid that the tiny animal will go cold after the “bath” and do it right. They are interested in whether it is possible to bathe a hamster of the Dzungarian hamster without immersing it in the water completely. Therefore, we will tell you how to bathe hamsters in three ways, the first of which just involves minimal contact of the animal with liquid.

How to wash hamsters with a swab?

The safest way to help you remove dirt from the back of the animal, because the animal can not always reach it with the tongue.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. put the hamster of the Dzungarian hamster in the palm of your hand;
  2. roll a cotton pad or gauze in a swab;
  3. moisten the swab in a small amount of warm water;
  4. wipe the pet’s hair;
  5. rinse the swab;
  6. if necessary, repeat the procedure until the coat is completely cleansed;
  7. don’t forget to dry your pet!

In this way, you can wash the Syrians and representatives of other breeds. Its main advantages are the lack of chemicals and minimal wetting of the puss.

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Swimming under the stream of water

If you don’t know how to wash a Dzungarian hamster under the tap, consult a specialist or study our tips. Many people ask, is it possible to wash a hamster of another breed in this way? Of course, you can, because the requirements for washing rodents of any breed are the same. Also, the owners of fluffy wondered whether it is acceptable to bathe the Syrian hamsters in cool water. This is strictly prohibited, and not only for the Syrians, but also for other kids!

Here are the basic bathing requirements:

  1. Vodichka should have a temperature not lower than 38ºС, otherwise the animal will be supercooled.
  2. The jet should be very weak so that the spray does not fly into the eyes and ears.
  3. When swimming, the animal must be kept as close to the surface of the shell as possible so that it does not hurt, suddenly twisting.

Is It Possible To Bathe Hamsters In The Water

When parasites appear in pets, the owners worry whether it is possible to bathe Dzungarian hamsters in water using antiparasitic shampoos? Will hamsters tolerate such a procedure normally?

So that your pet does not have an allergic reaction, buy a special shampoo for rodents. It is allowed to wash Syrian hamsters in water using small amounts of cat shampoos, but for miniature breeds it is better to purchase a special one.

If the pet does not have any parasites, and only the hair is dirty, then you can wash the animal with ordinary household or baby soap. Veterinarians are also often asked if hamsters are washed with human shampoos? In fact, many do just that – and do it wrong. Read the composition of your shampoo, and immediately understand the reason why this should not be done.

If you decide to wash the fluff under a stream of water, stick to this algorithm:

  1. Open the tap and let the water flow until a constant temperature is established. It should be about 38ºС.
  2. Put the pussies in your palm, putting your thumb on the back, you will hold the animal with it so that it does not break out.
  3. Slowly bring the homa to the stream of water: it should flow to the back, but not to the head!
  4. After the coat is wet, squeeze a tiny drop of shampoo.
  5. Use soft circular motions to foam the product and distribute it over the entire body and neck.
  6. Now gently rinse with water. Sort the wool with your fingers to rinse it better. At the same time, make sure that the water does not get into the ears, and the foam in the eyes.
  7. After the product has been washed off, rinse the homa a couple of times and proceed to drying.

So that the tiny creature is not so scared, during the procedure, communicate with him, gently call by name, and after it give some goodies.

Is It Possible To Bathe Hamsters In The Water

Now that you know how to bathe a hamster of a Dzungarian hamster under a stream, it remains to consider the last method. It is suitable only for those animals that are not at all afraid of water.

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Pet bathing in the bath

Let’s see right away whether it is possible to bathe a hamster in a human bath. In principle, if your pet is special, likes to splash around in water, then you can arrange him such a pool. Just don’t get too much water, because at any moment a pet can scare something, it will jerk and swallow water. It is better to pour a layer of water no higher than 7 cm from the bottom.

By the way, especially for small rodents, small bathtubs are available for sale, which can be easily replaced with a plastic container with high walls. Pet owners often ask if it is possible to wash Dzhungar hamsters in the bath with the addition of shower gel? It is absolutely impossible to do this, because a tender animal can be allergic to many components.

When bathing a homa, the following steps should be followed:

  1. pour warm water into the improvised bath and measure its temperature;
  2. gently immerse the animal in water;
  3. do not leave the animal alone during water procedures, because the crystal may drown or drown;
  4. the duration of the bath should be short, as the water cools quickly (the optimal time is 5 minutes);
  5. after extraction, the animal should be well dried.

And remember that this type of bathing is suitable only for those pussies who are not afraid of water!

Is It Possible To Bathe Hamsters In The Water

How to dry an animal?

To homa not get sick after the "bath", it is necessary to dry its coat well. But do not try to do it with a hairdryer: the noise will scare the animal, and the hot air stream will dry the skin.

First you need to wrap the animal in a well-absorbing cloth or towel, dab the liquid. After this, the coat will remain wet. Place the homa on a dry towel and repeat the procedure, pressing the fabric slightly with your fingers, so that the moisture will be absorbed better.

When the fur becomes barely wet, you can put the pet in a cage with fresh litter on a dry cloth. For a couple of hours, put the cage in a warm place, for example, near the battery.

Alternative to water treatments

Since washing a pet is fraught with dangers and severe stress, a hamster bath is a good alternative. By nature, these animals are very clean, so they themselves are able to clean their hair, tumbling in the sand.

The indisputable advantage of bathing is their complete safety. They do not drive the tiny pet into a state of panic, their hair does not get wet and there is absolutely no opportunity to catch a cold. Therefore, we advise arranging sand baths for the crunch daily, and water baths in case of emergency.

Now you know if small rodents like to splash in the water. Given their cowardice and poor health, give preference to sand baths. But when a pet appears parasites, wash it gently and thoroughly dry with a towel!