Is It Possible For Hamsters To Grass

Is It Possible For Hamsters To Grass

With the advent of spring, fresh grass turns green on the streets, and your favorite is still eating dry food? You probably already look at the greenery, but are afraid to give it to the rodent, wondering if hamsters can get grass. Let’s see if it is possible to give a fresh grass to the hamster, and how to collect it in order to avoid the rodent’s diseases in the future.

Fresh grass must be present in the diet of a domestic hamster. But, as with any other products, a rodent needs to be accustomed to fresh greens gradually.
You can’t bring any grass to the pet, thinking that the hamster can distinguish between the edible and the poisonous, since the domestic animal does not know how to do this and everything can end with the death of your pet.

The owner of the rodent is responsible for the quality of the feed. If there is no confidence in the nutritional value of greens, do not give it to your pet. Do not tear the grass after rain or with dew drops, do not give the mowed grass if it has lain for a while – it may form mold, which is dangerous for your pet.

What kind of grass can be given to hamsters?

Pets can have all the greens that are suitable for human consumption without additional preparation, i.e. raw form. But onions are unlikely to suit hamsters to their taste, but they will not refuse salad, dill and parsley.

Rodents can have wheat grass, knotweed, dandelion leaves, plantain, and nettles. You can still have fruit tree branches, young burdock leaves, a little bit of wormwood and clover.

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Wheatgrass – This is a very common plant. It can be found in hay sold for rodents. In a moderate amount, fresh wheat grass will benefit your pet.

Knotweed – It is used in folk medicine, it is an edible vitamin plant for both humans and rodents.
AT dandelion rodents can only leaves. But a dandelion, like wormwood and tarragon, a rodent should be fed with caution. In large quantities, they can have a negative effect on the delicate organism of the hamster. Dandelion is used, as a rule, as a means of stimulating appetite and improves digestion. But wormwood and tarragon feed rodents only for certain diseases, in consultation with a veterinarian.

Plantain – Another medicinal plant, well suited for rodent nutrition.

Nettle has high nutritional value. Leaflets and young shoots are given to hamsters for the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiency. If the animal began vitamin deficiency in winter or early spring, then dry leaves, ground into powder, are added to the main feed to it. In early spring, the pet can be fed fresh nettle leaves, for this they need to be boiled in water for a couple of minutes, then squeezed, cut and add to the feed.

Where to get grass for a hamster

The grass for the hamster needs to be torn off only in the forest, in the park or on the personal plot – away from industrial facilities and highways with heavy traffic. You also need to ensure that greens are not treated with herbicides and pesticides.
After you have plucked the greens, it must be thoroughly washed, dried and only then gradually feed the pet. You can leave the greens soaked in water, for this, place the greens you collected in clean water for several hours. Water absorbs all harmful components and the food will become more suitable for eating by a rodent.

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As for the warm season, the grass can be found on the street. But what to do in the winter, you ask?

  • Firstly, the collected chopped greens can be frozen in the freezer, and in the winter you can defrost and feed the hamster. With this method, your pet will always have fresh greens in the diet.
  • Secondly, green grass can be chopped and dried. Dry with a thin layer and not in direct sunlight. Dried grass can be mixed with other foods.
  • Thirdly, you can grow greens for your pet yourself on the balcony or window sill. For example, you buy a grain mixture with a high content of a certain cereal in it, and the rodent leaves part of the mixture untouched. Take these leftovers and plant them in a flower pot, wait until the grain sprouts, and after a few days feed the pet with fresh grass.

From what age to feed the hamster with grass.

If you want your pet to live a full and long life, carefully monitor the pet’s diet, in which there must be fresh greens. And about whether hamsters can cucumber you can read here.