How To Teach A Hamster To Hand

If you buy a hamster for yourself or for your child, then, of course, you want him to become an affectionate and loyal friend to you. However, it is important to remember that it is impossible to make the animal immediately fall in love with you – you need to practice your hamster regularly, gradually gaining his trust and sympathy. Let’s talk about how to accustom a hamster to his hands, in this article.

When to start practicing with an animal?

According to zoologists, hamsters become especially active in the evening or at night. Therefore, it is best to deal with such a beast in the evening, when he wakes up from a dream. And learn how to choose the time for classes, focusing on the behavior of your pet – because if the hamster is not in the mood, then you are unlikely to get in touch with him. Take a closer look to understand how the hamster behaves – if he walks calmly around the cage, licks or eats, then you can practice with the animal, and if your pet is aggressive (for example, squeaks or hisses, lays on its back or just behaves too restlessly ), it is better to postpone training.

How To Teach A Hamster To Hand

How to act in order not to frighten and anger the animal?

According to experts, you can tame a hamster in your hands in several stages. Consider each of them in more detail below:

    "Acquaintance" with the master’s hand and voice. Since the vision of hamsters is poorly developed, you should not rely on the fact that he will remember your visual image – rather, your smell and the sound of your voice will be deposited in the animal’s memory. Therefore, constantly talk with the pet, and every evening, briefly dip your hand in its cage so that the hamster can sniff it well.
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What should be remembered at this stage? Experts recommend that hamster owners embarking on a training process adhere to the following rules:
– do not lower your hand into the cage if it smells of food, as the hamster may try to taste your fingers;
– when you wash your hands, do not use too fragrant soap, and be sure to rinse your hands well with water;
– Before you start training the animal, you can rub a little grass in the fingers of which its litter is made (this will calm the hamster and arouse his confidence);
– if the animal behaves aggressively and you are afraid of bites, put on a garden glove, previously rubbed with grass for bedding.

Hand Feeding. Now it’s time to make sure that the “invasion” of your hand into the pet’s territory is associated with something pleasant. Take a seed or other seed with your fingers and offer them to the hamster. Wait until the animal begins to fearlessly take food from your fingers, and then proceed to the next step.

The first tactile contact. Now it’s time to get the pet to climb onto your arm. To do this, put a treat for the hamster on the open palm, and wait until it climbs on it. Just try not to move at this moment, so as not to frighten the animal. When the hamster begins to fearlessly climb into your palm, gently touch its fur with the fingers of the other hand. Repeat these steps several times so that the pet is accustomed to the fact that you touch it, and not be afraid.

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  • We take the animal in our hands. The training process is almost finished – it remains only to take your hamster in hand. You must do this as follows: wait for the animal to climb into your palm, and gently cover it with the other hand on top, and then remove it from the cage. If the cage is too small and it does not fit two hands at once, then simply round your palm and raise the animal on one hand, but do not grab it by the scruff so as not to scare!
  • Well, that’s all, you learned to take your hamster in your arms. And now, so that he is not afraid, bring the pet to the heart, gently holding it with both hands so that the animal feels your warmth and can not fall to the floor.