How To Quickly Accustom A Hamster To The Toilet

Hamsters are popular pets. Children are always happy with such an animal: small in size, do not take up much space, you can always take along and clean it not so often. But the small minus of such cute creatures is that their urine smells strongly. Therefore, many people begin to think about how to accustom a hamster to the toilet.

How To Quickly Accustom A Hamster To The Toilet

Hamster Toilet

Is it possible?

Many do not understand how to accustom a hamster to the toilet, because they believe that a hamster is an animal that cannot remember such an action and always go to one place. But in fact, the toilet for your hamster is an important component.

As many experts say, hamsters usually react very positively and easily to the fact that you teach them. Everything is very easy. They will be happy to learn, because in fact rodents are clean animals and they do not like dirt and garbage. If you watch them, you will notice that usually rodents go to the bathroom in the same place, so the most important thing is to watch which corner they go to and use this feature.

And when you are sure that your pet goes to that corner, put a container there and you can be sure that over time the hamster will go there. But sometimes this is not enough, so you have to resort to other methods. But the first thing to do is find the right accessory or make a toilet for your hamster with your own hands.

How to choose a toilet

In addition, the hamster toilet comes in many forms. Most often, they get a corner toilet for a hamster, since it is the easiest way for an animal to walk into such a device. There is also a rectangular type, they are best suited for cells that are large.

The hamster’s toilet has a removable top, which makes washing the dishes much easier, of course, there is a hole in the front through which the animal can climb into the container, the size of the hole fully matches the size of the hamster. Of course, to get a restroom is much easier than to do it yourself, but you should know about a few drawbacks of such a device.

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Cons of a purchased toilet

The first thing you should understand is that hamsters belong to the rodent family, so their instincts always prevail over them. That is why it all depends on whether a wooden toilet or plastic.

The animal will definitely want to sharpen its teeth and then, most likely, the special "room" will come to an end and then it will have to be changed, since the hamster will refuse to go to it.

The second minus of such a device is that it is quite possible that the animal will refuse to go to such a device, since it will smell strongly of plastic or wood. And then you have to work hard. The first thing that needs to be done is to process the “room” so that it smells exactly like the rest of the house.

Do-it-yourself rodent lavatory

How To Quickly Accustom A Hamster To The Toilet

Hamsters do not go to all toilets

Many people are interested in how to make a toilet for a hamster with their own hands. In fact, it is very simple. The main thing is to follow the instructions. The first thing to do is to find some small, durable plastic container. Correctly calculate its size, the hamster should climb into it without problems. After you find the container, you will need to make a hole in it, its dimensions should be 6.7 cm. Sometimes hamsters are large, so you can adjust the size of the hole.

The hole should be 2.5-3 cm higher from the floor so that you can later pour inside a thyrsus or another substitute that you will use. If this is not a hamster, but a chipmunk (they are also called dwarf hamsters), then this hole should be located at a height of 1 cm, a maximum of 1.3 cm. In addition, thanks to this “barrier”, the litter will not fly out of the hamster, and the whole cage then it will be clean. The trough needs to be cleaned every day, as mentioned earlier, rodents are very clean creatures, therefore, if it is dirty, they will not go into it already.

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And, of course, do not forget that the hole must be secured. To do this, polish the hole and, best of all, secure it by covering it with some soft and light cloth.

Glass Lavatory

In fact, a glass toilet is much easier to make than a plastic one. For this you will need:

  • a small glass jar of 500 – 250 ml, depending on the size of your pet;
  • natural glass cleaner.

Put the jar in the corner and that’s it: pour the litter from the cage there and wait for the hamster to go out to scout a new object in the house. Such a device is not difficult to wash, and it turns out quite a budget option.

But before you put the jar in the cage, rinse it well, as rodents have the habit of checking all new items for taste and, if there are traces of chemicals or other substances, the animal can have serious health problems. And of course, try to somehow securely strengthen the jar so that it does not roll around the house along with the hamster.

The important part is the filler

After the choice is made, it is necessary to understand which filler is best to choose. Experts advise that it is best to purchase toilet filler for such a thing, you need to take feline odorless – wood.

Such a filler absorbs smell well and the animal will not be able to spread it throughout the house. And everything has been done, once a few days remove the already dirty filler and wash everything, preferably without any chemicals. It is very easy to train an animal to such a device.

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Toilet replacement

Due to the fact that the lavatory is homemade, it will need to be changed from time to time, since the plastic absorbs the smell of urine, the hamster immediately begins to bite the object, and this can adversely affect the health of the animal.

Unfortunately, to be bitten is the fate of almost all plastic things that you just put in a cage. That is why many experts and already experienced breeders of such pets recommend immediately looking not for plastic vessels in order to make them such a “room”, but glass. Then you don’t have to worry about replacing the item, and it will also be much easier to wash it, because the glass does not adhere to the smell and dirt, and the animal, no matter how hard it tries, cannot gnaw it.

Animal training

How to make a toilet for your hamster is already clear. But here is what to do if the animal does not go there at all. Check if you have installed the device exactly where the hamster usually goes to urinate.

As soon as you install the device at the right angle, pour clean and dirty filler there. As soon as the rodent begins to crawl around the house or if he just woke up, put it right in front of the toilet so that he could smell it and understand that now he needs to go there.