How To Make A Walking Wheel For A Hamster

Hamsters. very active and curious pets, so for a full life they do not have enough space of one cage. In order for the dzhungarik not to gain excess weight, he was active and not bored, he needed various toys.

Walking sphere for a hamster

It is often impossible to secure the Dzungarian hamster while walking around the house. But you can use a walking ball for a hamster. Such a toy is a sphere made of transparent or colored plastic, in which the pet can explore the house. The most important thing during such a walk. close the lid tightly, as rodents often escape from them.

How To Make A Walking Wheel For A Hamster

There is another way to walk a hamster. using a special leash. However, its use has its own nuances: they put it on only large rodents, since it is too big for Dzungarian hamsters. A little finger should pass between the leash itself and the little body of the fluff. If the leash is too tight, the hamster will suffocate and squeak, and if it is too loose. just run away.

The average travel time in a ball is no more than 20 minutes. You can’t wake a pet and try to cram it into a toy. this may adversely affect his health and well-being. The best time to put the animal in the ball for the hamster. this is the peak of his daily activity, when he is burning with the desire to run, jump and explore the world around him. Dzungarian hamsters do not always start traveling the first time in a toy. often they need several attempts in order to get comfortable.

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How To Make A Walking Wheel For A Hamster

The ball for the hamster has special slots designed for air exchange. When purchasing such a toy, it is worth paying attention to its diameter. They are divided into three categories: for small rodents (approximately 12 cm), for (18-20 cm) and for chinchillas (25-30 cm). Complete with them, they often sell special stands designed for running on the spot.

Walking balls provide the hamster with the necessary level of load, but this does not mean that you need to neglect other toys. This area is useful if cats live in the house with a rodent. in it he will be able to walk without fear of being eaten. The toy must be washed periodically.

How to choose a walking ball for a hamster



An important parameter to pay attention to. The ball for the hamster must have ventilation holes. The safety of the pet should be in the first place, and with high activity he will need constant access to fresh air.

How To Make A Walking Wheel For A Hamster

It’s not worth buying or making a walking ball for a hamster with your own hands without such holes.

A lot depends on the color of the ball: the more transparent the material from which it is made, the easier it will be for the rodent to navigate in the surrounding space.

How To Make A Walking Wheel For A Hamster

The darkened walls of the toy will interfere not only with the hamster, but also with its owner. In addition, in a transparent ball, you can make beautiful photos of your pet.


How To Make A Walking Wheel For A Hamster

On average, a ball for a hamster costs from 100 to 500 rubles. You can pick up any model that suits the rodent and suits the owner for the price.

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Disadvantages of Walking Balls

When purchasing or making a ball for a hamster with your own hands, it is necessary to check it for any ventilation holes. If there are too few or none at all, then you should not buy the product. The minus of the toy can be called the fact that after each walk you will have to clean the apartment. As already mentioned, the maximum time for a hamster to be entertained in a ball should be no more than half an hour. Another unpleasant disadvantage is the rapid wear of the fasteners of the lid of the hole into which the pet is launched, which can lead to its arbitrary opening and the escape of a small deserter. If the ball has such a defect, then it is necessary to closely monitor the rodent.

How to make a ball for a hamster with your own hands

How To Make A Walking Wheel For A Hamster

Information on how to make a ball for a hamster, today is not as much as we would like. Ideal materials are plastics in different colors. It is optimal, of course, to use colorless plastic. so it will be more convenient for the hamster to navigate in space, but you can create an original ball of unusual color. In addition, you can do decoration and decorate its surface with patterns and drawings. As a material, you can use an ordinary plastic bottle, gently cutting it and straightening it.

For a homemade walking ball, you can take a plastic bottle of a small volume. for example, a liter milk container: it is lightweight and small. Holes for ventilation are cut through it, after which the hamster is launched inside and the cover is screwed. The most important requirement. the neck of the bottle should be wide so that the pet can crawl into it. Such home-made walking balls have their advantages: saving financial resources, ease and ease of execution. The toy will provide the mental development of the hamster, as he will need to learn how to manage such an unusual means of transportation.

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