How To Make A Labyrinth And A Tunnel For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

Varieties of Labyrinths

The tunnel for rodents can be straight or branched. Hamsters especially like when the space contains a lot of moves, dead ends and windows. If you put a treat in several rooms of the tunnel, then its search turns into a fascinating game for pussies.

By location, the following attractions are distinguished:

  1. Internal In this case, the pipes for hamsters are inside his permanent home – the cage. Tunnel hamster houses are comfortable in that the animal can walk around them whenever it wants.
  2. External Designed for playing with a pet outside the cage under the supervision of the owners.

In internal tunnels, the configuration is usually simple, because the size of the cage often does not allow you to create a room with many rooms and passages. But when creating an external tunnel, you can be creative, make a lot of dead ends, windows and nooks.

What do you need to make a labyrinth for the hamster with your own hands?

The selection of materials for the attraction is a simple task. You can make tunnels for hamsters with your own hands from the following materials:

  • cardboard and paper (old boxes, thick books, sleeves from paper towels, etc.);
  • plastic (bottles for drinks, plumbing parts);
  • wood.

To implement the idea, you will need various tools. The selection of work equipment depends on the selected material. The minimum number of tools you can do when creating cardboard tunnels: you will need scissors and glue for paper, optionally – paints or pencils. If you make a plastic attraction, stock up on tape too, it will help fasten the parts and mask the plastic “burrs”. It is the most difficult to make from a tree, it will take a lot of equipment: a hammer or glue, screwdrivers, screwdrivers, a saw or a jigsaw. But wooden structures will last a long time.

How To Make A Labyrinth And A Tunnel For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

Making simple tunnels

A hamster cage must contain at least one small tunnel. And for games outside the home, complex constructions of medium and large sizes are suitable. You can make your furry friend a permanent room with entertainments or each time to build an attraction anew, changing its sizes and the direction of moves.

Children show great interest in creating entertainment for hamsters. We suggest that you study the instructions for creating simple tunnels that even a student will understand.

Cage paper tube

The simplest option is to use a cardboard sleeve from paper towels as a building material. You can put it in a cage unchanged or make windows in the tube so that the animal comes out through them.

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The tube from the sleeve can be installed in external cardboard labyrinths.

Game room

Do your kids like to play with hamsters and watch them? Then give them an idea: make a tunnel for the hamster out of an unnecessary cardboard box. The children will gladly take up the matter, connect the creative imagination and make the attraction with love.

There are many construction options. We will tell you how to make a maze for a hamster in two different ways.

  • The first method does not involve the use of glue. Take the box and pieces of cardboard: 3 strips should correspond in size to the length of the room, 5 – to the width. On long pieces at the same distance from each other, make 5 cuts, and cut the short parts three times. Between the cuts, cut out doors, windows, and pipe holes. Now you can assemble our room. Install long partitions with notches up, and insert short parts into them with the cut down. Get a grill. If you have planned pipes, insert them into the round cutouts. Put the grid in the box – and you can immediately start playing games!
  • The second method is based on gluing the walls. He is good in that you can create a variety of branches, as well as a relaxation room for a small creature. For gluing walls, use regular or construction tape.

Important! The walls of the box should be high enough, otherwise a nimble animal will jump over the edge and fly away.

How To Make A Labyrinth And A Tunnel For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

Labyrinth from the designer

Preschool children and schoolchildren like to build various castles and fortresses from the designer. Invite them to make an attraction for a hamster – they will be happy to complete this task. Moreover, children themselves know how to make a labyrinth for a hamster from a Lego constructor interesting and convenient.

If you are building a walker for a Dzungarian hamster, small details are better. For larger Syrian breeds, use medium sized parts. With the help of a small constructor inside the maze, you can build a small obstacle course for the animal, at the end of which put a tasty nut.

Book fortress

Old hardcover books are great for creating a large, spacious tunnel. To do this, they need to put the roots up. It is better to completely enclose space with books so that hamsters do not scatter in different directions. For one animal, the stroke width can be made 5-8 cm in size (so that the animal can easily turn around in it), but if you have several fluffies, the tunnels should be more spacious.

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In such a book fortress, kids love to arrange hamster races. Rodents are put into a common closed room, after which they open the “door” and observe which of the animals first gets to the exit. It is important to ensure that the participants in the race do not violate the rules. If the cunning hamster climbs over the wall, it must be returned back.

A labyrinth from books can also be used to train animals. To do this, you need to put small pieces of delicious food along the chosen path, repeat the operation several times with the same route. Then you should put a treat only at the exit. You will be surprised how quickly your smart hamster finds it!

Plumbing Tunnel

If your apartment has recently been renovated and there are unnecessary parts for connecting pipes, use them to create an extensive labyrinth! Such an attraction is suitable for both small Dzungarian and larger Syrian and Caucasian hamsters. By the way, the plumbing tunnel looks very original. Another plus is the collapsible design of the attraction, that is, you can periodically change the direction of moves.

Tinkering it is very simple: connect the parts in an arbitrary direction. It will be more interesting for a hamster to play if there are several exits in the pipe. But in this case, do not leave the homa unattended, otherwise you will have to look for it throughout the apartment!

How To Make A Labyrinth And A Tunnel For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

We master complex rpg

Young children will not be able to make complex tunnels for hamsters on their own with their own hands, adults will definitely need help. But adolescent boys will cope with the task with a bang!

Tunnel of plastic bottles

Plastic bottles for soda and juice are in every home. But not everyone knows that a tunnel for a hamster can be made of them. For this purpose, 0.5 liter containers are better suited. If the cage for rodents is the place where the tunnel will lie, then only 3-4 bottles are needed. For an external attraction, the quantity can be chosen by anyone. All bottles should first be freed from the labels and washed thoroughly so that they do not smell.

When building a bottle ride, follow the plan below:

  1. Trim the top and bottom to make a cylinder. A clerical knife is better for this purpose.
  2. On the base of the cylinder there will remain sharp burrs, which the fluffy can hurt, so they must be masked. To do this, glue the sections with electrical tape.
  3. In two cylinders of the same diameter, cut round holes. It is important that the size of the circle matches the diameter of the bottle that you will attach to it. Tape the edges with electrical tape.
  4. Now prepare the parts that will serve as the forks. One of the ends of the bottle must be squeezed and cut off at a slight angle. When you release the bottle, it will straighten out, and the slice will acquire two smooth recesses, thanks to which the part will fit tightly to the cylinder with the hole. With the second bottle we do the same. Do not forget to tape over the edges!
  5. It is time to make 2 T-shaped joints. Attach the bottle with a wavy edge to the hole in the cylinder, wrap the connection with electrical tape, and then wrap the supporting part. To make the structure more durable, repeat this operation twice.
  6. Now fasten the T-shaped connections to each other with the same electrical tape. The labyrinth from the bottle is ready to use!
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Important! If you intend to build a long tunnel with this method, then branch more often. This is necessary for air circulation.

How To Make A Labyrinth And A Tunnel For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

Wooden maze

If you are patient and neat, have the skills of working on wood, try to make a tunnel for the hamster with your own hands out of wood. For this purpose, polished boards or plywood are suitable. Such an attraction is safe for hamsters, they are happy to run along intricate moves.

A wooden tunnel can be made large, to play with animals there, to arrange hamster races. If the space of the cage allows, set your pets a three-tier maze of wood. Of course, you have to work hard, cutting out windows and ladders, but the pet will be pleased. When creating such a small attraction, it is better to use special glue for wood, rather than nails.

Now you know how to make a tunnel for a hamster with your own hands, using available materials that are always at hand. Having built a room with partitions for your touching fluffy, you can not only play with it, but also develop the pet’s intelligence.