How To Make A House For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

Among the many pets, hamsters are considered one of the most popular. These cute animals perfectly take root in the house, do not need any complicated care and are very friendly.

However, letting them out for a walk is not recommended, and especially unattended. The animal can easily get lost and no longer return home. Or he will begin to gnaw at furniture, books, and other personal items.

Also, you cannot leave the hamster alone if there are other animals in the apartment, for example, cats. Therefore, if you need to build a house for a hamster, treat this event with all responsibility.

DIY hamster house

In most cases, in the manufacture of such a design, three main materials are used:

Each of them has individual advantages and disadvantages. Each has its own characteristics and design properties. Therefore, before choosing the appropriate option, you should carefully study its structure and all the attendant nuances.

In case you are going to recreate any futuristic hamster house, high-quality plastic will be the ideal solution. Today, this material boasts a long service life, durability and reliability. With it, each of us can recreate the most interesting ideas and ideas. For universal purposes, you can use wood, preferably of high quality. Also, someone uses glass to build a house, but to give such a material the necessary shape and design is quite difficult.

Before deciding on the material, be sure to consider all the subtleties, including its cost, performance and compatibility with the style of the interior. This will allow you to avoid all the difficulties in the future and make a truly elegant design.

Coconut Hamster House

So, to make a beautiful house for a hamster with your own hands, you can use an ordinary coconut. This option is in great demand and perfectly complements the interior of a modern room. It is enough to pick up a ripe nut and drain all the liquid from it. Then it needs to be installed on the table and put the markup. It is important to remember that the weakest point of a coconut is 1/3 of the distance from the base. Also, the nut is vulnerable at the location of the three “eyes”.

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To give coconut the desired shape, just take a sharp knife or kitchen hatchet and hit hard on the nut. After that, a crack should go. To remove the liquid, coconut is placed in the freezer for 12 hours. At the final stage, a hole with a diameter of 5 centimeters is cut out in it, which will be used as a “door” for a fluffy pet. The "entrance" to the house must be sanded with sandpaper.

How to make a house for a hamster with plastic do-it-yourself

If you are interested in creating a high-quality plastic product, then the following instructions will be useful to you. With it, you can make a creative product that will become an original gift for a child who is interested in the topic of space and intergalactic travel, as well as a comfortable place to live for a fluff. To realize your idea, you need to take the following items and materials:

  1. Three or five five-liter plastic cans.
  2. A sharp knife or small file.
  3. Wide tape.
  4. 4-5 liter bottles.

The manufacturing process itself consists of a set of measures, including:

  • drawing up a drawing;
  • preparation of parts;
  • assembly.

The main difficulties in creating a house arise at the first stage, when it is necessary to prepare the correct drawing. It is important here to unleash your imagination. But you can not ignore some important recommendations:

How To Make A House For A Hamster With Your Own Hands
  • Do not forget that the hamster house is a complex modular system. Even at the stage of creating a drawing, consider convenient placement of all structural elements, to prevent possible difficulties in the future.
  • Take care of the presence of several tiers. It is important that some are tall and others are long. Such a step will reduce the unreasonable use of available space and expand the basic design features of the mini-building.
  • Be sure to add all the additional elements to the house, namely: a wheel, a separate sleeping area, a place for eating and water. The hamster should feel safe and secure, so in his house you need to clean up.
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At the next stage, you can proceed to cutting blanks. Here you should carefully study the instructions and observe the features of the drawings.

So, we take two separate canisters and cut off their necks in the widest part. In the third canister, the bottom and neck must be cut off. In the middle of the third tank we cut a wide rectangular hole, where a human hand can freely crawl. When placing the modules in length in one of the bottoms, a relatively small hole should be cut out through which the hamster can easily climb. The next module is produced in a similar way.

When arranging a tiered modular system, the creation of a ladder is an obligatory step. It can be made from scraps of cans. All related parts are cut out of plastic bottles. The size of the bed and the feeding area can be relatively large (recommended width is 15-25 centimeters). Creating a wheel requires the use of two strips of plastic.

To make a high-quality and comfortable house for a hamster, you should use tape or super glue. As a result, the final product will be very beautiful and reliable.

How to make a hamster house out of glass

Glass houses for a fluffy pet stand out for their futuristic design, interesting shape and ease of use. In such a space, the hamster will be able to see everything that is happening around him, and you will always be aware of the state of your pet. But the process of making a house with your own hands when using glass is quite painstaking and complex.

It requires a lot of effort and compliance with some basic rules. Someone just using aluminum profiles or car tire. And someone learned how to create universal houses for a hamster based on a conventional aquarium. As a result the final price remains almost the same.

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To turn a fish tank into a hamster house, just carefully follow the instructions:

  1. Clean the glass from plaque using an alcohol-based window cleaner.
  2. Lay straw or other sprinkles at the bottom of the glass structure.
  3. Install a running wheel in the aquarium.
  4. Install and arrange the feeder.

A similar option for a hamster’s house is quite simple to do with your own hands, and its cost is relatively low. Many are convinced that the glass structure is more convenient to use and more beautiful than a similar rod product. This option can be supplemented with special ladders and tiers of wooden boards or plywood.

How to make a house for a hamster with your own hands from a tree

We take a sheet of plywood and saw it into five flat parts to create a smooth box without a top with a height of 20 cm. To expand the possibilities of construction, you can add another 20 centimeters of height and install ladders and shelves.

To implement a more complex design, it is necessary to prepare the correct drawing. First, decide on the style of the house. Today on sale you can find products in the Romanesque, Gothic, country, Greek or Egyptian style. It is also important to carefully select the internal elements of the future building, taking into account the size and design features. Consider all the options for decorating a house.

Today, houses made in the style of a fence look very impressive, behind which there is a full-fledged villa for fluffy. If you have the desire and time, the hamster can make a real palace with its rooms and furniture. Wood is comfortable in that it can be processed without complicated electric tools and professional skills. Everything is very simple and convenient. If you follow the instructions, then anyone can make a house for a hamster with their own hands.