How To Make A House And A Cage For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

Hamsters are very cheap, but the prices of cages, rides, houses are sometimes unthinkable. If at the moment you do not have the opportunity to buy hamster paraphernalia, you can make a house for your furry pet yourself. We have put together useful tips for you that will help you build a magnificent house for a hamster with your own hands. The main thing is to do it with love!

Construction Materials

In general, you can build a home for a furry friend from anything. The main thing is that the materials used are safe. The following materials are used to create a cottage and furniture:

  • wood or plywood;
  • cardboard, strong paper;
  • plastic;
  • natural materials.

To fasten the parts together, you will need a stapler, PVA, glue for wood, thick wire.

Tip. Use glue as a last resort, after making sure of its non-toxicity!

If you have a project to build a home-made cage for a hamster, then a simple wire will not get off. Here, you will already need nails, screws, a hammer, a screwdriver or a screwdriver.

How To Make A House And A Cage For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

We make a cell

To build a strong cage for a hamster with your own hands, you must have the basic skills of a carpenter. Children can be connected to the process, they will be happy to help draw up a project for the future cottage. Together you will build a unique cage for the Dzungarian hamster, in which the animal will be comfortable!

The following are the theses from which you will learn how to make a reliable and convenient cage for a hamster with your own hands.

Make a project

The design of a makeshift hamster house should be approached responsibly and think over the area and height, the number of tiers and their location in advance. It is necessary to carry out a detailed drawing in a three-dimensional orientation, put on it first the supporting structures, then the levels and rooms, and then mark the places for furniture and attractions.

Important! Do not forget to sign the dimensions of future parts. If you don’t sign and do everything “by eye”, the cottage for the pussies will come out sideways.

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Choose material

The drawing is ready, now we should discuss the materials. Usually a hamster’s house is made of wood or plywood (frame and floor) and metal mesh (walls and ceiling) with their own hands. But the wooden surface stores odors for a long time, so it is better to cover it with a piece of linoleum. It remains to prepare nails, screws and tools.

Make blanks

The most crucial moment. Guided by the project, you need to cut out the details of the future cage for the Dzungarian hamster. Take the sizes from your drawing. First of all, we make the floor, then frame beams, in the last turn, walls and partitions. Cut a metal mesh with a margin of 3-5 cm.

Build a cottage

To assemble the structure, you should adhere to the following plan:

  1. Lay linoleum on the base of the cell. Screw the load-bearing bars to the floor with screws.
  2. On the supporting structures, lay horizontal bars (roof base), nail with nails.
  3. Make tiers of plywood.
  4. Pull the mesh around the outer perimeter, attach to the wooden parts with a construction stapler.
  5. The ceiling can be made from a sheet of plywood or mesh.

Attention! Make sure that the ends of the nails do not protrude into the cell. The sharp edges of the metal mesh should be on the outside.

The strong cage for the Dzungarian hamster is ready. It remains to lay the filler, add the necessary furniture and attractions. Your puffy can be populated!

How To Make A House And A Cage For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

Do-it-yourself house for the Dzungarian hamster

A hamster’s house is his castle, a refuge where he can sleep or hide. The animal sometimes also needs privacy. If the financial situation is difficult, while you like to do it yourself, figure out how to make a hamster house out of improvised materials.

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Shelter can be done temporarily (for 1-2 weeks) and permanent. But you need to know what a safe and comfortable house for a hamster can be made of.

Paper and cardboard houses

The most budget option is to make a small cardboard box. But how to make a house out of cardboard for a hamster with your own hands? There are several unusual options. Here are some of them:

If you have imagination and free time, you can independently design and make a house of paper. Entrust this activity to children – they will surely cope!

Plastic houses

Plastic is not the best option for building a shelter for a hamster. A hamster is a rodent, and plastic often contains toxins. But as a temporary room for a couple of days, a plastic house will do.

Here are some ideas:

  1. House made of food container. Manufacturers make food storage containers from non-toxic materials, so they will fit in order to become a hamster shelter for several days. It is enough to make an inlet and pierce the lid for better air circulation.
  2. The palace of the designer. Kids willingly take part in arranging a hamster’s life. The hamster in the house from the designer will look very cool. It can be made of any size and installed inside a climbing frame.

Wooden huts

The most beautiful houses for hamsters are made of wood. Here you can give free rein to your creative imagination, and connect the whole family to the process of creating a home. One hamster and a small house is enough, and if you have a family of small rodents, it is better to build a wooden palace.

First of all, we carry out the drawing, apply dimensions. Then we cut out the details of the desired size and shape from wood or plywood. Before assembly, drill holes in the front wall of the house for entry and carefully sand it with emery. So that the air in the house does not stagnate, do not forget about the windows (we grind them too). Assemble the house with small carnations or special glue for wood.

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If the house is on the first floor of the cage, then you can make it with a staircase and a balcony. Your hamster will definitely like such an apartment! And photos of pets in such a dwelling are obtained – at least for the exhibition!

How To Make A House And A Cage For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

A hut created from ice cream sticks looks very interesting. In the process of creation, even preschool children can take part! The main thing is to explain to them what they need to do. Here is a simple instruction:

  • draw a plan of the future home;
  • separately assemble 4 walls and a roof (from one or two parts);
  • glue all parts with wood glue.

And for adolescents who are fond of needlework, a more difficult option is suitable. They can make a two-story hut with a ladder that opens a door and a window. This is a very painstaking work, it develops perseverance and the desire to bring things to the end. And the hamster in such a house can not only sleep and hide, but also do gymnastics.

How To Make A House And A Cage For A Hamster With Your Own Hands

Natural materials houses

The houses for coconut hamsters look charming. They are not only beautiful, but also useful. Homa will sharpen his teeth, and at the same time eat fiber.

Useful milk can be drunk, scraped and eat pulp, and the shell can be used for construction. Drill two large holes (d = 5 cm): one is for stability, the other will serve as a door. Drill 4 holes on the side or on the side opposite from the entrance – this is a ventilation window.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to make a house for a fluffy animal yourself. The main thing is desire, perseverance and a little imagination. For your zeal the hamster will thank you with his pleased look!