How To Know The Gender Of A Hamster

Hamsters are one of the most popular pets in the modern world. Small fluffy rodents often live in groups, as they are very social animals. And if you plan to purchase or have already purchased several individuals, it is very important to know their gender. Indeed, like many representatives of their family, they breed incredibly fast. On how to distinguish the sex of these small animals, we will discuss further.

At what age is the easiest to find out the gender of a hamster

Purely technically, you can determine the gender of a hamster at any age. However, it will be much easier to do this with an animal that has reached the 30–35th day of life. It is this age that is considered the beginning of maturity for these rodents.

It is worth noting that some types of hamsters (in particular, dwarf ones) are so tiny that their sex can be determined with certainty only by indirect signs characteristic of a particular breed.

How To Know The Gender Of A Hamster

How to distinguish male hamsters from females

Basically, everyone knows how you can find out the gender of an animal. However, hamsters are very small in size, especially at an early age, so in order to correctly determine their gender, you need to know some characteristic signs that will help you not to make a mistake.

In appearance

Females of hamsters, as a rule, are larger than males, their back is more rounded and wider. As for the males, they differ not only in the more modest body sizes. The end of the back at the tail of them narrows and is even somewhat pointed, which is not the case with the female. There are no other characteristic external differences in these animals.

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By behavior

In principle, there is no difference in the behavior of boys and girls, if you do not take into account representatives of certain breeds. So, female Syrian hamsters are less tolerant of representatives of their species. But such a difference is more an exception than a rule for the world of rodents.

How To Know The Gender Of A Hamster

On the placement of the excretory and genitals

Before proceeding with the inspection of the torso, be prepared for the fact that the animal will try to escape, constantly twisting and twisting. Take your pet in your arms as smoothly as possible, consider carefully if you do not want to be bitten.

There are several rules that make the inspection procedure as simple and quick as possible for both parties:

  1. It is better to pick up an animal that has just woken up or is already falling asleep.
  2. Pet the animal, perhaps treat it with something. Show friendly intentions.
  3. Get ready for the fact that the hamster can still rebel and run away. Close windows, doors, cover other dangerous places.
  4. Inspect the hamster over something soft. If you fall from your hands and hit it on a hard surface, the consequences can be unpleasant.
  5. You can’t take a rodent by the withers, like a cat or a dog! Hamsters have a completely different body structure. Take the animal by the fold of skin on the shoulder blades with two fingers.
How To Know The Gender Of A Hamster

Your task is to carefully turn the hamster on its back and examine the genitals and anus. You can also take the animal by the scruff and raise it. From the skin tension, the hind legs of the animal are involuntarily placed.

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In a mature male, testicles stand out noticeably. Females have no “swelling” in the genital area.

If you have to examine the cubs, then determining their gender will be a little more difficult. The distance between the anus and the urinary canal is significantly greater in boys than in girls. In addition, small males in the genital area have a swelling that will soon develop into the testes.

How To Know The Gender Of A Hamster

If it seems to you that there is only one hole there, chances are good that you are holding a female. In addition, if an adult female has a distance between the anus and the urinary canal of 2.5–3 mm, then a small one can have 0.5–1 mm.

Still not sure? Assess the animal for other, indirect signs.

On the nipples

If you examine the female hamster, you can see 6 nipples on the chest, which is not found in the male. True, this secondary sexual trait is visible only in animals that have reached puberty.

On this, the list of sexual differences between hamsters is over.

If the examination of the dimensions and sexual characteristics of your hamster still has not clarified the situation, you can take the animal to a veterinary clinic or repeat the examination after a couple of days. In any case, when you are not sure about the gender of the hamster, and you definitely do not need offspring, it is better to plant the animals in cells. For most hamsters, being alone is not a problem.