How To Independently Determine The Gender Of A Hamster

Hamsters are one of the most common types of pets, which is popular because of its unpretentiousness in feeding and keeping conditions.

Most often, at home, it is customary to keep dwarf Dzungarian and large Syrian individuals.

Why do I need to know the gender?

  1. The choice of a name depends on the gender of the hamster, it is unlikely that the potential owner wants to give his pet a masculine name, doubting his gender.
  2. If you plan to contain several individuals at once, you need to know the gender. Two boys get along badly with each other, and the maintenance of heterosexual hamsters will lead to fast and not always planned breeding.

Knowledge of the sex of several pets will allow them to provide the most comfortable stay, prevent unwanted reproduction and possible fights between males.

How To Independently Determine The Gender Of A Hamster


How to prepare for the inspection?

Determining the sex of a hamster is important to carry out carefully so as not to introduce the animal into a stressful condition dangerous to it. It is preferable to inspect the pet when it is in a quiet half-asleep state. In this case, it will be possible to avoid his aggression, and attempts to escape from the hands will be minimal.

To calm down, you must first stroke the hamster, treat it to delicious and only after that proceed to the examination. The procedure itself is carried out on a soft surface on which the hamster should be placed. It can be a terry towel or a blanket laid out on a table or knees. Keep the animal during the procedure should be tight, but without causing him pain.

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Having placed the hamster on the left palm, grasp the pet by the thumb and forefinger of the right hand by a small fold of skin located between the shoulder blades. Such a clamp will allow the animal to fix without pain and unnecessary stress.

The final stage of preparation: holding the hamster by the fold between the shoulder blades, lay him on the back. It is not recommended to stretch the skin on the body of the pet, this will cause him painful discomfort.

How to distinguish a boy from a girl?

Externally, the sexual characteristics of hamsters vary slightly depending on the age of the individual.

The main signs by which adult animals should be examined are as follows:

  1. The size. Females are noticeably larger than males, however, this symptom only works if several pets are kept at once, when a visual comparison can be made.
  2. The shape of the body. In the male, the tip of the back is slightly pointed and pointing upwards, while in the female the back is rounded.
  3. Sexual signs. After 35 days of life, the male hamster is clearly visible amygdala testicles, characterized by convexity. In females, there are no bulges in this area.
  4. Adult females have evenly spaced nipples – with the normal development of an individual, there are 4 pairs of them.
How To Independently Determine The Gender Of A Hamster


How to determine the gender of the Dzungarian hamster?

Dzungarian hamsters are one of the most popular types of hamsters, so potential breeders often face the question of how to distinguish a boy from a girl? To solve this problem, one should rely on the characteristics of males and females characteristic of this breed:

  1. From the age of 4 weeks in males of the Dzungarian hamsters, by light pressure in the inguinal region, testicles that began to appear can be felt.
  2. It is easier for a boy of the Dzungarian breed to find the navel, regardless of age.
  3. Males have a thicker coat.
  4. In Dzungarian hamsters, the distance between the urinary opening and the anus is no more than 3 mm.
  5. Females are wild, more active and harder to hold.
  6. It is almost impossible to feel the navel in girls, but there are 4 rows of paired nipples on the belly of the pet.
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The presence of several individuals of the Dzungarian hamsters at once will make it possible to determine gender by size. Females always surpass males in this indicator.

How to determine the gender of a Syrian hamster?

The signs by which a female and a male Syrian hamster can be distinguished are similar to methods for determining the sex of the Dzungarian hamster. You should pay attention to the presence of papillae, denser vegetation in the boy, the size of the individual, as well as the location of the genitals. In female hamsters, the distance between the urinary tract and the anus is always minimal.

How To Independently Determine The Gender Of A Hamster


How to distinguish the gender of babies?

The main signs of gender differences in individuals of hamsters do not work if you want to determine the sex of the baby. The main nuance to which you should pay attention in this case is the distance between the anus and the genitourinary tract. In females it should be less than in males.

Due to the small size of the hamster, these holes can be found far from immediately, and in a small female they may seem the same. Nevertheless, the male is always distinguished by the visualized distance between the anus and the genitourinary canal.

The male gender of the hamster, regardless of the type of breed, is also distinguished by the presence of swollen areas in the genitourinary tract, indicating the initial stage of testicular development. Their presence can be determined by light pressure in the inguinal region. Feeling roundness and will be the site of the initial stage of development of sexual characteristics of the male.

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Determining the sex of a hamster is a simple but painstaking process, which should be carried out with extreme caution so as not to harm the animal. If you still can’t find signs of sex on the pet’s body, you should contact your veterinarian for help.