How To Find Out That A Hamster Is Pregnant

Two hamsters. couple

If a boy and a girl live in the same cell, you have the right to expect a population explosion. Syrian hamsters reach puberty in about 1.5 months, at a time the hamster brings 6. 8 cubs (and sometimes 10. 15!).

Hamster lady with character. The male, especially the young and inexperienced, gets great from her. Some Dulsinei bite their knights to the blood and do not pose a threat to life only during estrus, which lasts 3-4 days. In a tight cage, the female character spoils so much!

Young couples raised together usually coexist without fights. The lady begins to bite the gentleman when she becomes pregnant and the father of the future offspring becomes completely superfluous. Therefore, it is better to put him in another cage, or, if the hamsters occupied a spacious room, separate it with a partition. And take care of your own fingers! The future mother does not like familiarity, do not pick it up (and, of course, you should not allow children to squeeze a pregnant animal).

Although hamsters mature early, the female is allowed to breed after two months of age. Younger mothers may not have enough milk, then the hamsters will die. In general, hamsters have the most favorable age for reproduction. from 3 months to one and a half years.

How To Find Out That A Hamster Is Pregnant

Pregnancy in Syrian hamsters lasts 16. 21 days. The female herself arranges the nest and the “pantry”, and if the pregnant female is greatly concerned about the lack of supplies, it is useful to give her a little grain above the norm. The diet of a pregnant female should include enough greens, germinated cereals. They increase the proportion of cottage cheese, boiled meat, you can treat yourself with not sharp cheese. A piece of chalk and a piece of coal should lie in the cell; you can put a tablet of phytin or calcium gluconate.

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The best thing the owner can do. Do not disturb the pregnant and lactating hamster.

The last cleaning of the cage is carried out shortly before the expected birth, while the house and nest are not touched. Next cleaning. when the hamsters are already two weeks old. If there is no house in the cage, it is better to close the nest from bright light (the aquarium can be partially obscured by throwing a piece of tissue, but it’s useless to put it directly on the cage. They will drag it inside and let it go for construction work).

Hold back your curiosity. No matter how much we want to intervene in family life, do not touch the hamsters. Otherwise, their smell will mix with yours, and the female will begin to bite her offspring or quit feeding them.

The two-week-old hamster is no longer so defenseless: he is not naked, his eyes have opened, he can be accustomed to ordinary food. What the hamster mom is doing in vivo, using stocks from the “pantry”. Our Syrian hamsters have natural conditions in the distant past, and we do not always allow them to make reserves. Therefore, the zealous owner begins to sprinkle in the nest a little steamed Hercules, or porridge, or chopped vegetables.

At three weeks old, hamsters gnaw on ordinary food, learn the world and are very independent. In a month and a half, puberty comes to an end and children’s friendship ends. Games turn into fights, mother more and more often flies her teeth. It’s time to hand out hamsters and think whether you will once again embark on such an adventure.

How To Find Out That A Hamster Is Pregnant