How To Find And Catch A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

Hamsters are wonderful little pets that do not cause much trouble to the owners. They are kept in cages, terrariums and aquariums. But it may happen that your hamster somehow managed to leave his home.

Finding a fugitive is not easy, but quite real. And now we will tell you how to do it.

Why a hamster can escape from a cage

To begin, consider the possible causes of escape:

  1. You forgot to close the cage. You can’t leave an unattended door open even for a minute, hamsters love freedom very much and can take advantage of such a convenient moment.
  2. A cage with a wooden base. A small animal can gnaw a tree, because of which the rods become loose, and he easily crawls out.
  3. Aquarium without a cover. From such a dwelling a hamster can very easily fall into the wild. In order to climb up and run away, he will use improvised means, for example, a running wheel.
  4. While walking around the apartment. Usually children like hamsters to walk, but if the child is distracted at least for a moment, then his pet will immediately disappear in an unknown direction.
  5. During the cleaning of the cage. It is best at this moment to resettle the pet in a three-liter jar and give a treat, otherwise the escape is almost inevitable.
How To Find And Catch A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

Where hamsters can hide

If your little rodent has nevertheless escaped, then do not succumb to panic, but rather start your search right away. Keep in mind that the hamster fell into unfamiliar places, he is afraid and, most likely, will hide in some quiet place, safe from his point of view. We recommend that you carefully search the following locations:

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  • objects near the cage itself (clothes, dishes, books), because maybe the fugitive hid very close by;
  • behind any furniture where there are any gaps, holes (walls, bedside tables, sofas, tables, chairs, etc.), as well as inside it;
  • a variety of boxes and cans of any size;
  • bags and shoes;
  • home appliances, especially those that have holes or crevices;
  • private places in the bathroom and toilet.
How To Find And Catch A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

How to catch a fugitive in an apartment

If your searches were unsuccessful and the small pet seemed to fall through the ground, then you have to be smart and just track down the escaped animal.

Pour goodies

Sooner or later the fugitive will want to eat, and hunger will drive him out of a secret place in search of food. Therefore, in each room, in the kitchen and other rooms of your home, put sunflower seeds on the floor (hamsters adore them). Note that you are looking for a beast that activates at night, which means that in the morning it makes sense to check edible bookmarks. Remember the places where the seeds disappeared and the next night again report back the treat. It remains only to sprinkle around flour or corn starch. Now you can easily track your pet to its refuge in tiny white tracks.

How To Find And Catch A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

Favorite toy

You can use the running wheel, which is in the cage. Usually hamsters love to run in it.

Hamster traps

If the simplest methods did not work, then you have to set traps. They are very easy to make with your own hands. The main thing is that such devices are safe for small fluffy rodents.

How To Find And Catch A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

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From a plastic bottle

The process for making a trap from a plastic bottle is as follows:

  1. Take a 2 liter flat-walled plastic bottle.
  2. Prepare scissors, an elastic band, and a small board or thick cardboard.
  3. Scissors cut the three sides of the bottle from the bottom, do not touch the fourth. The bottom will be the door through which air will go, so bend it and secure it with an elastic band to prevent it from closing.
  4. Prepare the size of the bottle, the so-called bridge, through which the hamster will fall into the trap. Attach the bridge to the lower free edge of the bottle so that it goes inward under a slope and can bend under the weight of the animal.
  5. Put a delicious bait in the bottle.
  6. The hamster, smelling a delicious smell, will fall into the bottle on the bridge. Then the bridge will rise back, and the fugitive will fall into the trap.
How To Find And Catch A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

Toilet paper sleeve

The next simple device for catching a hamster is a cardboard sleeve from toilet paper (suitable for paper towels).

But this method is good if you have some idea where the pet is hiding. You just have to wait for the animal to fall into the trap.

How To Find And Catch A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

So, take the sleeve, seal one of the edges. Inside, put a treat and direct the free edge to where your fugitive is most likely hiding. Smelling a delicious smell, the animal will probably go into an impromptu trap. Wait for this moment and carefully covering the hole with your palm, transfer the hamster into its cage.

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Another handy tool for the trap is a regular plastic bucket. At the bottom, be sure to put something soft (towel, hay, sawdust) so that your hamster does not crash. Now consider the path by which the animal will fall into the bucket.

It can be, for example, a ladder from books or a tablet. Arrange the seeds on the way, cover the bucket itself with a sheet of paper on which to put something tasty. The hamster will follow the bait and will inevitably fall into the trap.

How To Find And Catch A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

How to prevent an escape

Catching a runaway hamster is a rather difficult task, therefore it is best to create conditions for the animal so that the escape is minimized.

Here are the recommendations:

  • the cage should be strong and reliable, it is best to hang a lock on the door, because the hamster can quickly cope with the latch;
  • the bottom of the cage is best made of plastic, the hamster most likely will not gnaw it;
  • Better place the hamster’s dwelling in a quiet and calm place, loud noises, other pets, a large number of people will interfere with the animal, and it can escape at the first opportunity;
  • provide your pet with toys, good food and drink;
  • watch the hamster’s mood, if he’s sad, that means he doesn’t like something, play with him.

How To Find And Catch A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

Now you know how to prevent your pet from escaping. And if this does happen, then following all the above recommendations, it’s not difficult to find the missing animal