How To Find A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

How To Find A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

Hamsters love to explore unknown places. If you manage to get out of the cage, go for a walk around the apartment and find them can be quite difficult. Rodent shoots occur if:

  • forgot to lock the cell door;
  • the cage is not very strong and the hamster found a loophole in it;
  • they let him out for a walk and did not follow him;
  • the owner is not careful while cleaning the cage.

Outside, the fugitive is in real danger. He may become a victim of other pets. It can be accidentally stepped on, crushed by the door. If he escaped from a cage, he could climb into a place where he couldn’t get out on his own and die from hunger and dehydration. Hamsters constantly nibble something, and can easily bite the wire or ruin the shoes of the owners.

Therefore, start looking for the fugitive immediately, as soon as you find an empty cage. It must be said that hamsters master shoots, and almost everyone at least once in his life did this. Finding a runaway hamster is not easy. Entire families sometimes run away! You can’t envy the owner who has to catch them. If nevertheless this happened, do not panic. Immediately start your search.

What to do if the hamster escapes?

How To Find A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

First of all, remove the things that are dangerous for the fugitive: mousetraps, toxic substances, and more. Isolate other pets, cats, and dogs.

To find a hamster in an apartment, close all doors, this will help localize searches. Especially the front door, on the street you will not catch him. The apartment must close the entrance to the balcony. Do not forget to put cracks under the doors with towels or rags so that he does not travel in all rooms. Be careful not to accidentally crush the animal. Also warn all family members to look carefully under their feet and be careful.

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If possible, create silence in the house and listen. You may hear a characteristic rustle or clatter of claws. Search will already be easier. Hamsters are active at night, during the day he can lie down and sleep soundly while you are looking for him in the apartment. You can wait for the evening, and calculate its location.

Where to look for a hamster?

How To Find A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

You need to start searching near the cage, often hamsters hide near their home. Carefully inspect all objects and examine all the holes into which the baby can squeeze. While gradually expanding your search, carefully examine the furniture, the spaces behind and under the cabinets. You will have to examine all the boxes, bags and other items that a small traveler can climb into. Pay special attention to shoes; a sly person can sit in any boot or boot. The next step is the examination of household appliances, a fugitive can climb inside through a suitable hole. The ingenuity of a pet can be envied; it can climb into the most unexpected places. Carefully inspect all kinds of pipes, hamsters like to climb in there, they resemble their minks. Try not to make noise while searching. You can scare the animal and he will hide even further.

How to track the animal?

How To Find A Runaway Hamster In An Apartment

If the search yielded no results and it is not known exactly in which room the rodent hid, it is necessary to track it. Lay out in different rooms a small piece of his favorite treat. You can not put a lot of food, otherwise the escape may drag on for a long time. Sprinkle a thin layer of flour or starch around. So you determine in which room the fugitive is hiding. In addition, he will stain paws in flour, and white traces can determine where his new shelter is. At the time of the search, you need to remove cat and dog bowls, all available food, a bin. Do not leave crumbs on the table or floor. Such measures will force the pussies to go on the bait.

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If the hamster is lost in the apartment, you can specially scatter boxes and all kinds of pipes on the floor. The hamster can get in there, it remains only to close the pipe on both sides and carefully transfer the traveler to his apartment.

How to lure a fugitive?

If it is already known in which room the baby is hiding, it is necessary to lure him. Consider the most affordable ways.

How to prevent the escape?

Now you know what to do if the hamster escapes from the cage and how to find it. But it is better to worry in advance so that this does not happen. There are several recommendations for this:

  • Regularly check the reliability of the cage. Inspect the rods, bottom, castle. It is better to use an iron latch than a plastic one.
  • Pay more attention to the rodent, accustom to the hands. Handle carefully so that it does not escape from your hands.
  • Place the cage with the pet in a quiet, calm place, where nothing will frighten and annoy him.
  • Keep your cell clean.
  • Buy a hamster a few toys and attractions so that he has something to do.
  • Change your diet and feed from time to time.

These measures do not fully guarantee against escape. With little tricks, always be on the lookout. But if the hamster escaped, start the search immediately, until it did harm to itself and household things.