How To Feed The Dzungarian Hamsters

To Dzungarian hamster was healthy and cheerful, be sure to pay attention not only to the conditions of his detention, but also to the diet. It must necessarily include green and juicy foods that are pre-washed or rinsed with boiling water. You can not give kids watermelons, potatoes and cabbage – their body does not accept them, but slices of carrots, pumpkins, zucchini, beets, lettuce will be just right.

Starting from 2 months, the pet can be given slices of apples, grapes, currants, as a treat you can give pears, bananas, apricots, and also dried fruits, except for prunes. Do not experiment with citrus and exotic fruits like avocados or pomegranates. In small quantities, hamsters are given greens – the leaves of yellow clover, dandelion, dill, parsley, lettuce, hay are given occasionally, and then it should be chopped slowly. You can grow weed for hamsters by sowing grain they have not eaten in a pot of earth.

How To Feed The Dzungarian Hamsters

Inshell nuts, fruit pits, or pine cones cannot be given, no matter what other lovers advise you. Hamsters can break teeth or injure cheek pouches, and peach or apricot kernels are toxic because they contain prussic acid. As the main feed, you can give various nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Also, make sure that the hamster receives full-fledged crops – the most nutritious are wheat, oats and millet, they can be germinated on the windowsill and give the hamster greens. Add peas, crumbs of rye bread to the feed. Breeders also recommend giving boiled eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled chicken breast, but it is better to refrain from dairy products – the digestive system of herbivorous hamsters is not suitable for them. In the cage must be present twigs, which animals will grind their teeth. It can be branches of hazel, birch, apple, beech, which grow outside the city. Do not pick branches from trees growing along the carriageways – they can be toxic. Before you give the sticks to hamsters, they are boiled for an hour, and then dried.

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Water for Dzungarian hamsters

At any time of the year, fresh clean water should be present in the cage. Despite the fact that most of the moisture hamsters get from plants, sometimes they can be thirsty. Rodents do not drink much, from the side it seems that the amount of water in the drinker does not decrease at all. Do not give hamsters distilled or boiled water, the best option is filtered or spring.

Vitamins for Dzungarian hamsters

It is advisable to put in a cage and pieces of mineral stones, about which the animals will grind their teeth. Human vitamins for rodents are not suitable, their composition and dosage are detrimental to these substances. Drops and crackers that some breeders love to buy are just goodies that are hardly vitamins.

Food for the elderly and weak Dzungarian hamsters

When a hamster ages, his teeth also become weaker, so he needs special nutrition. It is best to offer the pet chopped food, mashed vegetables, nuts, baby cereals and mashed potatoes without seasoning. But do not forget about grain feed – after all, it is these mixtures that activate the digestive system and prevent its upset. In mashed potatoes and cereals, it is very convenient to add vitamins and medicines for weakened hamsters. It is worth remembering that even in the refrigerator such food can be stored for no more than a week.

You can also drink sick hamsters with a warm broth of chamomile, but milk, contrary to the advice of many breeders, is impossible. If the hamster refuses to eat, you can feed and drink the animal from the syringe without a needle. It is necessary to grind the food to the consistency of sour cream and feed it warm.

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Ready-made feed for Dzungarian hamsters

As for the purchased food for hamsters, the main producers are the companies Zoomir, Khomka, Rodent, JR Farm, Versele-Laga, Fiory, Beaphar, Benelux and other companies. You can offer a hamster and goodies that resemble a spikelet – when a grain feed is sticked onto a stick using a sweet substance. Such goodies can be given no more than once a month, you can also encourage kids with biscuits, nuts, dried apricots. The hamsters’ organism is not adapted to absorb sweet, starchy, spicy and fatty foods, so in no case give him food from your table.