How To Feed Hamsters, Or The Proper Nutrition Of Your Furry Pet

Each caring owner, acquiring a small nimble living lump, called a "hamster", wants to see him always healthy. And this will depend primarily on the proper nutrition of the pet, which is a representative of rodents. Before you offer something new to your little shustrik, you need to think about whether he would eat it while in the natural habitat. wildlife or not. Would this make his tiny tummy hurt? Would he not like those pesticides and GMOs that, unfortunately, people use? Therefore, it is better not to feed him “human” food.

How To Feed Hamsters, Or The Proper Nutrition Of Your Furry Pet

The basis of its menu must necessarily be a tasty and nutritious grain mixture of oats and wheat. How can I feed hamsters yet? Washed and dried grass, better than field or collected away from the roadway. On sale are granules from field grass and special hay from meadow herbs for hamsters. True, the latter is intended for bedding. But hamsters eat this hay with great pleasure and benefit.

How to feed hamsters carefully?

By what applies to them for treats. That is, you can give "goodies", but a little bit. These are corn grains, dried peas, peanuts, sunflower seeds – they contain a lot of vegetable fats that can cause stress on the liver, metabolic disorders. This should also include sweet fruits (apples, apricots, pears, peaches, bananas), vegetables (beets, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkins, squash). They need to be slightly dried (dried), so that excess moisture does not cause an upset stomach. Occasionally, you can pamper your pet with protein food. boiled chicken without salt and spices, boiled chicken and quail eggs, a drop of low-fat cottage cheese, milk and kefir with a low percentage of fat content.

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How to feed hamsters do not need?

How To Feed Hamsters, Or The Proper Nutrition Of Your Furry Pet

2. Fresh bread is also not recommended. it can cause bloating.

3. Exotic fruits. For them, this is not a characteristic food.

4. Citrus fruits. Besides the fact that they are unusual for these rodents, they still contain a lot of acid, which can cause hamsters stomach pain, digestive upset.

5. From vegetables. potatoes, any cabbage, onions and garlic.

6. Leaves of cereal crops. A hamster can damage the mucous membrane of the oral cavity or sacs about their sharp edges.

7. Leaves and yellow flowers of dandelion. This plant contains pet caustic juice, which can cause irritation to the mouth.

8. Do not give hamsters seeds from fruit. they contain hydrocyanic acid in a lethal dose.

9. It is not recommended to feed them with hard cheese – it contains dyes and spices harmful to the rodent’s body. It is spicy, salty and fatty, and this is just the whole list of forbidden tastes.

How to feed a hamster?

How To Feed Hamsters, Or The Proper Nutrition Of Your Furry Pet

What do hamsters eat?

The diet of a cute rodent can not do without vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals. Their number and proportions should ensure the full functioning of the body and replenish the energy spent by the animal. The hamster must have clean drinking water without fail. Every pet. a gourmet, he has his own individual addictions, you can’t do without this. Who, if not the master, will create paradise life? Who will give their love and attention? Of course, the owner! And in gratitude for the attention and care, the hamster will slowly turn into a manual, affectionate one. With pleasure, she will begin to take a small seed directly from her hands, stuffing it into a bag in reserve. Or right on your hands to feast on a slice of an apple. And then, without running away, immediately put yourself in order. Isn’t that great !?