How To Feed A Hamster The Best Tips

Hamsters are perhaps the most enjoyable and cute creatures from the rodent family. Today, many pet lovers buy hamsters. In fact, these small creatures do not require constant attention of the owners (they do not need to walk several times a day). For a hamster, the main thing is that there is always a certain supply of food, water in the drinker, and, from time to time, a clean cage. So, keeping these pets at home is not at all difficult. Rodents have a standard diet – vegetables, cereals. But still, if you are the owner of a hamster, then you should familiarize yourself with the daily diet of your pet in more detail. With proper care, nutrition and care, these animals are able to delight their owners for two to three years.

From the very beginning, you need to learn a few truths:

  • domestic hamsters do not eat like their brothers, who live in a natural environment;
  • You cannot feed your hamster what you eat. These gentle creatures simply can not cope with human food;
  • hamsters eat everything! They do not understand which food is healthy and which is not. For this they need owners;
  • Do not buy hamster food for parrots, rats, guinea pigs and so on. Although it seems to you that the list of products in the composition is very similar, but each feed undergoes special processing designed for a certain type of pet.

In addition to dry food, hamsters need fresh herbs, juicy vegetables and fruits. But all food should be fresh and washed. Here is a list of foods that domestic rodents are allowed to eat: carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, lettuce, apples, grapes, currants, small amounts of apricot, pear, banana.

How To Feed A Hamster The Best Tips

If you are the owner of a hamster, you should definitely know what you can’t feed your pet with. First of all, these are many dairy products, exotic fruits, cabbage, potatoes, fruit pits, cones, hay. Nuts, cereals and seeds are perhaps the favorite food of these animals.

Most likely, you are interested in the following questions: how many times a day you need to feed a hamster, how much an animal can live without food, how the feeding occurs in stages. You need to find out all this before you buy fluffy baby. You need to feed the hamster once or twice a day. These animals tend to make food supplies, first in the cheeks, and then transfer them to their “warehouse", so it is not necessary to leave the feeder with food in the cage. Without food and water, the pet will live quietly for two or three days, but leaving it for a week in a cage and without food is better not worth it. Although the homesters spend a lot of time in deep sleep, nevertheless, after waking up, they definitely need something to eat. Alternate dry food with fresh products, daily change the water in the drinking bowl.

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Well, how much hamsters eat specifically depends on their breed and individual characteristics. But you do not need to measure the volume or weight of food. It is enough to feed the pet several times, and pay attention to how much it eats, and how much it hides in the cheeks. Then you can guess approximately with portions.

How to feed a Dzungarian hamster?

Dzungarian hamsters are cute tiny creatures that are considered picky to eat. But this does not mean that you can feed the Dzungarian hamster horrible. Hamsters of this breed are really very small, but they have a fast metabolism, so you need to follow a special balanced diet. Proper and healthy food will help your pet grow up healthy, fun and active. So, what is vital for a little jungarik?

  1. Standard dry food for hamsters.
  2. From two months you can already give small pieces of apple, currant, other fruits and vegetables. The main thing is not to overdo it with a portion, so as not to cause diarrhea. Remember that these pets have a very delicate stomach.
  3. Basil and coriander.
  4. Vitamins (if they are not included in the dry food).
  5. Protein-containing foods (pumpkin seeds or melons, lentils, sesame seeds, flax seeds).
  6. Boiled meat (chicken, turkey).

You can feed your pet in the morning or evening. But the main thing is to do it every day and at the same time! Let food be in the trough always. For a day, a dzhungarik should more than have enough of a tablespoon of food. Overeating kids is completely useless. It is also very important to consider the individual characteristics of your animal. If your jungle is not thrilled with apples, then offer him a banana or other substitute. Do not forget that the drinker should always be filled with fresh and clean water, even if it seems to you that the hamster does not touch the water at all.

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The daily diet of the Syrian hamster is no different from other breeds of these animals. The main thing is that every day there is a fresh and varied food.

How to choose food for hamsters?

Today there is a very large assortment of ready-made dry feeds for domestic hamsters. It is important to buy food specifically for hamsters, and not the rest of the rodents. Naturally, the owners of these domestic animals are always interested in what kind of food is better to get.

How To Feed A Hamster The Best Tips

Of course, the best feed from foreign manufacturers, although it is much more expensive in price. Here are the most popular feeds from European companies:

  1. JR FarmHamster (German).
  2. VerseleLaga Hamster Nature (Belgian).
  3. PadovanGrandmixCriceti, FioriCriceti (Italian).
  4. VitapolKarma (Polish).

Also good dry feeds are: “Homka”, “Homka Gourmand”, “Animals”. Carefully read the composition and focus on expiration dates. Let your pet be always full, satisfied and healthy.

How to feed a hamster?

We already talked in detail about the daily diet of hamsters. You already know that there are different breeds of these little domestic rodents. Each type of hamster has its own characteristics in the care, in feeding, but there is such food that is forbidden to eat all domestic rodents.

Many are interested in the question whether hamsters can use cabbage. There is no definite answer, because sometimes the owners give their pets a bite of cabbage and, it seems, the kids are delighted with such food. But, do not forget that the hamster is not a rabbit. The structure of the digestive system in these animals is completely different. In general, cabbage is very difficult for the digestive tract of hamsters. But if you still decide to include it in the menu once or twice, then nothing bad will happen.

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How To Feed A Hamster The Best Tips

Is it possible to feed rodents watermelon? This question arises more than once among beginner hamsters. After all, sometimes such a temptation to treat your four-friend with delicious exotic fruits from your table. But the answer is no and no again! This fruit is full of sugar, nitrates and other toxic substances that can kill a small animal. The same goes for kiwi, oranges, apricots, peaches, pineapples.

If you already became the owner of a hamster, then you should know exactly what you can give from food, as well as what they eat in addition to food. We have already talked about this above. No need to share with your pet all that you eat yourself.

Closely monitor what you can give from food, what you can’t. After all, these are not empty warnings. Hamsters are very gentle creatures, they are unlikely to independently refuse to offer the food, because animals never think about the possible consequences.

What, besides feed, is it possible to feed the little fluffies? The menu can be very different:

  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • meat;
  • some dairy products;
  • vitamins;
  • greenery;
  • cereals;
  • herbs;
  • nuts
  • sunflower seeds.

If before purchasing a pet, you will carefully study what you need to feed it with, which vegetables you can poison a hamster, and which ones will be very useful, then your pet will live a full and long life.

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