How To Equip An Aquarium For A Hamster

Hamsters are funny animals, which are very interesting to watch. But a hamster is not an entertainment, but a living creature that requires care, albeit a simple one.

For a comfortable life, a hamster needs a competently furnished home. hamster cage. And the obligatory interior items of the cage include: a feeding trough, a drinking bowl, a running wheel, a house, toys, a filler and a mineral stone.

The presence of a shelter is very important for the psychological comfort of a hamster. For a rodent, it is an analogue of a natural mink, in which the animal can hide from people, rest and store its “strategic reserves”. In the cage periodically it is necessary to remove the spoiled products from the "pantry" of the hamster. There is no need to equip the house, just install it in a cage, and the hamster will arrange it to his liking.

As feeders, which should be at least two in the cage for the hamster, it is better to use heavy bowls: porcelain, metal, ceramic or hanging. This is due to the love of hamsters for the constant turning of the feeder. Wooden feeders are expensive, but they become unusable very quickly, glass feeders do not fit at all, a hamster can break it and get hurt. One feeder is used for the grain mixture and is not necessary for the hamster, but its presence supports the similarity in the cage order. A second feeder is needed for wet, green, and liquid foods. If the products are poured onto the floor of the cage, they will mix with a filler, the ingestion of which is undesirable for the hamster.

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Hamsters come from arid areas and are adapted to receive a minimum of moisture, but still clean water is needed constantly.

All kinds of toys are very useful for the development and full life of a hamster, which in nature runs enormous distances in a day. Naturally in a tight cage, he suffers from a lack of movement and just boredom. Ladders, wheels, bridges are necessary not only for entertainment, but also for maintaining health. In a limited space of the cell, hamsters tend to gain weight, which weakens the immune system, negatively affects the process of procreation and shortens life.

How To Equip An Aquarium For A Hamster

Cages for hamsters

If the hamster refuses to "exercise" in the wheel, an alternative would be a plastic ball in which the hamster is placed. In such a ball, the animal can be let go for a walk around the apartment and natural curiosity simply will not allow him to remain in place.

All toys must be selected from safe and durable materials, because the hamster will certainly bite them. This applies to all objects, including cells. Weaning from trying everything on the tooth is useless, this is the natural instinct of a hamster that needs to grind its teeth.

To keep the hamster from spoiling toys, ladders, feeding troughs and houses, place “gnaw-resistant” porcelain and metal toys, mineral stone, willow twigs, apple trees, pears or wooden toys specially designed for biting, but not painted ones in a cage.

An important aspect of the comfortable existence of not only the hamster, but also its owner – this is the right choice of filler. This can be a tree leaf filler, a cat tree filler, or specifically designed for a rodent. Fillers from needles, sawdust, silica gel, clay categorically do not fit hamsters. Using cotton wool is dangerous; in its fibers, the hamster can become tangled and damage the legs. Regular replacement of the filler, even if it seems that it is not contaminated, prevents unpleasant odors and the development of infections in the animal.

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The hamster cage should be placed away from heating radiators, drafts and noise. Hamsters catch a cold easily, too dry air irritates the airways, loud noises make the hamsters nervous and restless.

Animals are very susceptible to changes, so frequent movement of the cell to different places is not recommended. When cleaning, you do not need to do a rearrangement in the cage, especially to change the location of the "pantry". The maximum that you can is to throw out spoiled stocks. Any rearrangement entails the emergence of new odors that make the hamsters very sensitive to them nervous.

In a properly equipped cage, the hamster will be comfortable, and you can enjoy communication with a friendly and mobile animal.