How To Equip A Cage For A Hamster

So, you have made the decision to get a hamster, and you have already chosen a house that’s not for him: a cage. However, choosing a cage for a hamster is far from all that needs to be done for the future of your guest. Any caring owner must properly equip it and create coziness and comfort in it so that the life of a small pet is as convenient as possible in it.

How To Equip A Cage For A Hamster

The “decoration elements” of a hamster’s cage include: a house, a running wheel, a file, toys and at least one drinker.

Most people who first take up raising hamsters think that keeping a small rodent is a simple and troublesome task. But, this is far from the case. Whatever pet you have in the house – this is, first of all, a great responsibility, the care of which should always be right, and as practice shows, it is not so simple! Although hamsters are small helpless creatures, they also need your care, support and attention.

Hamsters are especially important to feed properly

Therefore, before you bring such a small creature and release it into the cage, be sure to study the diet as much as possible. For example, not everyone knows that hamsters should not be given cabbage, it causes an upset stomach, and such a natural phenomenon for a small animal can cause serious harm to its health, sometimes even fatal.

Be extremely careful. Caring for hamsters is no less painstaking than taking care of a dog or cat. It is important to know all the basics regarding food and housing.

How to equip a hamster cage?

So, a drinking bowl is a container for water. No matter how well you feed your rodent with vegetables and fruits, clean and fresh water should always be. In addition, they consume a lot of water per day. Drinking bowls come in different shapes, colors and materials.

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The most common drinkers are hanging on a cage. Their design is completely simple and easy to drink. It is important when choosing such a drinking bowl to take into account the quality and the material from which it is made. It is advisable to choose with a glass spray, rather than plastic.
Also, when choosing a hanging drinking bowl, pay attention to the hole with the ball, from where water directly passes when the ball rotates with the tongue of the hamster. The wheel should rotate freely while its diameter should correspond to the tube, the ball should not be too small, otherwise water will seep into the cage.

The cereal feeder is actually not a mandatory attribute for the hamster itself, but it helps to maintain order in the cage. When choosing a feeder, keep in mind the fact that hamsters simply love to turn over feeders, so we recommend choosing either a hanging or heavier bowl.


We all know that hamsters are thrifty animals, in the wild, they keep all their savings in minks. Decorative hamsters have their natural instincts and hide all their reserves in houses that are installed in a cage.

A running wheel is a must-have attribute and must be present in every hamster cage. Hamsters are very nimble and mobile creatures, as a rule, they do not have enough cells for full movement, it is necessary to install a running wheel.

Remember that the life and longevity of the hamster is completely in your hands.