How To Determine The Gender Of A Hamster

How to determine the gender of a hamster with high accuracy, how to properly hold the animal and safely conduct an inspection, a description of inspection methods and signs of sex.

Determining the sex of a hamster is a difficult task only at first glance. How to find the right approach to the pet, what to look for during the examination and how not to harm the animal in the process, what are the primary and secondary sexual differences, this article will tell.

How To Determine The Gender Of A Hamster

Indirect gender characteristics

Males and females differ from each other in appearance. A number of external signs may hint how to distinguish a boy from a girl in hamsters, but they are not an absolute guarantee.

  • the body size of female hamsters of all breeds is larger than that of males;
  • If you look at the animals from above, you will notice differences in the shape of the body. The back of the male is slightly pointed, as if elongated, and rises slightly upward. Females are more rounded;
  • the fur of males is longer than that of their girlfriends;
  • the blades of hamster boys are more pointed and pronounced than those of hamster girls;
  • by quick weight gain, a female can be recognized during pregnancy;
  • Hamsters-boys are distinguished by a peaceful, good-natured character, they are easier to tame, make contact and spend time with pleasure in the hands of the owner. Girls are moody, often bite and tame for a long time.

How to keep a hamster when examined

In order to examine the animal, it is necessary to turn it upside down. This simple action with a hamster becomes an insoluble task. A nimble nimble little animal does not feel safe in this position, and is trying to roll over with all its might. It is impossible to hold it by force, because the kids are very fragile, and efforts can easily hurt.

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Important: the animal, indignant at the unceremoniousness, can begin to bite. In order to avoid bites and not bring the pet to aggression, it is better to choose a time for inspection when the hamster feels calm, ate well, and sleeps best. In this state, he will not immediately react, and a couple of minutes will be enough to figure out his secrets. Before inspection and after the animal, you need to calm and treat him with your favorite treats.

Before the procedure, you need to wash your hands with a product without a pungent odor, so that the hamster is not afraid of the unusual atmosphere. A site for inspection is also desirable. The hamster can break out of his hands and fall, so he will have to hold it over a soft litter, or over his knees.

There are several safe ways for a hamster to inspect:

  1. The animal is taken under the front legs with a ring from the index and thumb. The lower part remains on weight. The hamster is lifted, holding the bottom with his free hand, and look, holding the animal in an upright position.
  2. If the hamster is actively resisting, you can put it on a glass or grille and look at it from below.

It is important when examining to monitor the position of the animal and in no case to turn it upside down. Having lost balance, a frightened pet immediately clings its teeth to the owner.

What to look for to determine gender

An attempt to consider whether the hamster has seminal glands (testicles) is not always successful. At a young age, they are almost invisible, in addition, in some cases they can remain in the abdominal cavity. Meanwhile, it is desirable to plant different-sex animals in different cells as quickly as possible, because already at the age of a month they may become pregnant.

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Rounded slightly elongated formations in the lower abdomen between the anus and the urethra clearly give out the male. They begin to be determined from the age of 35-40 days and then gradually increase with increasing age of the hamster.

In young hamsters, especially Dzungarian hamsters and other small breeds, the testes are often not visible. In this case, you need to pay attention to the anus and the urethra (urethra). The distance between the two holes makes it easy to understand which sex the animal is.

  • if the distance does not exceed half a centimeter for the Syrian, and for the Dzungarian hamsters it generally seems that there is only one hole, this is a girl. A characteristic feature is the absence of hair between the anus and the urethra, which forms a small but recognizable bald spot near the base of the tail.
  • If the distance is relatively large, it reaches a centimeter and a half, if hair grows between the anus and the urethra, then the animal is definitely a male.

Additional gender signs

Another sign that the boy gives out is a tubercle on the abdomen, the so-called odorous gland. It happens in males of small breeds, including Dzungarian hamsters, with its help males mark the boundaries of their territory. It looks like a roundish bulge of a yellowish color without hair, exactly in the middle of the abdomen, and happens exclusively in males.

Female hamsters of any breed can be identified by nipples. Hamsters have six nipples, three on each side. At a young age, the nipples look like barely visible pimples, but if they were found, they point to the female. In males, the surface of the abdomen is densely covered with hair and nipple signs cannot be found.

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It is necessary to find out the gender of the animal so that the small pet gets a nickname that suits him. The correct determination of gender will help to avoid an accidental pregnancy or vice versa, to plan a healthy offspring with a suitable couple.