How To Choose Food For Hamsters

How To Choose Food For Hamsters

Hamsters are very cute and funny little animals. The favorites of our children, and, of course, adults. Even such a small creature needs care and comfort. And before such small animals we have a responsibility: how to care for them and how to feed them. One of the important criteria for a prosperous life is food for hamsters. Due to the good composition that manufacturers offer, you can choose the most suitable. We will dwell on them in more detail and consider the best options for manufacturers representing high-quality food for a small pet.

The main thing in feeding is to make the pet most rational.

How To Choose Food For Hamsters

Which feed to choose

But the key to success is that dry food is consumed along with fresh grass, as well as the addition of cucumber, tomato, pear and apple. Also add fresh carrots, corn and beets.

The list of prohibited foods include garlic, onions and cabbage.

Types of feed

Jr farm

The first most popular pet food. Unique in composition, as it contains a lot of the most useful vitamins and minerals, which greatly helps the digestive process. This manufacturer has collected the most delicious ingredients, which include red millet and wheat ears. The product has a huge amount of protein, which makes the product the most sought after.

Despite the large number of advantages, the only disadvantage is the inconvenient packaging. The general popular opinion about this product is positive, which allows it to occupy the top line of the rating.

Benelux special

The next feed that I would like to talk about. This product is one of the most popular premium brands. Its composition is unique because it includes the best components that you need to give a small pet. There are also enough useful minerals and substances that contribute to the full life of the pet. In addition to the advantages, the disadvantages of the product can be noted – this is a relatively high cost and low protein content. But this product also received popular love.

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How To Choose Food For Hamsters

Fiory criceti

The first feed to maintain immunity. The composition of this product is diverse – it includes different types of cereals, peanuts, peas, honey. A large number of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals predominate. All this is perfectly absorbed by the body of a small rodent, supports the immune system.

Of the minuses, a limited amount of protein and the presence of honey, which is not shown to all animals, can be noted, since it can cause an allergic reaction.

Padovan Grandmix Criceti

The most affordable feed. This food is diverse in composition. Its main components are different types of cereals, nuts and sunflower seeds. This food is characterized by convenient packaging, which is divided into two compartments, which protects against sunlight and excess moisture. The pluses include: good composition, low price and low product consumption. By cons – a low protein content and the presence of dyes.

How To Choose Food For Hamsters

The list of allowed products includes fruits, vegetables and herbs. For example, in the diet of the Dzungarian hamster, you can add dried fruits. In the first place, the basis of the diet is still forage from durum wheat and grain. In order for the hamster’s teeth to grind, it is produced in granules.

It is important to select the food according to the characteristics of your pet. It should fit the size of a small hamster. Indeed, for a dwarf species, for example, grains of a smaller size are characteristic than for larger breeds.

DIY dry food

If for any reason you do not want to buy ready-made feeds, you can prepare the dry mix yourself. Take sunflower seeds, peas, corn kernels, oats, millet, wheat, mix all this and give in the usual amount.

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Vegetables for feeding

Not only food in packages are suitable for feeding rodents. It is very important to use fresh vegetables as food. They are filled with vitamins, and they are recommended to be given in season. Cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, carrots – all this is not only tasty, but also healthy. Vitamins support immunity. It is not recommended to give vegetables such as cabbage, potatoes, frozen or canned fruits.

Remember that the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet should be small, do not turn them into a main dish.

Hamsters are animals that love to stockpile, so if they don’t eat up, for example, a cucumber, they will hide it. And he just goes bad. If you notice that the feed does not fit your pet, then try changing it.

Feeding Features

You need to feed every day. If you are trying a new food for the first time, or your pet is very small, then you need to introduce it gradually so that the hamster can get used to it. If you began to add third-party food in the form of vegetables and fruits to the daily diet, be sure to give only fresh products. And all that he has not finished eating, clean and discard, so as not to spoil. Rinse the bowl periodically with hot water, like a drinker. Use a bowl made of heavy material, such as ceramic, for feeding. She is steady, and it will be difficult to overturn. Try not to give too much food – better watch out for empty bowls and add more often. Give only boiled water, change it at least once a day.

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The hamster is a rodent, which means that his teeth grow throughout his life. In order that they do not interfere with the animal, he must grind them. Therefore, do not forget to buy a mineral or chalk stone for your pet, and also sometimes indulge it with fresh twigs of apple, plum and cherry trees, of course, having previously doused them with boiling water.

In the springtime, you can treat the pussies with a special treat – pick up fresh dandelion leaves with your own hands, rinse them well and give them a little. Dandelion is just a storehouse of vitamins.