How Often Do You Need To Feed A Hamster

How Often Do You Need To Feed A Hamster

Inexperienced owners often wonder how many times a day you need to feed a hamster. If everything is relatively clear with cats and dogs, then we are talking about how to organize the nutrition of a rodent, prone to make hiding places and supplies.

Healthy digestion is the basis of longevity for these animals, so attention should be paid not only to the composition of the diet, but also to the organization of the feeding regimen. Hamsters are nocturnal, and during the day they sleep almost all the time. This feature must be considered in order to decide how many times you can feed the hamster.

Feed rate

It is funny to watch the animal’s meal, but a single evening feeding is optimal when the animal is active. Another acceptable option is feeding in the evening and early morning hours, before the animal sleeps during the day. The evening portion should be significantly larger than the morning.

Having decided on a schedule that is convenient for him, the owner is better to stick to one feeding time. With amazing accuracy, the animal will wait for dinner at the appointed hour. Such stability is beneficial for the digestion of the rodent.

Due to the high metabolic rate, the hamster does not tolerate a hunger strike at all. It is difficult to answer unambiguously how many times a day a hamster should eat.

Although the main meal takes place at night, animals love to wake up during the day to eat. Therefore, access to feed should be almost around the clock.

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Regarding how often to feed a hamster, it is important not to overdo it. You can’t give food more than twice a day: this will disrupt the animal’s sleep. Juicy and protein foods can go bad if the hamster doesn’t eat it right away. For the same reason, stocks are regularly revised to remove spoiled products.

Food quantity

How Often Do You Need To Feed A Hamster

How much feed a hamster needs per day depends on many factors:

  • physical activity;
  • age (young animals eat much more);
  • physiological state (pregnancy, lactation);
  • room temperature.

The average rodent eats a day the amount of food equal to 70% of body weight.

A Syrian hamster weighing 140-150 g should receive about 100 g of feed.

Such accuracy of calculations is not applied in practice, and the owner can only roughly say how much a hamster eats per day.

The Dzungarian hamster or Campbell is so small that it seems to the owners: and they eat “intimately”.

This is a big mistake – overfeeding your pet. Hamsters get fat easily.

From the outside it may look nice, but the animal itself faces serious health problems and shortens its life. If the jungle has already received a tablespoon of dry food, and the feeder is instantly empty, you should not fill it again. The pet just hid the food in the cage.


The owner needs to think not only about how often to feed the hamster. For the health of the pet, they change the water and feed on time, do not allow obesity and comply with recommendations regarding banned and permitted foods. It is better to think over the diet of the animal even before the purchase, in order to avoid health problems caused by a lack of information about the nutrition of hamsters.