How Many Hamsters Sleep

Hamsters are small, thick-skinned little pussies that can infect a good mood and even make everyone laugh who will look into his house with at least one eye. Hamsters bring special joy to babies – it’s so great to stroke a fluffy ball, feed a defenseless creature with your hands and equip its home for greater comfort. It is caring for a pet and communication with a cute creature that has a very beneficial effect on the psyche of a child, and teaches kindness, empathy and empathy. But looking at the hamster during the day, the question often arises: why does the hamster constantly sleep and how many hamsters do sleep at home and in the wild?

How many and when hamsters sleep

Nature created hamsters with nocturnal animals, therefore, in the dark, the cage becomes an expanse for a small predator, because it’s time to hunt. And if you go a little deeper into the nature of these funny kids, it becomes clear why the hamster sleeps when everyone around him is awake.

It is very undesirable to wake him up, as the stress will be provided to the small body, and after the transfer, the animal that has not slept can become restless and even aggressive. Often his defensive reaction becomes a painful bite of the offender.

If you often practice such sudden awakenings or tease the sleeper, the hamster may well get sick. All this will negatively affect the life expectancy of the pet. Therefore, buying a live “toy” for the children, at first it is worthwhile to learn about the psychological characteristics of the animal’s life, and then explain it to the child.

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How many hamsters sleep

The norm for sleeping a small rodent is 6 to 10 hours a day. Nature provided for everything, therefore, protecting themselves from night dangers, hamsters sleep during the day and stock up on energy for the coming night.

Dzungarian hamsters, like the rest of the rodent species, are lovers of sleep during the day. One can go to bed at 8 in the morning, the other at 10, everyone chooses his own time.

Like people, the animal is strongly affected by changes in life, for example, moving. After experiencing the unrest associated with the change of residence, the hamster can behave differently, there are two characteristic lines of behavior of the rodent:

  • Activity. The hamster’s genuine interest in everything that surrounds him, his desire to explore, experience and test everything new. Settle in a new place, make comfortable every corner in the house, from the toilet to the dining room. That is why the animal has very little time to rest – 3-5 hours. The adaptation period may take from 3 days to a week.
  • Sleep. The hamster hides from prying eyes all the time, gets out of the house only to eat, and most of the time, about 20 hours, sleeps soundly. Addiction will take up to a week.
How Many Hamsters Sleep

This is a completely normal reaction of the rodent and there is no cause for concern.
If you hear somewhere that the hamster is sleeping at night, do not believe it. These cute animals have a mirror mode of ours. They should be awake at night and do not need to try to retrain them, there will be no result, but to harm a little friend in this way will surely work out.

How Many Hamsters Sleep