How Many Hamsters Live At Home

How Many Hamsters Live At Home

Pets in the room – it is always a joy for the child. However, not everyone decides to buy a cat or a puppy, many are limited only to fish, turtles or hamsters. This situation arises due to the fact that such animals require less care, they do not need to constantly walk, or change the toilet. And soft and fluffy hamsters, children simply adore. The only drawback in such small animals is their relatively short life span. Today we will talk about how many years hamsters live at home, as well as how to choose a healthy animal and what are the differences in caring for different breeds of hamsters.

How many hamsters live at home

The life span of your pet is largely dependent on the correct purchase. To increase this period, you need to approach the choice of a rodent responsibly and carefully. Hamsters do not live relatively long, so it is best to choose a young animal, or a very small one.
When buying hamsters, the following should be considered:

Thus, buying a hamster is a fairly simple task, most importantly, maximum attention is required from the buyer.

How many years have hamsters lived at home:

Hamsters usually live on average two to three years. But it should be noted that caring for the owner can extend the life of the hamster. There are individuals that live even five to six years. However, to extend the life span of your pet, the following tips should be considered:

Therefore, for how many years hamsters live at home – the question is very individual. There are individuals who do not even live up to two years. Life expectancy also depends on the breed of hamsters.

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How many Jungar hamsters live at home

In this case, the Dzungarian hamsters can live up to four to five years, but it’s not worth it to deceive yourself, as mentioned above – this is all strictly individual.

Some more useful information about the Dzungarian hamsters can be found in the video below:

How many Syrian hamsters live at home

The Syrian breed of hamsters is significantly different from everyone else, since they are more like guinea pigs. However, despite the fact that this breed is slightly larger than the previous one, Syrian hamsters live less – on average up to two years. But life expectancy can be extended under the following conditions:

  • For Syrian hamsters, it is required to establish an active zone in the cage, for example, a wheel, so that the baby can train intensively and develop his motor skills;
  • Syrian hamsters love solitude, so they need to be kept in the singular in a cage, otherwise they will not live long.

It should be noted that Syrian hamsters are active at night, and during the day they usually sleep. Therefore, you do not need to wake the hamster during the day to play with him, so you will violate his rest and wakefulness regime. Wait until the evening time when the animal is ready for such contacts and take time for your pet.

So, today we have examined how many years hamsters live at home, as well as basic tips and advice on the acquisition of these animals. When buying hamsters as a favorite pet for your child, their lifespan should be considered. Hamsters live relatively shortly, so their quick death can cause psychological trauma to your child. To avoid this situation, you must immediately pay attention to the breed of the hamster, and also explain to your child about the short life span of this animal.